Zombie Heaven

Zombie Heaven

by The ZombiesThe Zombies


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Sometimes boxed sets are just handy to have around, just to get all of the tracks that count (or all of a group's recordings) together in one place. Other times, however, they're a scintillating musical and educational experience even for longtime fans, and that's the case with Zombie Heaven. The group is mostly known here for their three major hits, although reissues showcasing different aspects of their history have been available for years. But even for this longtime fan, hearing their Brit-beat R&B stylings all in one place was a near-revelation, showcasing performing talent that was a good match for anyone in the Beatles' line-up and composers, in Rod Argent and, to a lesser degree, Chris White (who sounds like he's slipping into a Dylan thing on "I Don't Want To Know"), that could generate the occasional classic. They were far more than a three-song band, as just about every second of the 280 minutes of this box keeps reminding us. The set is broken down into four distinct parts, the first disc profiling the group's singles and B-sides, and their one Decca-release album, Begin Here, all in the best sound they've ever had or likely ever will have; Disc Two comprises their Odessey & Oracle album (sounding much better here than it does on the Rhino CD), and the surviving tracks of various post-Zombies and Zombies-in-name-only projects put together in the wake of "Time of the Season's" success, and one lost group classic, Rod Argent's "If It Don't Work Out," which became much better known in the hands of Dusty Springfield; Disc Three is made up of various outtakes, work-in-progress, and alternate versions of their songs and demos, some of them sounding really raw and hard, as well as one radio promo for the movie Bunny Lake Is Missing, in which the group was featured in a small part (blink and you may miss them); and Disc Four, maybe the most rewarding of all, featuring their complete BBC appearances, parts of which (but not the 29 tracks here) turned up on a Rhino LP some 17 years ago. Some tracks are better than others--their cover of "You Really Got A Hold On Me/Bring It On Home To Me" is one of the better British homages to Motown, lagging behind the Beatles' version on emotional wattage but winning points for subtlety--but except for a few of the late '60s outtakes, there's not a seconde-rate song here, and the sound puts all prior versions of this material to shame. And the notes will keep fans busy reading for weeks.

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Release Date: 11/18/1997
Label: Big Beat Uk
UPC: 0029667000727
catalogNumber: 7
Rank: 22269


Disc 1

  1. She's Not There
  2. You Make Me Feel Good
  3. Leave Me Be
  4. Woman
  5. Tell Her No
  6. What More Can I Do
  7. Road Runner
  8. Summertime
  9. I Can't Make up My Mind
  10. The Way I Feel Inside
  11. Work 'N' Play
  12. You've Really Got a Hold on Me/Bring It on Home to Me
  13. Sticks and Stones
  14. Can't Nobody Love You
  15. I Don't Want to Know
  16. I Remember When I Loved Her
  17. I Got My Mojo Working
  18. She's Coming Home
  19. I Must Move
  20. I Want You Back Again
  21. Whenever You're Ready
  22. I Love You
  23. Is This the Dream
  24. Don't Go Away
  25. Remember You
  26. Just Out of Reach
  27. Indication
  28. How We Were Before
  29. Gotta Get a Hold of Myself
  30. Goin' Out of My Head
  31. She Does Everything for Me

Disc 2

  1. Care of Cell 44
  2. A Rose for Emily
  3. Maybe After He's Gone
  4. Beechwood Park
  5. Brief Candles
  6. Hung up on a Dream
  7. Changes
  8. I Want Her She Wants Me
  9. This Will Be Our Year
  10. Butcher's Tale (Western Front 1914)
  11. Friends of Mine
  12. Time of the Season
  13. I'll Call You Mine
  14. Imagine the Swan
  15. Conversation off Floral Street
  16. If It Don't Work Out
  17. Don't Cry for Me
  18. I Know She Will
  19. Walking in the Sun
  20. I'll Keep Trying
  21. I'll Call You Mine
  22. Smokey Day
  23. She Loves the Way They Love Her
  24. Girl Help Me
  25. I Could Spend the Day
  26. A Rose for Emily
  27. This Will Be Our Year
  28. Time of the Season

Disc 3

  1. Summertime
  2. Woman
  3. Kind of Girl
  4. Leave Me Be
  5. I'm Going Home
  6. I'm Going Home
  7. Sometimes (Intro)
  8. Sometimes
  9. It's Alright With Me
  10. Kind of Girl
  11. Walking in the Sun
  12. Studio Chat-The Way I Feel Inside
  13. The Way I Feel Inside
  14. I Want You Back Again
  15. Nothing's Changed
  16. Nothing's Changed
  17. Remember You
  18. Come on Time
  19. I'll Keep Trying
  20. Whenever You're Ready
  21. You'll Go from Me AKA Don't Go Away
  22. I Know She Will
  23. Don't Cry for Me
  24. If It Don't Work Out
  25. One Day I'll Say Goodbye
  26. I Don't Want to Worry
  27. A Love That Never Was
  28. Call of the Night AKA Girl Help Me
  29. Out of the Day
  30. This Will Be Our Year
  31. Bunny Lake Promo Spot-Come on Time

Disc 4

  1. Road Runner
  2. You Make Me Feel Good
  3. Early One Morning
  4. She's Not There
  5. Tell Her No
  6. What More Can I Do
  7. I'm Going Home
  8. For You My Love
  9. Tell Her No
  10. Soulville
  11. Rip It Up
  12. Can't Nobody Love You
  13. You Must Believe Me
  14. She's Coming Home
  15. I Must Move
  16. Just Out of Reach
  17. If It Don't Work Out
  18. Whenever You're Ready
  19. It's Alright
  20. Will You Love Me Tomorrow
  21. When the Lovelight Starts Shining Through His Eyes
  22. Just a Little Bit
  23. Sitting in the Park
  24. Gotta Get a Hold of Myself
  25. Goin' Out of My Head
  26. This Old Heart of Mine (Is Weak for You)
  27. Friends of Mine
  28. The Look of Love
  29. Kenny Everette Show Jingle Medley: Time of the Season/A Rose for Emily

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Zombie Heaven 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Fabulous!  This collection of material from The Zombies is a must-have if you're interested in their music.  Every song you need is in this collection; all the songs you know are on discs 1 and 2, a lot of raw studio stuff is on disc 3 , and- since The Zombies were absolutely solid live- you must listen to the 4th disc Live at the BBC.  Included in the box set is a really informative and fun 60+ page booklet with pictures and interviews with the band members.  I came across Zombie Heaven when I was looking for a Zombies CD that had all the songs I knew plus maybe some b-sides, and there are a lot of "best of" or singles compilations out there.  What really made me decide to spend the extra money and purchase Zombie Heaven was when I was considering ordering The Zombies' Live at the BBC CD plus another singles CD, but I then realized that since the box set has the Live at the BBC disc in its entirety as disc 4 as well as every Zombies song I'd ever hear prior, Zombie Heaven would suit all my needs.  In The Studio, disc 3, has a lot of studio "chatter", and it's fun to hear the guys speak and work-out technical and vocal issues.  Lastly, some of the songs and info in Zombie Heaven has already led me to other members' post-Zombie music.  For example, Argent's version of She Loves the Way They Love Her is on disc 2, and is good, but I then listened to Colin's version on his album One Year- which I like a lot better.  So, if you like the music of The Zombies, look no further and just buy Zombie Heaven.  Also, if you enjoyed The Beatles Anthology, you'd probably enjoy Zombie Heaven as well.