Zechariah: The Prophet of Messiah: Bible Study Guide

Zechariah: The Prophet of Messiah: Bible Study Guide

by Mathew Bartlett, Derek Williams

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The encouragement which Zechariah's prophecies brought to the Jews at the time of their return from exile helped them to rebuild not only their temple but also their national identity, as the prophet urged them to action and whole-hearted service for God.

Yet Zechariah's message of hope pointed beyond the glory of the temple to one greater than the temple: the Anointed One (Messiah) who would become both priest and king forever over all nations. Thus his message is one which should inspire commitment and service in the lives of Christian believers today.

About the Authors

Mathew Bartlett is a Pastor and Christian educator from the United Kingdom. He holds a master’s degree in Biblical studies from the University or Chester, England. Derek Williams, who served as a finance manager and as a church leader for over 40 years, is now retired.

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ISBN-13: 9781910942116
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Publication date: 09/09/2015
Series: Faithbuilders Bible Study Guides , #38
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About the Author

Mathew Bartlett has served in full-time Christian ministry since 1999, and has served as a senior pastor for 10 of those years. Although his early academic career was in the sciences, he later took a Master's Degree in Biblical Studies at Chester University, where he obtained distinction. He is currently working towards his PhD in Biblical Studies.
A former finance manager for a well-known Christian company, Derek Williams served as a preacher and church leader for over 40 years. Now retired, he brings the vital element of pastoral experience to these studies of the Word of God.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Introduction: The Setting of the Prophet's Ministry First Vision: The Four Horses vv. 8-17 Vision Two: The Four Horns vv. 18-21 Discussion Questions for Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Vision Three: The Man with a Measuring Line vv. 1-5 Time to Return vv. 6-13 Discussion Questions for Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Vision Four: The Cleansing of the High Priest vv. 1-7 The Greater High Priest to Come vv. 8-10 Discussion Questions for Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Vision Five: The Golden Lampstand vv. 1-6&11-14 The Finishing of the Temple vv. 7-10 Discussion Questions for Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Introduction Vision Six: The Flying Scroll vv. 1-4 Vision Seven: The Woman in the Basket vv. 5-11 Discussion Questions for Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Vision 8: The Vision of Four Chariots vv. 1-8 The Coming Priest-King vv. 9-15 Discussion Questions for Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Seeking God vv. 1-3 God's Reply vv. 4-6 God's Requirements vv. 7-10 A Warning from Israel's History vv.11-14 Discussion Questions for Chapter 7 Chapter 8 God's Love Motivates His Actions vv. 1-2 God's Sovereignty will Fulfil His Purposes vv. 3-8 Obedience Brings Blessing vv. 9-15 Ethical Responsibilities vv. 16-17 Forget the Former Things vv. 18-19 A Future Ingathering of All Nations vv. 20-32 Discussion Questions for Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Introduction to Chapters 9-14 Prophecies Against Israel's Enemies The Lord Defends His People The Coming King and His Reign of Abundance and Peace Discussion Questions for Chapter 9 Chapter 10 The Abundant Blessing of the Lord God as the Good Shepherd Rejoicing in God's Victory Discussion Questions for Chapter 10 Chapter 11 The Mighty will be Humbled The Rejection of the Good Shepherd Discussion Questions for Chapter 11 Chapter 12 God's End-Time Dealings with all Nations God's End-Time Dealings with Israel Discussion Questions for Chapter 12 Chapter 13 The Shepherd of My People: Sin Forgiven Sin Forsaken Sin Frustrated Discussion Questions for Chapter 13 Chapter 14 The Day of the Lord The Lord is Coming to Jerusalem God's Enemies Defeated The Feast of Tabernacles Discussion Questions for Chapter 14 Bibliography

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