Your Tax Haven: The Best Tax-FREE Account for Working Americans

Your Tax Haven: The Best Tax-FREE Account for Working Americans

by Dan Keppel MBA


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Accumulate $1,000,000 with NO taxes-EVER.

Accumulation without tax is like getting $300,000 FREE.

Create a tax-FREE income for the rest of your life.

Create a tax-FREE legacy for your family.

Self-insure and self-fund your financial needs.

Avoid the greatest killer of wealth-building

Your first three to four months of work each year are done just to pay taxes. Just think, every dollar you earn is cut by at least 33%. Even before we get our paychecks, we have paid the salaries of most of the people in Washington, our state capitals, all the brave personnel serving in about 195 foreign countries as well as buying millions of items we will never see or use.
Clearly we need a legal tax haven that can help us save 40% on the things we want-new home, car, addition, vacation, and comfortable retirement. We can have $50,000 to pay for the kids' college expenses. We can have $1 million in our retirement account and never pay income taxes on the money.
We heard about Warren Buffett, with $44 BILLION paying only 17% and Mit Romney with $200 million paying less than 15% and John Kerry, the winner at 13%.
It's time we learned about the tax haven made for us working Americans. We can avoid taxes on the growth of our tax-FREE account AND the withdrawals from it. It costs nothing to set up this tax haven and the rules to maintain it are easy to follow.

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Dan Keppel has been helping people find financial services that fit their lifestyles since working in a securities firm, an insurer, two banks and his own "money coach" service. His book, The Insiders' Guides to Buying Discount Financial Services: Buy Direct and Save $3,000 Every Year, shows you how, what and where to buy financial products like industry insiders do-directly from the highest rated companies for less. He edits and was an adjunct at a local college. He lives in Montclair, NJ with his wife, daughter and two cats, Anu and Katze.

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