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Your Meaning Legacy: How to Cultivate & Pass On Non-Financial Assets

Your Meaning Legacy: How to Cultivate & Pass On Non-Financial Assets

by Laura A. Roser
Your Meaning Legacy: How to Cultivate & Pass On Non-Financial Assets

Your Meaning Legacy: How to Cultivate & Pass On Non-Financial Assets

by Laura A. Roser


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Estate planning traditionally focuses on your financial assets—your stuff. But what about your other assets? Such as your wisdom, values, beliefs, and experiences. These are essential to pass on as well. In Your Meaning Legacy, non-financial estate planning expert Laura A. Roser, reveals a step-by-step approach to cultivating, capturing and passing on what matters most.

From the author:

Several years ago, I met with a financial advisor who hooked me with the line, “We have a process to help you pass on your wisdom and principles to your children.”

Unfortunately, the line was just a ploy to sell me a life insurance policy. But the thought suck in my head: How would one go about passing on wisdom and principles to their children?

And on a grander scale: How would one go about cultivating and passing on a legacy of excellence?

My team and I spent the next several years coming up with answers to these questions. On our quest, we interviewed some of the best and brightest about legacy development and the inner workings of non-financial success—the list included influential CEOs, millionaires, celebrities, religious leaders, storytelling experts, top artists, innovative thinkers, philanthropists, family dynamics specialists, and more. And what we discovered is that there are seven key components to cultivating a meaningful legacy. These components must be “packaged up” correctly in order to share them with your loved ones, otherwise what gets left behind is accidental.

My book, Your Meaning Legacy, documents a step-by-step approach to defining your non-financial assets and packaging them up as a great gift for those you love.

Among other things, you will learn:

  • How to clarify your legacy vision to create more fulfillment and purpose in life.
  • Ways to improve family communication and create joint goals.
  • Why a child’s understanding of their past leads to higher levels of self-esteem, loyalty to the family, and independence.
  • How to avoid regrets—you will not reach the end of your life and wonder why you didn’t express your love before it was too late.
  • Strategies to capture your knowledge to pass on to loved ones so that they have an “instruction manual” from you outlining lessons you’ve learned, what you believe in, and how you have done practical things (such as manage money or grow your business).
  • How to build a legacy to be remembered for, providing hope, a sense of pride, and inspiration for future generations.
  • Which components are essential to create a tangible record of your life that will be treasured and not fade over time, as memories tend to do.
  • Why your giving personality may be the key to more meaningful philanthropic endeavors.
  • And much more.

This instructional book has dramatically changed the way I think about my impact on others and my purpose in life. I certainly hope it helps you in creating more meaningful connections and packaging up the best parts of yourself to be passed on to your loved ones.

Everyone has a unique legacy to leave behind. I wish you luck on your journey.

All the best,

Laura Roser

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780999779217
Publisher: Mahogany Consulting
Publication date: 04/23/2018
Pages: 230
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.69(d)

About the Author

Laura A. Roser is the founder and CEO of Paragon Road, the leading authority in Meaning Legacy planning (passing on non-financial assets, such as values, wisdom and beliefs). She is the editor in chief of Legacy Arts magazine and has interviewed many top CEOs, high net worth individuals, spiritual leaders, philosophers, financial professionals, family experts, celebrities, philanthropists, and innovators in her quest to uncover how to craft a more meaningful life experience. Her writing has been featured in ThinkAdvisor,, and Kiplinger. Laura lives and works in Solana Beach, California, Salt Lake City, Utah and occasionally from hotels, boats, and apartments around the world.

Table of Contents

The Best Parts of Yourself 1


Chapter 1: The Meaning Legacy 11

Chapter 2: Before You Begin 33

Chapter 3: Stages of Legacy Maturity 45


Chapter 4: Personal Beliefs, Values, and Vision 59

Chapter 5: Family Beliefs, Values, and Vision 77

Chapter 6: Master Stories 101

Chapter 7: Experiential Bonds 113

Chapter 8: Family Heritage 123

Chapter 9: Community Impact 131

Chapter 10: Systems for Living 153

Chapter 11: Public Presence 163

Chapter 12: Sharing It All 171


Chapter 13: Newlyweds 189

Chapter 14: Parents with Young Kids 195

Chapter 15: Grandparents 203

Chapter 16: Philanthropic Visionary 211

Meaning Legacy Planning Resources 215

Acknowledgements 217

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