Your Love Is Mine (Maine Sullivans 1)

Your Love Is Mine (Maine Sullivans 1)

by Bella Andre

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BN ID: 2940161410141
Publisher: Oak Press, LLC
Publication date: 03/13/2019
Series: Sullivans Series , #19
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 35
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About the Author

Bella Andre's New York Times and USA Today bestselling novels have been #1 bestsellers around the world and she has sold more than 8 million books so far! Known for "sensual, empowered stories enveloped in heady romance" (Publishers Weekly), her books have been Cosmopolitan Magazine "Red Hot Reads" twice and have been translated into ten languages. She also writes "sweet" contemporary romances as Lucy Kevin. There are more than 50,000 5 star reviews for Bella Andre's books on Goodreads!

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Your Love Is Mine (Maine Sullivans 1) 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 28 reviews.
Anonymous 6 days ago
This is Cassie’s story and as her business is making candy, spreading sweetness, so is this story. Flynn Stewart and his toddler daughter Ruby came to Maine to get away from the paparazzi. He is a screenwriter and just recently took over his deceased sister daughters care. He adopted her. Speculation is running wild in Hollywood on who is the baby’s mom. He won’t say so they had to leave town. Cassie’s cousin recommended her cabin in Maine, so here they are. This is a story of self discovery and analyzing what road to choose from here on out. A story of friendship that turns to love. A story of wonderment that there are still good people in the world and they all live in Bar Harbor.
JennieF 7 days ago
ARC for honest review with no compensation Your Love Is Mine is book 1 in the Maine Sullivans and book 19 in the Sullivans series by Bella Andre and a great start to another series!! Cassie Sullivan candy maker extraordinaire, sunshine and rainbows type of person agrees to let a friend of her cousin Smith who needs to get away from Hollywood use her cabin...what she doesn’t expect to find is a hot, sexy man with an adorable baby girl and attraction like she’s never known before... Flynn Stewart a Hollywood screen writer has it all...women, awards and money galore but nobody knows about his past...until he is notified that is sister is dead and she has a baby girl, Ruby. With the Nanny trying to sell his story and the paparazzi wanting to know who the baby’s mother is, he knows his past may be catching up to him and he needs to leave Hollywood to get his and Ruby’s lives sorted out. With the help of his friend Smith Sullivan who sends Flynn to his cousin Cassie’s place in Maine. Can Cassie show Flynn that sometimes the past needs to be faced and overcome so life can move forward and maybe find the HEA that’s been missing all along...
Anonymous 8 days ago
emilyk52281 8 days ago
"Your Love is Mine" (Maine Sullivans Book 1, The Sullivans Book 19) by Bella Andre is a fantastic read. I loved Cassie and Flynn's story. This is a great addition to the Sullivans series, and a great start to the Maine Sullivans series. This book is packed with romance, passion, humor, overcoming the past, close family, interesting characters, and more. I can't wait to see what happens next with all of these wonderful characters. Highly recommend to all fans of romance, entertaining and interesting characters, close family, and series.
Cali-Jewel 9 days ago
Adored this truly heartwarming, emotional and engaging journey filled with longing, heartbreak, forgiveness and understanding that has a firm hold on all my heart strings.... It was a highly entertaining and sweetly thrilling read. Loving the Sullivans of Maine!
bc2mc3 9 days ago
Another Sullivan spinoff family, the Sullivans of Maine, with a family similar to the California Sullivan’s. This was a sweet story....literally. Cassie is a candy maker also known as an artist. I must say i did not know this was a profession, but she is part of the Maine Sullivan’s, most of whom still live very close to the parents. Flynn Stewart is an Oscar winning screen writer who finds he is in charge of 6 month old baby girl, and needs to get out of Hollywood for her sake. By way of the California Sullivan’s, he finds out that Cassie will rent him a cabin in the woods of Maine to help him hide from the paparazzi. Flynn has a lot of issues, baby Ruby is adorable, and Cassie wants to love them both. With the help of her family, Flynn sees a different way of life from the one he was running from. Although I love Sullivan Family stories, and Bella Andre is a wonderful storyteller, this book lacked something for me. I almost felt as if everything went too smoothly and easily for this HEA. I am not sure if I wanted more angst of more depth, but it lacked that something for me that made this story great. Another good story, just not my favorite.
KAndrade 9 days ago
Such a beautiful romance between Flynn & Cassie - A perfect introduction to the Maine Sullivans!! Amazing chemistry, sweet romance, another awesome read from Bella Andre!! You won't be disappointed!!
AvidReaderOfAllBooks 9 days ago
Cassie Sullivan’s book starts the third set of Sullivan stories. They live in Maine with their parents Ethan and Beth. Flynn Stewart is a screenwriting friend of Smith’s who needs a place to stay after he discovers his nanny has sold the story of how he came to get his niece Ruby. Smith told Flynn about the cabin his cousin Cassie has in Maine. I liked the book very much. Cassie is a very positive person and sees the good in everything. She gets Flynn to see that he’s not the product of what happened when he was a child. What also made it good was Flynn’s slow transformation to someone who changed from trying to hide himself to someone who was willing to share his background with the Sullivan family. I would definitely recommend this to family and friends. I give it 5 stars.
beausmommy 9 days ago
Another wonderful Sullivan family to fall in love with!!! I have been with this author from the beginning of the Sullivan’s and I am never disappointed. This is the Sullivan family of Maine and the first introduction to Ethan and Beth Sullivan and their five children. The first story belongs to Cassie Sullivan. Cassie’s famous cousin, Smith Sullivan, has a friend who needs to escape the craziness of Hollywood for a while. He has adopted his deceased sisters baby and the paparazzi are just too much. So Smith offers him the use of Cassie’s cabin in the Maine woods. When Flynn first arrives at the cabin in the woods, he is full of tension and dark thoughts. Cassie immediately becomes a beacon of light in his dark life. But can he spoil her goodness with his secrets and his past? Just like she always does, Bella gives us a strong woman who loves her man and isn’t giving up! Cassie falls for Flynn and Ruby and she will hold on no matter what. Love this entire series, every single story is it’s own unique HEA.
Anonymous 9 days ago
DBergs 9 days ago
I know this book is about Flynn and Cassie but Ruby stole the show for me! Flynn clearly doubted his own abilities to raise Ruby but stepped up to the plate when called on - and Ruby ended up being a saving grace for him. Cassie's sweet side rang true throughout the entire book but it was clear that she could also stand up for herself. Once Flynn called Cassie in a clear SOS call in the middle of the night, I knew that the two of them were going to work everything out. Their road had a lot of ups and downs - and probably still will ahead as the two of them navigate raising Ruby and Flynn's fame (as well as Cassie's as she rises in her own profession), but the two of them have a strong foundation to continue to build their happily ever after. I cannot wait for the next book in this series!
moonfox1234 9 days ago
This book is sure to make your heart melt and then soar. This is a beautiful, emotional story. Flynn is a man with secrets, a painful past, trust issues and a baby niece he needs to protect and take care of. My heart broke for him and I was so happy that fate led him to Cassie. Cassie was a character full of light, goodness and determination. She was truly what Flynn and Ruby not only needed, but deserved. Ruby was precious and stole my heart. A great read full of family, sweetness and poignancy.
Twicky 9 days ago
I received this ARC for an honest review. I have been a fan of Bella Andre for many years, and she has never disappointed me. This story is spin off of the Sullivans’ books. This series is about the Maine Sullivan’s. I enjoyed this book. This book is about Flynn and Cassie. Flynn is a screen writer. He specializes in horror films. He adopted his niece,Ruby, after his sister died of an overdose. The media was driven to get the scoop behind the adoption, so he decided to get away. His friend Smith Sullivan arraigned for him to rent Cassie’s cabin for a few weeks. When they first met, Flynn was standoffish and rude. Cassie is an candy artist. Flynn was having a terrible night with Ruby. She kept crying and screaming. In a near panic, Flynn called Cassie for help. This the start of Flynn’s and Cassie’s relationship. He started to trust Cassie. When he met Cassie’s mom at the restaurant, she fell in love with Ruby. I’m not going to give any more away. YOU MUST READ THIS BOOK TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS.
Urvashi 9 days ago
Your love is mine is a beautiful and captivating read. Flynn managed to start his life again in LA, after a horrible childhood. But a call from his past has him facing all his fears once again and the guardian to his sisters six month old daughter, Ruby. Wanting to take Ruby away from prying eyes in Hollywood, Flynn heads to a cabin in Bar Harbor, owned by Cassie Sullivan. Cassie is one of 7 siblings, and has her own successful candy confection business. When her cousin Smiths friend needs a place to stay, she happily offers her cabin. But on first sight she falls for the handsome and grumpy man and his adorable daughter. I loved that Cassie is a determined woman, and she is willing to fight for Flynn, even with him. The introduction of characters who will have their own books in the future is seamlessly incorporated in this story and doesn’t take way from the main characters. With such a beautiful and emotional start to the series, I can’t wait to read the rest.
perriknows 9 days ago
All the feels! Bella Andre writes from the heart. She can delve deep into the psyche of damaged people, understand their issues, and have them come through to the other side if not healed, at least healing. Flynn has had crap handed to him since he was born. He left home at 17 to reinvent himself, and now as a top Hollywood screenwriter, did a darn good job. His regrets include not being able to save his younger sister once he left. Now, after she is dead, he finds out he is the guardian of her 6 month old daughter. Wanting to shield his niece Ruby from the Hollywood hype, he rents a cabin in the woods of Maine to try to bond with the child and get his languishing screenplay back on track! Cassie should be named Pollyanna. Everything is wonderful in her world. She is as sweet as the candy she makes, and just happens to own the cabin where Flynn and Ruby are staying. Cassie is enamored with Ruby, loves her at first sight! She gives Flynn her cell number and leaves the cabin to let them get settled. Unfortunately, or fortunately...Ruby is NOT happy with her new digs and Flynn has to call Cassie for help. Where do they go from here? Can Flynn get back on track, taking care of an infant and having a deadline for his screenplay? Will Cassie just leave them alone or try with her whole heart to make everything good for Ruby and possibly Flynn as well? Will Flynn find himself worthy of the absolute love that Cassie surrounds herself with and be able to be the man both Cassie and Ruby need and he deserves to find? With seven Maine Sullivans, I'm so looking forward to the next books in this series and LOVED 'Your Love Is Mine'.
AliDavies 9 days ago
Flynn's life is turned upside down, when his sister died and he finds out he is an uncle. Bringing Ruby home is scary, but he is determined to give her the life he and his sister never had. Being a screenwriter in a world full of fakes, is easy to hide his past. But when his nannies starts selling stories, he takes Ruby out of the city to a cottage his friend suggests, owned by his cousin Cassie. Cassie loves creating masterpieces, from sweets. She has a heart of gold and loves hard. So it's understandable, that when she meets Ruby and Flynn she falls hard for them both. Flynns past makes him think he's not worthy, so Cassie sets out to prove him wrong.she's determined to make him see that he's a good man and his childhood doesn't determine the kind of man he is I love their connection and baby Ruby is adorable. I was rooting for them all the way.
HsuLeeNY 9 days ago
I voluntarily offered to review this book with no obligations and my opinions are honest! It was a great book and a very sweet read ! In order to protect his niece Ruby, Flynn flees from his Hollywood life. He rents a cabin in Bar Harbor. They should be safe from the paparazzi there. Cassie was doing a favor for her cousin by renting the cabin to Flynn. She did not expect to fall in love with not only little Ruby, but with Flynn as well. Flynn is charmed by Cassie, and little by little he also falls in love with Cassie. This was a very sweet story. Loved the characters + the storytelling! It has all the ingredients that you need for a great book! I can't wait for the next book in this series.
SharonSchaffer81 9 days ago
I was so looking forward to the new Maine Sullivan's book and Cassie and Flynn's story didn't disappoint. They are my favorite book family and I loved this story. Can't wait for more.
TrudyAD 9 days ago
This story touched me in away most books only wish they could. I can't think of another author that has written a character that I can identify with so deeply. I get Flynn Stewart. I understand his actions. I feel his pain. I relish in his success. But most of all I am so happy that he let himself love. Everyone deserves real love, even those that have never experienced it in their past. Maybe them more than most. Flynn is the perfect candidate to become a member of the Sullivan extended family. How many of us wish we could be part of the family? I can't believe that I am jealous after reading this story. Why can't I be a Sullivan??? I want to be part of a close knit family. I want to be surrounded by the deep love and devotion. Distance does not matter. Honest, love and acceptance make up this strong family no matter where they live. After all it was Smith Sullivan that suggested Flynn Stewart escape to Bar Harbor. Escape to Cassie's cabin. Find peace. Cassie has never seen one of Flynn's movies but that doesn't stop the connection. She knows he is there to get away from it all, to get to know Ruby, a baby he has adopted after her parent's tragic death. No one knows anything else. Flynn does not share his past, his present, his heart. Flynn can't deny the connection but he has choose not to act on it, or so he thinks. Your Love is Mine is a amazing love story. Your Love is Mine is a story of failed resistance. Your Love is Mine is a story of love conquering all, tearing down walls, catching someone when they fall. Your love is mine is what we all want even when we are afraid to admit it. We all have a little bit of Flynn in us when what we actually need is to have a little bit of Cassie in us. 3/13/2019 I can't believe it but this story was even better the second time around. I wonder how long it will be before I pick it up again.
Casgirl3 9 days ago
With Your Love Is Mine (Maine Sullivans) Bella Andre is giving us yet another branch of the amazing Sullivan family. Your Love Is Mine is the first in this series, but like with all the other Sullivan’s, it’s a standalone romance but incorporates characters from past books and introduces you to the family Sullivan so you get excited about future books too! In Your Love is Mine, we meet Cassie, a candy artist, and Flynn a troubled Hollywood screenwriter who has just had his life turned upside down by Ruby, the sweetest 6-month-old girl. If you’ve never read Bella Andre before you’ll quickly learn that she writes books about family and love and strength that make you swoon, smile and leaves you feeling happy. Andre didn’t let readers down with this new addition. Cassie is a happy girl willing to fight for what she wants. She has some overprotective family members that adds some fun to the story. Flynn is world-weary and has some secrets and issues, but between Cassie and the scene-stealing Ruby, Flynn gets the support he needs to face his troubles. I read Your Love Is Mine in just a couple hours and when I was finished, I was left with a goofy smile on my face. This is the perfect read after a hard day or if you’re feeling down or need a pick-me-up. It’s really that good. Enjoy! I received an Advanced Reader Copy of this novel. I am voluntarily and freely providing an honest review.
Renee25 9 days ago
Letting go of the past and moving forward is so hard. Cassie so wants to help Flynn not only with Ruby but to heal. He is resistant at first.... Loved her upbeat positive attitude and how he "saw" her. Her family was awesome even her over protective father and one of her brothers - it was actually pretty sweet how much they cared. I have loved the other Sullivan's and am looking forward to getting to know this side of the family.
Lelim0612 9 days ago
OH! MY!! GOODNESS!!! What a phenomenal beginning to the latest branch of the spectacular Sullivan series!!! I freaking loved Cassie and Flynn, then add in little Ruby, and I was over the moon in love with these three wonderful, real, characters. Then, the emotions that Flynn’s history brought into the story, da..darn, I cried so hard for that little boy. Seeing what a wonderful man he turned into t blew my mind. And now, how the nanny betrayed him and little Ruby… I wanted to slap that er… witch very hard across the face. I was so happy when Flynn started to overcome his mistrust in people, how he began to see thru Cassie, and her family that everyone was not out to get something from him. I FLOVED this book so much!! I just could not stop turning the pages and reading ever single word, I just did not want or could stop. And then, darn it, I was done reading the fabulous book. However, there was only one tiny problem I had with this book. For me, it ended way to soon, because I was not able to slow down while reading it, so, alas it finished for me way to soon. This is a very good thing. It shows how well Ms. Andre captures her reading audience, well me anyway. Thank you, Ms. Andre for sharing your freaking fabulous writing abilities with your readers. I for one, greatly appreciate the hours and hours of reading enjoyment I have had while reading your wonderful books. I was gifted with a copy of this book, and in my humble opinion if you love the romance genre for reading, you can not go wrong with purchasing this book for your reading enjoyment. Thank you for reading my review.
AREEDAR 9 days ago
Cassie Sullivan is always a cheerful person and has now opened her cabin to Flynn Stewart and his daughter. The chemistry between these two is off the charts from the start. Now Cassie has her work cut out to prove to Flynn he is loved and deserves to be loved in return.
Ellen-oceanside 9 days ago
Mar 13...ARC. send. Back YOUR. LOVE. IS. MINE....Belle Andre Instant love Cassie had for the baby, Ruby. She was renting a cabin to Flynn and his niece. She rambles when nervous, and his replies were always ‘fine’. Three weeks ago his life change, a sister who at sixteen chose the life same as the parents. Wanted to protect and help her thru the years, now a 6 month old niece, he has adopted. Could he do this, he was something he created, from a past he ran from two decades ago. He wrote dialog, could he write one of how to talk to Ruby. Now a call for help, he couldn’t get Ruby quiet and he desperately wanted some sleep. She had the answers, if not her mother would have. Her mom and Cassie, to him they were a baby whisperer. Beautiful story, that will tug at your heart, a man known for writing dialog, at lost of what to say and do for this little one. GivenARC for my voluntary review and my honest opinion.
KindleKat64 9 days ago
Bella Andre does it again wowing me with her words. I love everything about this book! This story, these characters, these words all took me on a beautiful and emotional journey about love, family, acceptance, honesty and what is truly important in life. This new Sullivan family from Maine continues the legacy of being one of my top three book families ever! I can't wait to get each and every one of their stories! If this one is any indication, I am going to love them just as much as all the other Sullivans. Sparks fly when Flynn Stewart and his baby niece Ruby move into Cassie Sullivan's cabin in Maine for some much needed away time from his crazy LA life as a screenplay writer. And oh my heart, their time together with Ruby is so genuine, sweet, heartwarming and loving. Cassie and Flynn's chemistry can't be ignored though and even if Flynn may not have been looking for love, he sure finds it with the sweet, amazing, and strong Cassie. They have their private time with each other that is sexy, steamy and beautiful; but it is their time together with Ruby when it is the three of them that is simply everything.