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Young Men in Uncertain Times

Young Men in Uncertain Times


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Anthropology is particularly well suited to explore the contemporary predicament in the coming of age of young men. Its grounded and comparative empiricism provides the opportunity to move beyond statistics, moral panics, or gender stereotypes in order to explore specific aspects of life course transitions, as well as the similar or divergent barriers or opportunities that young men in different parts of the world face. Yet, effective contextualization and comparison cannot be achieved by looking at male youths in isolation. This volume undertakes to contextualize male youths' circumstances and to learn about their lives, perspectives, and actions, and in turn illuminates the larger structures and processes that mediate the experiences entailed in becoming young men. The situation of male youths provides an important vantage point from which to consider broader social transformations and continuities. By paying careful attention to these contexts, we achieve a better understanding of the current influences encountered and acted upon by young people.

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ISBN-13: 9781782383123
Publisher: Berghahn Books, Incorporated
Publication date: 08/01/2013
Pages: 346
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About the Author

Noel Dyck is Professor of Social Anthropology at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia. The author of several books on relations between Aboriginal peoples and governments, he has subsequently conducted field research on sport, childhood, and youth mobility in Canada. His books include Sport, Dance and Embodied Identities (2003, with Eduardo P. Archetti) and Games, Sports and Cultures (2000). He is currently completing studies of the social construction of children’s sports.

Table of Contents

Introduction. Pursuing Respectable Adulthood: Social Reproduction in Times of Uncertainty.

Vered Amit and Noel Dyck


Chapter 1. ‘Shining’ in Public: Masculine Assertion and Anxiety in Globalizing Kerala.

Ritty A. Lukose

Chapter 2. “There will be a lot of old young men going home”: Combat and Becoming a Man in Afghanistan.

Anne Irwin

Chapter 3. Institutionalizing an Extended Youth Phase in Chinese Society: Social Class and Sex Differences in the Pursuit of the Personal and the Pragmatic.

William Jankowiak, Robert Moore, and Tianshu Pan


Chapter 4. Young Men’s Struggles for Adulthood in Urban Ethiopia: Unemployment, Masculinity, and Migration.

Daniel Mains

Chapter 5. Gendered Modernities and Traditions: Masculinity and Nationalism in the Society Islands.

Deborah A. Elliston

Chapter 6. Good Hearts or Big Bellies: Dzmak’atsoba and Images of Masculinity in the Republic of Georgia.

Martin Demant Frederiksen

Chapter 7. Being ‘Made’ Through Conflict: Masculine Hardening in Northern Ireland.

Rosellen Roche


Chapter 8. Young Men, Trouble, and the Law: A French Case.

Susan J. Terrio

Chapter 9. Incarcerable Subjects: Working-Class Black and Latino Male Youths in Two California Cities.

Victor M. Rios and Cesar Rodriguez

Chapter 10. Managing Urban Disorder? ‘The Street’ and its Malcontents in the London Borough of Camden.

Gary Armstrong and James Rosbrook-Thompson

Chapter 11. Big Man System, Short Life Culture: Working-Class Boys and Street Violence in Southeast London.

Gillian Evans

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