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YOU Make a Difference: 50 Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs Share Their Stories of Inspiration and Transformation

YOU Make a Difference: 50 Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs Share Their Stories of Inspiration and Transformation

by Keith Leon


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One sunny spring day while we were enjoying the beauty of nature by a lake, a question arose: "How can we share with the world all of the incredible, heart-centered entrepreneurs we have been so blessed to connect with over the years?" Once the question was out, the answer came quickly and easily and, being the doers that we are, we acted swiftly to implement the resulting plan.

This book is the answer to that question, the result of those actions, and the product of that plan. We have contacted and interviewed all of the truly authentic, heart-centered business owners we know. All of these people are doing what they do because they are passionate about being of service to humanity.

We invite you to read all of these stories with an open heart and an open mind. These business owners are going to be vulnerable, open, honest, and will share their hearts with you. As you read their answers to the illuminating five questions we asked each participant, you'll get to know them and when you find a need for the service they offer, you'll have their contact information right here in this book. When it comes time for you to call them and do business, all you need do is walk over, open the book, and contact them.

In this book, you will:

- Meet fifty heart-centered business owners
- Feel connected to the entrepreneurs through their powerful stories
- Find out why they do what they do
- Be inspired by their five question interviews
- Be able to easily find them when you need their services

Authors include, Janet Attwood, Adam Markel. Dr. Joe Rubino, Lissa Coffey, Joe Palmer, Cheri Valentine, Glo Biccum, Cynthia Schwartzberg, Keith Leon, Marcia Wieder, Dr. Sammy Pyon, Dr. Steve Hoffman, Dr. Bob Levine, Charles Poliquin, Woody Beck, Lisa M. Collins, Ari Gronich, Diana Lees & Alan Little, Diana Di Gioia, Melody Masi, Mary Raymakers, Aziza Browne, Zoe Vincent, Gaill Blackburn, Kelly Corsino, Erik Peterson, Nioshi Jackson, Cathi Stevenson, Marlene Harper, Bradlee Snow, Amy Todisco, Rudy Milanovich, Marjean Holden, Susanne Hopfner, Jared Allardyce, Susan Keeley Jeske, Maribel Jimenez, Charlene Levine, Marilyn Strong, Andrew Zirkin, Emile Gauvreau, Wendy Vitalich, Jess Steinman, Georgena Eggleston, Romae Lenci, Audrey Ellis Pyon, John Rozenberg, Maura Leon and Barbara De Angelis.

"You Make a Difference will inspire you, motivate you and give you your own personal rolodex to heart-centered entrepreneurs. There has never been a book like this. If you have received this book from one of the participants, read their story, get to know them, and then call them when you need the service they provide."

- Lissa Coffey, author, What's Your Dharma? Discover The Vedic Way to Your Life's Purpose

"This is the right book for all the right reasons. Where else can you read stories that will pull on your heartstrings, inspire you, motivate you and serve as a personal recommendation to any service or product you should need? What a powerful idea brought into manifestation."

- Janet Bray Attwood - NY Times Bestselling Author of The Passion Test

"You Make a Difference is not just a clever name-it's what this book is all about! This book will make a difference in the life of anyone who reads it. The book is inspirational and the five questions asked of each participant were created to reveal the entrepreneurs passion, vision and purpose. Enjoy the read!"

- Marcia Wieder, CEO/Founder, Dream University

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