You Are Not Alone: Michael, Through a Brother's Eyes

You Are Not Alone: Michael, Through a Brother's Eyes

by Jermaine Jackson

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Jermaine Jackson—older than Michael by four years—offers a keenly observed memoir tracing his brother’s life starting from their shared childhood and extending through the Jackson 5 years, Michael’s phenomenal solo career, his loves, his suffering, and his tragic end. It is a sophisticated, no-holds-barred examination of the man, aimed at fostering a true and final understanding of who he was, why he was, and what shaped him.

Jermaine knows the real Michael as only a brother can. In this raw, honest, and poignant account, he reveals Michael the private person, not Michael “the King of Pop.”

Jermaine doesn’t flinch from tackling the tough issues: the torrid press, the scandals, the allegations, the court cases, the internal politics, the ill-fated This Is It tour, and disturbing developments in the days leading up to Michael’s death. But where previous works have presented only thin versions of a media construct, he provides a rare glimpse into the complex heart, mind, and soul of a brilliant but sometimes troubled entertainer. As a witness to history on the inside, Jermaine is the only person qualified to deliver the real Michael and reveal what made him tick, his private opinions, and unseen emotions through the most headline-making episodes of his life.

Filled with keen insight, rich in anecdotes and behind-the-scenes detail, You Are Not Alone is the book for any true Michael Jackson fan and for anyone trying to make sense of the artist whose death was so premature.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781451651591
Publisher: Touchstone
Publication date: 09/13/2011
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 464
Sales rank: 264,707
File size: 4 MB

About the Author

Jermaine Jackson was an original member of the Jackson 5. Singer, record producer and composer, Jermaine has been widely perceived as the family’s spokesperson both before and after Michael’s death. He is the father to seven children and lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Halima.

Table of Contents

Prologue—2005 xi

The Beginning—The early years

1 Eternal Child 3

2 2300 Jackson Street 12

3 God's Gift 36

4 Just Kids with a Dream 56

5 Cry Freedom 75

6 Motown University 94

7 Jackson-mania 118

The middle—The Hayvenhurst years

8 Life Lessons 141

9 Growing Pains 162

10 Separate Ways 176

11 Moonwalking 198

12 Animal Kingdom 218

13 The Hardest Victory 238

14 The Reunion Party 255

The end—The Neverland years

15 Once Said 279

16 Forever Neverland 294

17 Body of Lies 313

18 Love, Chess and Destiny 331

19 Unbreakable 352

20 14 White Doves 372

21 The Comeback King 390

22 Gone Too Soon 413

Epilogue—Smile 431

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