Yondering: The First Borgo Press Book of Science Fiction Stories

Yondering: The First Borgo Press Book of Science Fiction Stories

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This is one of a series of anthologies of science fiction and mystery stories by Borgo Press writers that are being distributed at cost as both ebooks and paperback volumes. The first volume in the sequence, Yondering, includes a baker's dozen of original and reprint tales by fourteen writers.

In "The Quills of Henry Thomas," W. C. and Aja Bamberger give us a glimpse of a future in which music is composed through DNA computing. "The Gizzard Wizard" is Rory Barnes's delightful sequel to his young adult SF novel, Space Junk. John Gregory Betancourt's engaging "The Darkfishers" envisions a shanghaied Earth colony stranded on the back of a huge crustacean on an ocean planet. Sydney J. Bounds, in "Guinea Pigs," portrays a future dominated by cutthroat corporations.

"Outside Looking In," by Mark E. Burgess, takes the "world in a bottle" theme--and turns it upside down. Victor Cilinca's "Siegfried" demonstrates the folly of taking those "primitive" aliens too lightly. Michael R. Collings's "The Calling of Iam'Kendron" is a stirring prequel to his epic science-fantasy novel, Wordsmith. In Arthur Jean Cox's "Evergreen," we find that long life is not always what it's cracked up to be.

Award-winning author Jack Dann depicts, in "Mohammed’s Angel," an all-too-plausible future in which cultures, sensibilities, and terrorist acts are inextricably mixed. "Ultra Evolution," by John Russell Fearn, is a cautionary tale about the advancement of man—not always a good thing! Sheila Finch's "Miles to Go" is the moving story of a wheelchair marathoner faced with a crucial decision. Mel Gilden relates mankind's first encounter with aliens in "The Little Finger of the Left Hand." Last, and certainly not least, Ardath Mayhar's poignant "The Next Generation" shows the human race forced to make a crucial decision about its survival.

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ISBN-13: 9781434436061
Publisher: Wildside Press
Publication date: 03/26/2013
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 268
Sales rank: 1,167,181
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About the Author

I'm a veterinarian living in the Portland, Oregon area; my practice focuses on small exotic pets such as ferrets, rabbits, rodents, hedgehogs, sugar gliders, skunks, reptiles, etc. My household includes 2 daughters, Anna & Sarah, and my lovely wife, Denise, plus Molly the cat. My first published novel was "Dog Daze & Cat Naps— A Vet Student's Odyssey." This is a humorous story about the trials and tribulations of a young student as he makes his way through 4 years of veterinary school (based loosely on my own experiences). I'm also a science fiction author. My fun short story "Outside Looking In" is featured in the recent sci-fi anthology collection "Yondering". My publisher is Wildside Press (wildsidebooks.com), and my works are also available online via Barnes & Noble, Amazon, etc.

My new sci-fi novel "The Battle for Eden" is finally out! It's part of a double back-to-back paperback, paired with Charles Gramlich's novel "Under the Ember Star". This story is the 3rd in a series of books about the war between humans and Knackers (a crab-like carnivorous alien species). The novel is written as a stand-alone story, so reading the prior 2 books in the series is not necessary; you can understand and enjoy "Eden" on its own!

I'm currently working on another book in the Knacker series, which I hope to have finished later this year, entitled "Dark Angels."You can read free samples of all my works on my Facebook site, look me up as "Authorvet", and click "Notes" near the top of the page, for samples of each story! If you like what you see, then feel free to share the pages with your friends!

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