X-Ops Exposed

X-Ops Exposed

by Paige Tyler

Paperback(Mass Market Paperback)

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Believing he's too dangerous to be among people, feline hybrid Tanner Howland retreats deep into the forests of Washington State—with no choice but to leave behind the woman who's captured his heart. What he doesn't know is that she followed him...

Heartbroken and determined, Dr. Zarina Sokolov tracks Tanner into the wild. Her presence unleashes Tanner's protective instinct—big time. Locals have been disappearing and he is desperate for Zarina to leave. As the kidnappings escalate, Tanner must embrace the dangerous instincts he fears so much. But with Zarina at his side, he'll have to learn to control his animal impulses, or lose himself—and the woman he loves—to the beast within.

BONUS CONTENT: ebook includes a second full-length novel, Hungry Like the Wolf, Book 1 in Paige Tyler's sizzling SWAT Series!

X-Ops Series:
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What readers are saying about Paige Tyler's X-Ops Series:
"Does it get any better than this? Tyler...is an absolute master!"—Fresh Fiction
"Sexy, smart and suspenseful!"—HelenKay Dimon, award-winning author
"Action-packed and suspenseful...a thrilling read."—Omnivoracious
"Hot and wild."—Cynthia Eden, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author

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ISBN-13: 9781492642435
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Publication date: 04/03/2018
Series: X-Ops , #8
Pages: 384
Sales rank: 318,385
Product dimensions: 4.10(w) x 6.80(h) x 1.10(d)

About the Author

Paige Tyler is the USA Today bestselling author of sexy, romantic fiction. She and her very own military hero (also known as her husband) live on the beautiful Florida coast with their adorable fur baby (also known as their dog). Paige graduated with a degree in education, but decided to pursue her passion and write books about hunky alpha males and the kickbutt heroines who fall in love with them. Visit www.paigetylertheauthor.com.

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X-Ops Exposed 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 13 reviews.
LindaTownsend More than 1 year ago
A riveting, fast-paced, action-packed thriller with a sizzling romance! A man she’d never even kissed completely owned her heart. X-Ops Exposed is the eighth exciting installment in Paige Tyler’s paranormal romantic thriller series which features shifter hybrids fighting to stay sane and in control against despicable villains. I would be remiss if I did not first mention the stunning cover of this book which drew my attention from the get-go. Wow! The books in this series can all be read as stand alones if that is your preference. There is a series arc, but the author seamlessly shares enough of what has happened previously so that newbies never feel lost. X-Ops Exposed is the story of feline hybrid Tanner Howland and brilliant scientist Dr. Zarina Sokolov. In the previous book, Tanner had disappeared after a battle as he feared that the beast within him would end up hurting his friends and the woman he loved. As this tale opens, Zarina has tracked Tanner into the wilds of Washington State where he is currently residing. LOL! Did he really believe that she wouldn’t find him? Unfortunately, locals in the area have been disappearing and Tanner is desperate for Zarina to leave from the get-go as he fears she is in danger and he won’t be able to protect her. Or will Zarina be able to convince that the doctor really does know what’s best for them? Meanwhile, across the country in Maine, Tate Evers is investigating more nefarious happenings. Tate is now partner-less and teams up with a new character who is delving into the same problems. Paige interweaves the two plotlines brilliantly only bringing them together near the end while ominously upping the stakes for future books. I love Tanner and Zarina together! Tanner has suffered unimaginable torture. They are each so giving of themselves. I’m glad that Zarina is stubborn and refuses to give up on Tanner and on them as a couple! Following please find a few of my favorite lines from X-Ops Exposed: “What do you say we see if we can make our fantasies become reality?” --- “So, what now?” she whispered when they finally pulled away. He grinned, displaying his fangs. “Now we make love for hours. And it’s going to be incredible.” She returned his smile. “Yes, it will.” --- “There will never be a better time or place to be with you.” --- “Zarina gave her a sad smile. “I wish it could be. But, like Spencer, Tanner is constantly worried about hurting me or someone else who’s important to him. That’s why he’s been living here on his own for the past two months. He thinks that’s the only way to keep people safe.” Lillie let out a sound of frustration. “What is it with guys? Spencer’s has said the exact same thing to me a dozen times. He thinks it’d be better for everyone if he goes to Alaska and lives alone in the wilderness. Are all men born with the same macho crap in their DNA?” I really love Paige’s books! X-Ops Exposed is a riveting, fast-paced, action-packed thriller with a sizzling romance, danger at every turn and despicable villains you will find it easy to hate. If you enjoy sizzling paranormal urban fantasy romances with intense military-style activities and without terrible cliffhangers, I’d encourage you to check out X-Ops Exposed!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The series gives new meaning to action, adventure and Love! Always a great read!
BuckeyeAngel More than 1 year ago
Zarina Sokolov and Sgt Tanner Howland is a lion hybrid who has escaped to the forests in Washington State to deal with his life and try to take control of it again. Dr. Zarina Sokolov has been working diligently to find a cure to Tanner’s forced shifter status. When she’s sure she’s finally found one, she sets out to find him in the forest. After Tanner finds her, they both find out that something bad is happening to the people around the forest. This was a great book. I loved both Zarina and Tanner in this book. It was great to see Tanner get his own happy ending in comparison to how he was in the book he was introduced in. I loved Zarina’s determination and her spunk. I can’t wait t read more from this author. I highly recommend. **I voluntarily read and reviewed this book
Dina1 More than 1 year ago
Another great book in the series. Two people finally have a chance to understand their feelings towards each other, but he wants nothing to do with her; he wants to be away from everyone. Because of what's been done to him he knows he's a danger to all, especially to the woman he desires. She has finally found a way to help him and to reverse what has been done to him, but when she tells him he refuses. She's not taking no for an answer. She refuses to leave him and when he tries to take her back to civilization he instead leads her right smack into danger. They learn of mysterious disappearances from a group of survivalist that include people they both know and before they can find out what's happening more people have been taken. The story is filled with action, danger, and the discovery of love and passion. If you haven't read this series, X-Ops, it's about time you did. Every book is filled with adventure, suspense, thrills, magnificent characters, love and passion. Get it them now at your favorite book site.
Dina1 More than 1 year ago
Another great book in the series. Two people finally have a chance to understand their feelings towards each other, but he wants nothing to do with her; he wants to be away from everyone. Because of what's been done to him he knows he's a danger to all, especially to the woman he desires. She has finally found a way to help him and to reverse what has been done to him, but when she tells him he refuses. She's not taking no for an answer. She refuses to leave him and when he tries to take her back to civilization he instead leads her right smack into danger. They learn of mysterious disappearances from a group of survivalist that include people they both know and before they can find out what's happening more people have been taken. The story is filled with action, danger, and the discovery of love and passion. If you haven't read this series, X-Ops, it's about time you did. Every book is filled with adventure, suspense, thrills, magnificent characters, love and passion. Get it them now at your favorite book site.
FaeScot More than 1 year ago
AWESOME 5+ stars! I can't say how much I loved this book! I forgot when I asked NetGalley for an ARC of this book that I haven't started this Paige Tyler series yet. I prefer to binge read series from start to current, and not jump into the middle. Opps, I've started with her SWAT series, also excellent. This series was up next. Well, it just jumped higher on my list to get read. Fabulous characters, I wasn't lost coming into the 8th book either. I missed some key plot stories but I could go with the flow easily. Tanner Howland is a retired Army Ranger with severe PTSD. He was kidnapped by "mad scientists" who used him as a test subject for their man made shifter experiments, making hybrids. He was rescued from the lab by a kidnapped Russian geneticist, Dr. Zarina Sololov. The serum they gave him worked but he rarely is able to control his powerful shifter abilities resulting in uncontrolled rage. He's retreated to the Washington woods east of his hometown of Seattle. Zarina, now works with the Department of Covert Ops, DCO, and decides she's gonna find him as she finds she cares for him a lot. Tanner has made friends with several "prepper" communities in the woods and he's discovered they are being raided by mercenaries kidnapping people. He's trying to stay out it but his Ranger's heart is not letting him. Zarina finds him and won't go home finding that together they can help these preppers and solve the mystery. Meanwhile, DCO agent Tate Evers is without his shifter partner and gets sent to check out a suspicious death in Maine that is located close to the where Tanner's lab was closed down. Someone shredded a geneticist in a closed cabin. It looks like he was tortured by a shifter but the authorities are working hard to explain it as an animal attack. Tate gets an unwelcome partner, Chase York, a Maine deputy "shadow" from the local Sheriff's office. He and Chase track down the evidence to solve the murder as Tate works hard to not tell Chase classified information. Chase is a former Marine and pretty sharp so he keeps learning more and more about the existence of shifters. The two storylines merge later in the book. I loved the story and character development in this story. The richness, intelligence and heart of each one were crafted skillfully. I grew to care about each one. The action was off the charts and very believable. The story had a descriptive richness and I enjoyed her author's voice. The storyline was well developed and all the pieces pulled together to make a satisfying ending. The Epilogue answered some of the last questions I had and set up the direction of the next book. Loved it! Thank you Sourcebooks and Paige Tyler for this opportunity to ARC read and review this story for an honest review.
closkot More than 1 year ago
My Thoughts - 5 out of 5 Unicorns - I loved it!!! ***I choose what I read and review based on what intrigues me!! Yes, I received a review copy of this book, but no one tells me what to think, feel, or write about any book! The cover is perfection, and you can look at it to see why! This is the 8th book in the series, and I haven’t read them all YET…someday I will! I’m collecting them in paperback. This book is for adults only due to the violence and steamy content. You can read this book without having read them all. I have only read 0.5, 1, 7, and now 8, but I will read more because I have them somewhere. I really love everything the Paige packs into each and every book. Shifter books are my favorite kind of books especially when it is mixed with bad guys that you love to hate, fighting for those you love, and intrigue galore. Paige’s book has it all to pull you in and not let go! I love both Tanner and Zarina! They are both selfless to the point it hurts them both! I think when you serve others that you will always take more responsibility than you should when things go bad. Tanner has lived through so much, and I won’t go into details because you need to read it yourself. There is so much going on in this book. You have what’s going on in Washington, and then you have the stuff Tate is dealing with. I mean it when I say action-packed! There is a real hum dinger of an ending that leaves lots of questions what will happen next, and will there be new members joining the DCO? I highly recommend to all shifter fans who love having evil bad buys to fight because action mixed with romance and love is amazing! Can’t wait for more!
Rainn2978 More than 1 year ago
This is the 8th book in the X-Ops series and I highly recommend you read the previous books so that you understand exactly what is happening in this one. This book is about Dr. Zarina Sokolov and Tanner Howland. Zarina was the doctor we saw previously who helped make the Hybrids against her will and Tanner is one of those Hybrids made. There are actually two stories being told here, one is about Tanner and Zarina working on their issues not only together but personally. Another is what is going on in Maine with Tate. There are definitely a lot of sub plots and you have to make sure you pay attention to what you are reading or you will find yourself going back because you missed something subtle. There were a lot of things happening in this book and parts of it seemed to be all over the place to me. I love that Tanner finally got his full story and he gets his HEA but there were parts of this book that just kinda left me hanging. I really liked seeing the different stories being told but on the other hand I almost felt like there were two different stories trying to be told at once. It threw me off slightly. Still a great read and definitely well worth it. I just wish it focused more on Zarina and Tanner. On the other hand I really can't wait to see what happens after the epilogue!!
Barb-TRC More than 1 year ago
X-Ops Exposed by Paige Tyler is the 8th book in her wonderful X-Ops series. When we last left off in the last book, things were about to change for the X-Ops team, with a new management in charge. Tanner Howland, our hero, likes living alone in the forest in Washington State. Tanner is a hybrid Feline shifter, who has problems controlling his beast due to the drugs he had been given that made him a shifter. Zarina Sokolov, our heroine, is a doctor who has treated Tanner, and other members of the team. She has been trying to find a serum that will reverse the drugs that made the hybrids, and then mental instability. Zarina has fallen in love with Tanner, and now with the serum, she follows him to the forest. Tanner is not happy when he sees Zarina, though he also loves her, but he is worried that his beast will hurt her; and he is determined to send her packing. Zarina refuses to leave, and tries to convince Tanner to allow her to give him the serum, which he refuses to take, especially since this new drug will make him forget about her. There is another group of humans and hybrids living in the forest that Tanner will work with, especially when some of their group begins to disappear. Tanner will join with that group to track and find out who is behind the kidnappings. We get to meet some hybrids we had met previously, and other members of this group of people living in the forest who now have their lives in danger. Despite his attempt to force Zarina to leave, Tanner knows she is needed to help doctor those injured. Slowly their romance heats up, and once they both allow their feelings show, they know there is no turning back. But the question: Will they survive? There was also a second storyline that Tate (another X-Op member) was sent to determine if a series of murders in a small town were animal related (or were they hybrids gone wild?). The Doctor behind drugging the hybrids was suspected of being part of these murders. The deputy sheriff, Chase, was assigned to work with Tate during his investigation. Chase is unaware of hybrids, and becomes a great partner for Tate. When Tanner and the other hybrids are captured, Zarina will call Landon (acting chief of X-Ops) to get help. What follows is an intense, fast paced, exciting and dangerous attempt to rescue the men. It was great and fun to see all our former heroes, such as Landon, Ivy, Tate, Clayne Declan, Kendra, Danica, Diaz, and some newbies that I look forward to learning more about (Cam & Chase). It will take the entire team to band together to save and fight this violent bad group, one who is a former friend of Tanner. At this point, Tate (with Chase to help) will be sent to help the team save Tanner and the others. When things get wild and crazy, lives are on the line and Zarina must act quickly to give the serum to any of the hybrids that are losing control. Will Tanner be one of them, and forget about Zarina? The last half of the book was very suspenseful, with a few twists, and a thrilling ride to the finish. Paige Tyler, as always, gives us another terrific story, with another wonderful couple, and great secondary characters. X-Ops Exposed is an exciting, fun, suspenseful, fast-paced, action filled and intense story that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the end. X-Ops is a great series, and you need to start from the beginning, in order to enjoy all the wonderful characters and the continuing story line.
SugarNSpice1 More than 1 year ago
Lots going on in this latest in the X-Ops world. Two separate stories going on. On the west coast...Wolf shifter Tanner Howland get embroiled with some preppers in the woods when he runs away due to being overwhelmed with both PTSD and being a hybrid – two conditions he is unable to control. On his heels is Dr Zarina Sokolov who is in love with him and thinks she has a serum that could help him. On the east coast...DCO operative Tate Evers is sent to Maine to look into a death that looked like it was from a wild animal. While investigating he teams up with Deputy Chase York. Their investigation leads them to one of the Doctors that experimented on the hybrids and also the escaped hybrid daughter of the woman now in charge of the DCO. That's a huge can of worms that still not resolved in this book.. Then the crew from east coast goes west when Tanner and Zarina end up in trouble.. This sets up a complete game changing event that forever changes the DCO and the series. Next book should be interesting as after that ending nothing will ever be the same from the shifters and their human partners ever again..
nku More than 1 year ago
X-Ops Exposed (Nook Edition) by Paige Tyler ..... WOW...I stayed up til 3 A.M. To finish this book... Shifters..Hybrids...PTSD..evil people.. Tanner(ex Ranger/Hybrid) Zorina (Doctor/DCO) Their road to a HEA has so many twists and turns...and Paige took me right into the story...I am so happy I got to preview this book on #NetGalley. Can't wait to see what happens next ... What will happen now that the secret is out ...what will Rebecca and William do...what about their daughter?
In_My_Humble_OpinionDA More than 1 year ago
Exciting happenings in the world of the DCO! Feline hybrid Tanner Howland has always had a soft spot for Dr. Zarina Sokolov and because of that he has taken off to live alone in the woods beliving he is a danger to her and others. Zarina didn’t get to where she is by taking no for an answer. She’s developed a drug she believes may reverse the changes done to Tanner. Either way she loves him and isn’t going to let him run any longer. When she finds him she finds a world of trouble. Can she keep Tanner grounded and can he keep her safe? This book is the end of one arc and hints of exciting times ahead. I loved watching Zarina get Tanner to own up to his feelings and get control of his cat.
MoniqueD More than 1 year ago
Eighteen months ago, Tanner had been injected, against his will with lion DNA; he’s dangerous, volatile, and nearly out of control, and that’s when he had met Dr. Zarina Sokolov. A couple of months ago, Tanner Howland, frustrated at his inability to master his inner beast, had fled to the Wenatchee National Forest, and Zarina has gone to Washington State to look for Tanner. In spite of everything, Zarina loves Tanner, but will he ever give them a chance? At long last, Tanner and Zarina’s story! They have been tiptoeing around each other for ages, and while readers unfamiliar with the X-Ops series won’t have much of a problem with the stories - because there are in fact two - they will not be able to relate to Zarina and Tanner’s feelings for each other as well as long-time fans, as their relationship is complicated. I have always adored Tanner, the tormented, beautiful, unpredictable and fiercely loyal lion shifter, and in X-OPS EXPOSED, we learn more about what makes him click and it made me love him even more. The same goes for Zarina: I loved the brilliant doctor from her very introduction; she is cool-headed, determined to convince Tanner that his situation is not hopeless, and she is a very brave girly-girl as well! Tanner and Zarina’s combustible chemistry hasn’t dimmed a bit, but I was a little disappointed at seeing their romance take somewhat a backseat to the suspense. X-OPS EXPOSED is one of those rare books where I would happily have traded some of the suspense for more tender moments. But when the romance happens, it was worth the wait because Zarina and Tanner’s love is intense, deep, and real. X-OPS EXPOSED is supremely dynamic, and as action-packed as Paige Tyler can make it. Ms. Tyler’s writing flows so well, you barely notice the words, and her superb writing draws the reader into the story right away. The dialogues are possibly the best the author has ever written, injecting a bit of humour that made this book even more enjoyable. The action scenes are explosive and plentiful, and that grizzly bear attack was truly terrifying! New characters are also introduced, amongst them Maine Deputy Chase York, whose bromance with DCO agent Tate Evers is one of the highlights of the book. There is quite a lot going on in X-OPS EXPOSED, maybe just a tad too much; I think there was enough material for two books, to be honest. One thing is for sure, X-Ops is far from over with everything that happens in this book: Paige Tyler has enough fodder to keep un enthralled for years to come! And mind the title, because it’s very indicative as what the future will hold for the DCO. I give 4 ½ stars