Writing Spatiality in West Africa: Colonial Legacies in the Anglophone/Francophone Novel

Writing Spatiality in West Africa: Colonial Legacies in the Anglophone/Francophone Novel

by Madhu Krishnan


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From the "imaginative geographies" of conquest identified by Edward Said to the very real and material institution of territorial borders, regions and geographical amalgamations, the control, administration and integration of space are known to have played a central and essential role in the creation of contemporary "Africa". Space continues to be a site of conflict, from separatist struggles to the distribution of resources to the continued absorption of African territories into the uneven geographies of global capitalism.
In this book, Madhu Krishnan examines the ways in which the anxieties and conflicts engendered by these phenomena are registered in a broad set of literary texts from British and French West Africa. By placing these novels in dialogue with a range of archival material such as territorial planning documents, legislative papers, records of liberation movements and development projects, this book reveals the submerged articulations between spatial planning and literary expression, generating new readings of canonical West African texts as well as analyses of otherwise under-researched material.

Madhu Krishnan is a Senior Lecturer in 20th/21st Century Postcolonial Writing in the Department of English at the University of Bristol. She is author of Contemporary African Literature in English: Global Locations, Postcolonial Identifications(2014) and Contingent Canons: African Literature and the Politics of Location (2018)

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ISBN-13: 9781847011909
Publisher: Boydell & Brewer, Limited
Publication date: 10/19/2018
Series: African Articulations Series , #4
Pages: 215
Product dimensions: 6.25(w) x 9.25(h) x (d)

Table of Contents

Spatiality from Empire to Independence
Post-independence Disillusionment and Spatial Closures
Social Space Beyond the Public Sphere: Women's Writing and Contested Hegemonies
Cosmopolitanism, Migration and Neoliberalism in the Wake of Structural Adjustment

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