Writers' & Artists' Guide to Self-Publishing: How to edit, produce and sell your book

Writers' & Artists' Guide to Self-Publishing: How to edit, produce and sell your book

by Bloomsbury Academic


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Practical advice from experts in self-publishing—including the pitfalls to avoid.

Self-publishing is a growing area and writers need independent and reliable advice they can trust. This guide is full of practical, nuts-and-bolts information on each aspect of the DIY-publishing process, from editing and page layout, cover design and book production, publicity and selling. Each chapter is written by publishing professionals expert in supporting authors and is full of insights from successful self-published authors themselves.

This guide is essential reading for any indie author who wants to go it totally alone, who wants to work with other independent professionals or who might choose to pay for self-publishing provider services. It gives the pros and cons and potential financial outlay for the various options available so writers can make informed decisions about the best approach for their own book.

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ISBN-13: 9781472970299
Publisher: Bloomsbury Academic
Publication date: 04/30/2020
Series: Writers' and Artists'
Pages: 224
Sales rank: 1,246,639
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.20(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

This book is a collaboration between the Writers' & Artists' editorial team, industry professionals and seasoned self-published writers. They bring together their shared knowledge of the publishing process and best practices to advise writers on how to successfully self-publish.

Table of Contents

Introduction Jane Davis 1

Chapter 1 Publishing: how it's done Eden Phillips Harrington 1

Understanding the traditional publishing model 7

Choosing to self-publish 10

Getting started 13

How to use this Guide 16

Chapter 2 Editing your work Lisa Carden 19

Do I really need an editor? 19

Structural editing 20

Copy-editing 21

Proofreading 23

Seeking help: finding an editor 26

How long will it take? 28

How is editing different from writing? 30

What type of expertise do editors have? 31

How to get the best out of the editing stage 32

What to do when things go wrong 33

Chapter 3 Design: from manuscript to finished book Catherine Lutman 37

Cover design 38

Cover briefs 39

Finding a designer 39

Agreeing a fee 40

Preparing a brief 41

The cover design process 44

Designing the inside of the book 47

Typography and layout 49

Ebooks 55

Imagery and illustration 56

Commissioning an illustrator or photographer 57

Chapter 4 Book production Jane Rowland 61

Why are you self-publishing? 61

Budget 62

Understanding printing 63

Print on demand 64

Short-run (digital) printing 66

Litho (offset) printing 67

Ways to self-publish 68

Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) 71

Book production with a full-service company 72

Buying in services 74

The right book for the market 77

Trim size 77

Paperback or hardback? 78

Materials (paper, cover board) 79

Binding 80

Ebook production 82

Chapter 5 Reaching your market: distribution and sales Andrew Bromley 91

Full-service distributors 91

Wholesale distribution combined with print on demand 92

Breaking down the costs and the financial return 95

How are self-publishers paid? 98

Metadata: what's it all about? 101

ISBN: its role in distribution 104

How books are discovered 105

Chapter 6 Standing out from the crowd: PR, publicity and marketing Belinda Griffin 109

What is marketing and publicity? 109

Marketing isn't being salesy 110

Know your readers 111

A word about comps 115

Author brand 116

How to get in front of your target readers 118

Keep your readers engaged 121

Keep in touch with your readers 124

Reviews 127

Seeking help 129

Alternative tactics 132

Chapter 7 Advice from self-published authors: case studies 139

Finding and commissioning an illustrator 140

How much does it cost to publish your own novel? 142

Why print books in the digital age? 144

The same only different 146

Blog tours 149

Self-publishing: return of investment 151

Getting the best cover for your book 153

Getting your swag on: merchandise for authors 155

The benefits of working with a book mentor 158

How to get your self-published book into bookshops 160

Self-publishing fiction and non-fiction books: what's the difference? 163

Self-publishing: a family enterprise 165

Learning as you go 168

Making use of expert help 170

Achieving your publishing dreams and avoiding disaster 172

Resources 175

Self-publishing checklists 177

Further reading 189

Useful websites 191

Who's who in publishing? 199

Glossary 201

Index 209

Customer Reviews