Wrede on Writing: Tips, Hints, and Opinions on Writing

Wrede on Writing: Tips, Hints, and Opinions on Writing

by Patricia C. Wrede


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How do I turn an idea into a novel? How do I build a character? How do I decide how to tell a story?

Patricia C. Wrede has been a stalwart of the sci-fi/fantasy world for decades, publishing dozens of books across multiple series, storming bestseller lists and corralling accolades from critics and fans alike. Now, with brilliant insight and a sparkling wit, Wrede shows beginning writers the ropes in WREDE ON WRITING.

How do I find the time to write? How do I decide when a book is finished? How do I get my book published?

Wrede tackles all issues for writers, from the basic how-to's to the more advanced topics on character development and worldbuilding. In her conversational tone, she gives writers the tips and tricks her experience has brought. After WREDE ON WRITING, authors will have the knowledge to put their tools to better use. Thinking of starting a book? Trying to finish one? WREDE ON WRITING will guide you towards that superior draft to send to agents, to publishers, and to readers.

How do I calculate royalties? How do I plan my finances as an author? How do I write as a career?

Before she became a successful full-time writer, Patricia C. Wrede worked in finance, and she also provides for authors an extensive look at how to manage the money—from royalties to determining the financial potential of your next project, Wrede provides authors with deep insight into the business of writing.

A brilliant guide from a literary stalwart, WREDE ON WRITING is the book everyone with a novel under their beds or inside their heads should read.

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ISBN-13: 9781626812222
Publisher: Diversion Books
Publication date: 12/03/2013
Pages: 246
Sales rank: 1,064,081
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About the Author

Patricia C. Wrede is the author of several adult fantasy series, including Lyra, the Enchanted Forest Chronicles, and Cecelia and Kate, as well as many other series and stand-alone books. Her books are typically steeped in magic, and often detail the trials and tribulations of dragons, princesses and alternate worlds.

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Wrede on Writing: Tips, Hints, and Opinions on Writing 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
jeanniezelos More than 1 year ago
Wrede on Writing: Tips, Hints, and Opinions on Writing .Patricia C. Wrede Review from Jeannie Zelos Book Reviews. Like many many people I've always had a desire to write – many years ago I even started one of those online writing classes...but to be honest even I was bored reading what I’d written, so the rejection slips were no surprise. Looking back though I can see one huge mistake – I’d followed the course instructions to write short stories and articles, but I never read those, I love to read but novellas and short stories don't work for me, so how on earth did I think I could write them? Well, I’ve never got any further but seeing this book for review brought back that desire and I hoped I could learn from it. Like most would be writers I’ve no idea where to start, and so never actually get further than a few vague plots or snippets of what a want to write. Anyway I've not read this cover to cover, but browsed through looking for what I need. And its full of such useful and encouraging information about where to start – not a 1-10 steps, but a series of ideas and the advice there isn't a blue print but try this, or this, or this :) Then having thought about where to start its got so much useful information on the actuality – the character building, creating worlds both real and fantasy, plotting and pitfalls. It's just so easy to read and understand. I felt as if Patricia was at my shoulder giving advice. Then having written your best-seller (!!) she advises about such necessary – especially in today’s market, things to do like contacting agents and publishers, marketing, the finance side – and unless you're writing just to write and not to make money that’s essential. Looking back to my own experiences I can see so well where I went wrong, the acid test is will I manage to do it better this time round? Well, armed with this book I feel much more confident, just need to squeeze a few more hours in the day :) .... Where before I felt as if I was floundering in the dark, now I feel that I’ve some solid references for when I get stuck. Not to spoon feed me an answer, but to show me where to look next, how to research, what to add and really, really important – what to leave out. As a reader/reviewer I’ve read too many books that contain whole chapters that when I get to the end I think “ what happened to/why was that mentioned/how did x get out of that?” you know – the stuff that’s in the book but doesn't add to the plot, the characters, the background, and is just filler and fluff taking up pages and reading time and is wasted effort for both reader and writer really. Somewhere in the beginning Patricia quotes advice given to her – and it's really apt to what I’ve read too many times. Three things a scene can do “1) advance the plot 2) explain the back story 3) deepen the characterisation. “ If it doesn’t do any of those it isn't needed. A skim through the index gives an idea of just how comprehensive this book is, it really does have a chapter about almost everything writers need to know, I reckon its should be the Writing Bible of all would be authors. At £3.14 for 263 pages its a bargain. No fluff, no unnecessary fillers just good solid advice and research tools. Stars: five ARC supplied via Netgalley
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It was nice having a hard copy of this information at my fingertips. I liked it so much I bought copies for friends that are also writers.