World War II: Autobiography: 200 First-Hand Accounts from WWII

World War II: Autobiography: 200 First-Hand Accounts from WWII

by Jon E. Lewis

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A remarkable series of over 200 eye-witness accounts taken from diaries, letters, speeches, interviews and memoirs of those who were there: pilots, sailors, generals, infantrymen, war correspondents and leaders.

These include Spitfire pilot Richard Hillary''s account of bailing out of his plane in the Battle of Britain; a German sailor''s view of HMS Royal Oak being torpedoed at Scapa Flow; insights into Rommel''s ailing health from a lieutenant in the Afrika Korps; famous war correspondent Ernie Pyle''s account of GI meals during Operation Torch; Anne Frank''s recollection of the rounding up of Jews in Amsterdam; the last letters home from anonymous German soldiers in Stalingrad; the view from a Japanese cockpit over Pearl Harbor on 7 December 1941; a German officer''s memories of the airborne assault on Crete in May 1941; the firestorm following the bombing of Dresden in July 1943 in the words of a German woman; a lieutenant in the 1st Airborne Divsion''s eyewitness account of the fighting in Arnhem; Martha Gellhorn on the aftermath of the Battle of the Bulge; a British tank officer crossing the German border on 28 February 1945; on the Kokoda Trail in New Guinea; an Allied intelligence officer being executed by the Japanese; the tunnels of Iwo Jima; and a kamikaze pilot''s final letter.

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ISBN-13: 9781849012638
Publisher: Little, Brown Book Group
Publication date: 07/30/2009
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About the Author

JON E. LEWIS is an historian and author of numerous bestselling books on history and military history, including Voices from D-Day, Voices from the Holocaust, The Mammoth Book of the Vietnam War and A Brief History of the First World War. He holds graduate and postgraduate degrees in history and his work has appeared in New Statesman, the Independent, Time Out and the Guardian. He lives in Herefordshire.

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