WORDS OF POWER and TRANSFORMATION: 101+ Magickal Words and Sigils of Celestine Light To Manifest Your Desires

WORDS OF POWER and TRANSFORMATION: 101+ Magickal Words and Sigils of Celestine Light To Manifest Your Desires

by Embrosewyn Tazkuvel, Sumara Elan Love

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Whatever you seek to achieve or change in your life, big or small, Celestine Light magickal words and sigils can help your sincere desires become reality.

Drawing from an ancient well of magickal power, the same divine source used by acclaimed sorcerers, witches and spiritual masters through the ages, the 101+ magickal words and sigils are revealed to the public for the very first time. They can create quick and often profound improvements in your life.

It doesn't matter what religion you follow or what you believe or do not believe. The magickal words and sigils are like mystical keys that open secret doors regardless of who holds the key. If you put the key in and turn it, the door will open and the magick will swirl around you!

From the beginner to the Adept, the Celestine Light words of power and sigils will expand your world and open up possibilities that may have seemed previously unachievable. Everything from something simple like finding a lost object, to something powerful like repelling a psychic or physical attack, to something of need such as greater income, to something life changing like finding your Soul Mate.

Some may wonder how a few spoken words combined with looking for just a moment at a peculiar image could have such immediate and often profound effects. The secret is these are ancient magick words of compelling power and the sigils are the embodiment of their magickal essence. Speaking or even thinking the words, or looking at or even picturing the sigil in your mind, rapidly draws angelic and magickal energies to you like iron to a magnet to fulfill the worthy purpose you desire.

This is a book of potent white magick of the light. Without a lot of training or ritual, it gives you the ability to overcome darkness threatening you from inside or out. For what is darkness except absence of the light? When light shines, darkness fades and disappears, not with a roar, but with a whimper.

Use the words and sigils to call in the magickal energies to transform and improve your life in every aspect. In this comprehensive book you will find activators to propel your personal growth, help you excel in school, succeed in your own business, or launch you to new heights in your profession. It will give you fast acting keys to improve your relationships, change your luck, revitalize your health, and develop and expand your psychic abilities.

Embrosewyn Tazkuvel is an Adept of the highest order in Celestine Light. After six decades of using magick and teaching it to others he is now sharing some of the secrets of what he knows with you. Knowledge that will instantly connect you to divine and powerful universal forces that with harmonic resonance, will unleash the magickal you!

Inside you will discover:

  • 101 word combinations that call in magickal forces like a whirlwind of light.
  • 177 magickal words in total.
  • 101 sigils to go with each magickal word combination to amplify the magickal results you seek.
  • 101 audio files you can listen to; helping you have perfect pronunciation of the Words of Power regardless of your native language. Available directly from the eBook and with a web address in the paperback edition.

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ISBN-13: 9780938001676
Publisher: Kaleidoscope Publications
Publication date: 11/02/2016
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 274
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About the Author

One of my first childhood memories was of seeing beautiful rainbow auras of light around the heads of people young and old. It began a lifetime of observation, study and experimentation with a wide variety of psychic and paranormal phenomena that has now eclipsed six decades.

Married to my exploration of the supernatural has been a deep spiritual journey to understand and commune with the source of all the magic I found in the world. It has not been merely an intellectual exercise for me. In times more than I can count, I have experienced the wonder and power of the supernatural. Call it magic, magick or miracles, I know they are real, because I have lived and experienced them, time and time again.

I realize my life's journey has been a true blessing greater than I can ever pay back. This has certainly influenced me with a passionate desire to share what I know to be true from personal experience. I believe there is greatness inside every person, calling for someone even greater to emerge. Knowing the secrets to unleashing the magic inside of you is more empowering than anything you can imagine. Your possibilities are as limitless as your imagination, coupled with your knowledge, and your desire to make it so.

I've been fortunate to have traveled to many countries around the world and have interacted with people from the president of the country to the family living in a shack with a dirt floor. Being among people of many cultures, religions and social standings, watching them in their daily lives, seeing their hopes and aspirations for their children and the joys they have with their families and friends, has continually struck me with a deep feeling of oneness. I've been with elderly people as they breathed their last breath and at the birth of babies when they take their first. It's all very humbling. This amazing world we live in and the wonderful people that fill it have given me so much. Writing and sharing the secrets of how everyone can experience magic in their life, is my way to give back as much as I can to as many people as I can.

Table of Contents




Where Did The Magickal Words Come From?

What’s a Sigil?  

Why it is called “Magick”?

Magickal Words & Sigils Work With Any Religion Belief   


Why Magickal Words & Sigils Quickly Produce Results    

Using Celestine Light Magick Is Safe       

Using Celestine Light Magick Is Fair         

Adding Sigils      

Combine Magickal Words with Common Words of Any Language             

Combine Magickal Words with Powerful Imagery            

Combine Multiple Magickal Words for Added Benefit    

How To Activate The Magickal Words of Power In Your Life         

Followup Actions To Amplify Your Success

The Power of the Numbers 3, 6, 9 & 12

Creating Personal Action Sigils   

The Magick of I AM and I WILL  

Relationship of Words of Power and Body Energy Centers

The Escalating Crescendo

SECTION II  Celestine Light Magickal Words & Sigils

21 Sigils and Words of Power to Change and Improve Yourself

17  Sigils and Words of Power to Enhance Your Relationships and Interactions with Others

7 Sigils and Words of Power to Develop Your Psychic Abilities

21 Sigils and Words of Power to Improve Your Health

5 Sigils and Words of Power to Increase Your Money and Success

8 Sigils and Words of Power to Improve Your Career and School Achievement

10 Sigils and Words of Power to  Create an Immediate Action Energy

SECTION III Introduction to Advanced Magickal Words and Sigils of Celestine Light

Levitate an Object

Summon a Person to You or Lead You to Them

Be Led to a Lost or Hidden Object

Discern an Energy Vampire

Neutralize Negative Energy

Reflect a Psychic Attack Back Upon the Attacker

Create a Cloaking Bubble of Disinterest & Invisibility

Make an Enemy or Attacker Afraid of You

Be Led to a Dimensional Doorway

Be Led to an Energy Vortex

Transfer Energy From an Enchantment Into an Object

Initiate a Circle of Power


Prelude to the Names & Sigils of Angels


Pronunciation Sound Files for All Words of Power


Examples of Use of Words of Power from the Oracles of Celestine Light

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