Women Who Hate Other Women

Women Who Hate Other Women

by Heather Hodsden


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Women are often led to believe that men are the barrier to females successfully breaking through the "glass ceiling", and that men are the primary reason why women ultimately struggle to succeed in the workplace. But, what if it is women who are the ones holding other women back?
Women enter the workplace with the notion that they will bond with their female coworkers, that their female coworkers are their allies – there to help and support them. Women assume that all women are pro-women, with the belief that female coworkers will rally together to break through and triumph over the male-dominated barriers that exist in the workplace. Women enter the workplace with the impression that hard work will be rewarded and they will be liked and supported by their female coworkers. Unfortunately, none of that is true—in fact, it's the complete opposite-your female coworker may want nothing more than for you to be gone – whatever it takes.
Women take note: Little do you know that some of your female coworkers are only there to "help" you out the door and will stop at nothing until you quit or get fired. A "lost" report? A meeting you "forgot"? This is child's play for what she has in store for you. Nothing compares to what awaits you, especially when you encounter a female coworker that has successfully ousted her female coworkers for years and nobody has called her out on it.
Did you ever think that the "bad guy" would be a woman? Welcome to the workplace, where women who hate other women wait to plan your downfall!
"Women Who Hate Other Women" is a must-read guide which explores the unacknowledged issue of women in the workplace who strive to bring other women down.

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ISBN-13: 9780692088784
Publication date: 12/03/2018
Pages: 344
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About the Author

Heather L. Hodsden grew up in Cape May County, New Jersey. She has spent the majority of her life in North Jersey, minus the recession, where she lived in Howard County, Maryland. Former high school French teacher, turned Human Resources professional, “Women Who Hate Other Women” is her first literary work. She coined the term “hating”, which refers to women in the workplace trying to get another woman fired or force her to quit. Ms. Hodsden started her studies at Kean College. She was the first TKE (Tau Kappa Epsilon) sweetheart of the Tau Lambda Chapter. She subsequently transferred to Rider University, where she founded and became President of the Le Cercle Français, the Rider University French Club. She was also a member of the International French Society. As an undergrad, Ms. Hodsden spent a year studying abroad in Besancon, France, where she travelled extensively throughout Europe to Italy, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, and Switzerland. Upon graduating, she obtained a one year English assistant job in Limoges, France. She spent more time travelling throughout Europe to Spain, Belgium, Austria, and England. Ms. Hodsden has a BA from Rider University in French/ESL/Secondary Education. She has a Masters in French from Middlebury College. She has a Masters in Human Resource Management from College St. Elizabeth. She obtained her PHR (Professional Human Resource) certificate in 2014, her SHRM-CP (Society Human Resources Management –Certified Professional) in 2015, and her GBA (Group Benefits Associate) from the International Foundation of Employee Benefits in 2018. Ms. Hodsden has been a member of SHRM since 2007. She served as the Program Chair for the Howard County SHRM chapter and was on the marketing committee for the Baltimore County SHRM chapter. She currently is a board member of the North Jersey International Society of Certified Employee Benefit Specialists. Ms. Hodsden is currently working on several other books and looks forward to publishing them in the future. She enjoys writing books about real life situations. Her favorite topics to write about are overlooked subjects she feels strongly about. Ms. Hodsden describes herself as a vegan, feminist, socialist. She is single and currently resides in New Jersey with her 3 cats and Pontiac Firebird.

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