Women in Jazz: The Women, The Legends & Their Fight

Women in Jazz: The Women, The Legends & Their Fight

by Sammy Stein
Women in Jazz: The Women, The Legends & Their Fight

Women in Jazz: The Women, The Legends & Their Fight

by Sammy Stein


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This book is about women in jazz. It charts their journeys, celebrates their presence, hears their voices, wonders at their prowess and revels in their being. We hear from female agents, arrangers, composers, musicians, PR people, radio hosts, record label managers, singers, writers and more. These are their stories; their views of jazz and how they see the future. The established performers share their years of experience whilst those newer to jazz reflect on observations and changes they have seen.

Containing interviews and first-hand accounts, this book is witness to the generosity, profundity and positivity with which women have responded and the energy they have put into their lives in overcoming challenges.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781926716558
Publisher: 8th House Publishing
Publication date: 09/26/2019
Pages: 268
Product dimensions: 5.83(w) x 8.27(h) x 0.61(d)

About the Author

Sammy Stein is an author, reviewer, columnist and radio show writer. She has written several books and articles on music and has had works published in All About Jazz, Something Else Reviews, Free Jazz Collective and Kind of Jazz. Her magazine contributions include Essentials, Record Collector, The Irish Post, Pianist Magazine and many more. Sammy has also written for several radio shows including the very successful series on Jazz Bites Radio (US) ' Ladies in Jazz' and the 'Single Entities' series. She has covered gigs for the BBC and several magazines.

Sammy also devised and curated the London Jazz Platform - a new event for London showcasing UK and European talent as well as acts from the US in an all day rolling event. Today, she curates the Jazz Repository, a private collection of 58,000 jazz recordings.
"Women in Jazz" her fifth book follows the successful 'All That's Jazz' published in 2017.

Table of Contents

  • Author’s Introduction 5
  • New Orleans—Past & Present 11
  • Women 25
  • Women of the Past—Major Influencers. 42
    • Bessie Smith 1894—1937 43
    • Billy Holiday 1915-1959 47
    • The International Sweethearts of Rhythm 55
    • Hazel Scott 1920-1981 61
    • Maxine Sullivan 1911-1987 66
    • Sarah Vaughan 1924—1990 69
    • Ella Fitzgerald 1917—1996 71
    • Melba Liston 1926 -1999 79
    • Nina Simone 1933-2003 83
    • Alice Coltrane 1937—2007 90
    • Aretha Franklin 1942-1918 93
    • Carla Bley 1936— 95

  • Women in jazz today 104
  • Women on Women 104
    • Sexist matters—is misogyny still with us? 105
    • Proving a point 119
    • Some (men) just can’t get their head around things 120
    • Ongoing changes in attitude 129
    • Women doing it for themselves 133
    • Reactions to successful women 136
    • Where do men fit in? 137
    • Equity and women—what they bring 141
    • Help 146

  • Getting the Break 148
    • Why Jazz? 159
    • Words of wisdom and encouragement. 168
    • Passing it on 177

  • Education, funding and innovation 180
    • And what about partners of jazz musicians? 215
    • Sales 220
    • The importance of social media 223
    • The way ahead 224

  • The Now and The Future 232
    • Changing demographics and youth in jazz 232
    • Changing markets 239
    • And for the future? 240

  • The Women in the Book 244

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