With the 21st Century Symphony Orchestra & Chorus

With the 21st Century Symphony Orchestra & Chorus

by ForeignerForeigner




Recorded in Switzerland in 2017, Foreigner with the 21st Century Symphony Orchestra & Chorus features alternate interpretations of some of the arena rock band's most popular songs. Performing with a 58-piece orchestra and 60-piece choir, the album includes "Cold as Ice," "I Want to Know What Love Is," and "Hot Blooded." ~ Rob Wacey

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Release Date: 04/27/2018
Label: Earmusic
UPC: 4029759126157
catalogNumber: 212615


  1. Overture
  2. Blue Morning, Blue Day
  3. Cold As Ice
  4. Waiting for a Girl Like You
  5. Say You Will
  6. When It Comes to Love
  7. That Was Yesterday
  8. Feels Like the First Time
  9. Starrider
  10. Double Vision
  11. Fool for You Anyway
  12. Urgent
  13. Juke Box Hero
  14. I Want to Know What Love Is

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Foreigner   Primary Artist
Mick Jones   Guitar,Keyboards,Background Vocals
Thom Gimbel   Flute,Guitar,Saxophone,Background Vocals
Kelly Hansen   Percussion,Vocals
Jeff Pilson   Bass,Background Vocals
Bruce Watson   Guitar,Background Vocals
Jean Claude   Bass (Vocal)
Michael Bluestein   Keyboards,Background Vocals
Dina Fanai   Background Vocals
Kirsten Ibarra   Violin
Stephan Bühlmann   French Horn
Peter Vögeli   Oboe
Pirmin Rohrer   Trombone
Rebekah del Rio   Background Vocals
Dave Eggar   Cello
Ernst van Tiel   Conductor
Joel Behrman   Trombone,Trumpet
Martin Hug   Tenor (Vocal)
Stéphanie Scalbert   Violin
Chuck Palmer   Percussion
Elizabeth Bacher   Violin
Thomas Harte   Upright Bass
Andreas Wiedmer   Bass (Vocal),Choir Master
Jonas Moosmann   Violin
Orsolya Sepsi   Violin
Hanspeter Wigger   Trumpet
Céline-Giulia Voser   Viloncello
Markus Wieser   Viola
Kaspar Wirz   Double Bass
Roland Klaus   Trumpet
Chris Frazier   Percussion,Drums
Mirka Scepanovic   Viola
Thomas Hug   Tenor (Vocal)
Nayoung Yoon   Violin
Susanne Schmid-Rojan   Viloncello
Nora Rosenberger   Violin
Claudia Inauen   Violin
Sarah Gane-Dussek   Violin
Daniel Frankenberg   Violin
Robin De Stefani   Violin
Judith Coll-Lötscher   Violin
Larjssa Bohner   Violin
Desiree Albicker   Violin
Elisabetta Luis-Parrella   Violin
Heidi Doppmann   Harp
Ramon Kündig   Percussion
Christoph Estermann   Percussion
Daniel Ringgenberg   Trombone
Simon Estermann   Trumpet
Patrick Ottiger   Trumpet
Markus Zenger   Clarinet
Christoph Landolt   Clarinet
Christian Madlener   Flute
Katharina Egli-Niedderer   Flute
Deborah Morat   Viola
Sania Helbig   Viola
Cyrill Greter   Viola
Noemi Glenck   Viola
Anne-Laure Dottrens   Viola
Katharina Vogt   Violin
Liese Meszar   Violin
Deborah Landolt   Violin
Izabela Iwanowska   Violin
Christiane Gnaegi   Violin
Miriam Muller   Violin,Concert Master
Felicia Bucher   Soprano (Vocal)
Rahela Brunner   Soprano (Vocal)
Rosalin Birnstiel   Soprano (Vocal)
Katrin Andergassen   Soprano (Vocal)
Andreas Mattle   Trombone
Remo Leitl   French Horn
Anita Surek-Banninger   French Horn
Joseph Koller   French Horn
Patrik Luscher   Bassoon
Christian Hamann   Double Bass
Diego Caruso   Double Bass
Reto Lehmann   Double Bass
Kathrin Hansen   Viloncello
Sarah Erlanger   Viloncello
Annika Dobler   Viloncello
Joachim Müller-Crepon   Viloncello
Anouk von Kanel   Alto (Vocal)
Andre Wallimann   Bass (Vocal)
Kevin Stussi   Bass (Vocal)
Livio Schurmann   Bass (Vocal)
Beno Schaller   Bass (Vocal)
Severin Lohri   Bass (Vocal)
Simon Drescher   Bass (Vocal)
Robin Burri   Bass (Vocal)
Martin Bircher   Bass (Vocal)
Lukas Bieri   Bass (Vocal)
Othmar Bachmann   Bass (Vocal)
Wolli Wilbert   Tenor (Vocal)
Gabriel Peier   Tenor (Vocal)
Thomas Limacher   Tenor (Vocal)
Christian Hauser   Tenor (Vocal)
Adrian Buhlmann   Tenor (Vocal)
Jonas Brunner   Tenor (Vocal)
Franziska Scherer   Alto (Vocal)
Elmar Bircher   Tenor (Vocal)
Christoph Amrein   Tenor (Vocal)
Danielle Zgraggen   Alto (Vocal)
Julia Zeier   Alto (Vocal)
Nora Zeder   Alto (Vocal)
Fabienne Wilhelm   Alto (Vocal)
Antonia Schaffner   Alto (Vocal)
Eva Rothenbuhler   Alto (Vocal)
Tanja Pecoraro   Alto (Vocal)
Valerie Luternauer   Alto (Vocal)
Patricia Lotscher   Alto (Vocal)
Martina Gruter   Alto (Vocal)
Nicole Granicher   Alto (Vocal)
Angela Fellmann   Alto (Vocal)
Lucia Di Giacomo   Alto (Vocal)
Martina Carroll-Zeder   Alto (Vocal)
Larissa Blum   Alto (Vocal)
Katia Abgottspon   Alto (Vocal)
Cornelia Studer   Soprano (Vocal)
Celine Stofer   Soprano (Vocal)
Anne-Catherine Schurmann   Soprano (Vocal)
Sarah Recchia   Soprano (Vocal)
Randi Malakatas   Soprano (Vocal)
Sandra Krummenacher   Soprano (Vocal)
Helen Kaufmann   Soprano (Vocal)
Andrea Jenni   Soprano (Vocal)
Silvia Imobersteg   Soprano (Vocal)
Anja Guntensperger   Soprano (Vocal)
Julia Graf   Soprano (Vocal)
Irena Georgii   Soprano (Vocal)
Aline Fankhauser   Soprano (Vocal)
Margarita Dellwig   Soprano (Vocal)
Alisha Daschler   Soprano (Vocal)
Dominique Schafer   Soprano (Vocal)
Maria Titova   Viola

Technical Credits

Lou Gramm   Composer
Mick Jones   Arranger,Composer,Liner Notes,Executive Producer
Crispin Cioe   Orchestration
Wyn Davis   Engineer
Marti Frederiksen   Composer
Bob Funk   Orchestration
Thom Gimbel   Arranger
Kelly Hansen   Composer
Jeff Pilson   Arranger,Producer,Orchestration
Greenwood   Composer
Joe Thomas   Executive Producer
Jim Survis   Guitar Techician
Arno Hecht   Orchestration
Stewart Young   Executive Producer
Dina Fanai   Choir Arrangement
Lorenzo Banda   Monitor Engineer
Hermann Schmidt   Arranger,Orchestration
Sam Frank   Producer
Dan Lastovka   Lighting Director
Brian J. Simon   Engineer
Dave Eggar   Arranger,Composer,Orchestration
Ernst van Tiel   Musical Director
Larry Etkin   Orchestration
Tony Maceli   Arranger,Orchestration,Notation
Skip Masters   Video Director
Mark Kuntz   Drum Technician
Chuck Palmer   Arranger,Composer,Orchestration
Kenneth Lampl   Arranger,Composer,Orchestration
Ed Fitzwater   Stage Manager
Pirmin Zängerle   Producer
Cris Lepurage   Guitar Techician
Patrick Mueller   Engineer
Phil Faconti   Arranger,Orchestration,Notation
Karsten Staiger   Art Direction
Vanessa Menkes   Director
Kirsten Axelholm Lampl   Orchestration,Notation

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