With Axe and Rifle: Large Print

With Axe and Rifle: Large Print

by William Henry Giles Kingston

Paperback(Large Print)

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With Axe and Rifle: Large Print
By William Henry Giles Kingston

Captain Loraine's farm in the Far West-Hot-headed young men-Our family-Uncle Denis taken sick-We set out to visit him-The corduroy road-A wayside hotel-Rough company-Appearance of the country-Crossing the ford at Green River-Nearly lost-A brave Negro-Gratitude of my parents-At Mr Silas Bracher's plantation-Diogenes-Mammy Coe-The slave-owner-My father endeavours to purchase the Negro-Slavery-Unexpected recovery of Dr O'Dowd's patient-A sportsman's ambition-Trapping-A rich prize-Something about turkeys-The wonderful Cave of Kentucky-Our return to Illinois.
Some time after the termination of the long war which England had waged in the cause of liberty when well-nigh all the world was up in arms against her, my father, Captain Patrick Loraine, having served for many years as a subaltern, believing that he should no longer find employment for his sword, sold out of the army, and with the proceeds of his commission in his pocket, quitting the old country, came to the United States in the hopes of making his fortune more rapidly than he could expect to do at home.

Finding that as a British officer he was looked upon with distrust in the Eastern States, he made his way westward until he finally located himself in Illinois on a fertile spot, sheltered on the north by a wide extent of forest, and overlooking that part of the river Ohio which separates the state from Kentucky. I remember even now the appearance of the country. On the eastern side was a range of hills of slight elevation, on one of which our house stood, while westward stretched away as far as the eye could reach, a vast plain, with the mighty Mississippi beyond. The scenery could boast of no great beauty except such as lofty trees, the prairie, with its varied tints of green and brown, yellow cornfields, rich meadows in the valleys, and the shining river in the distance, canopied by the blue vault of heaven, could give it. Still, it was my home, and as such I should have loved it, had it possessed even less pretensions to beauty.

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