Wishing on the Stars

Wishing on the Stars

by Darcy Gonzalez





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ISBN-13: 9781434341075
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 10/28/2007
Pages: 20
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Wishing on the Stars

By Darcy Gonzalez AuthorHouse Copyright © 2007 Darcy Gonzalez
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4343-4107-5

Chapter One Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Genevieve. She loved going to school. She loved to learn and she loved her teacher, Mrs. North.

There was just one problem. Genevieve was so shy, that she was afraid to talk to the other children. She had a very hard time making friends. She would watch the other kids play and laugh during lunch and recess, and wished she had a friend to play with too.

Sometimes she would walk up to a group of children playing, hoping they would notice her and ask her to join, but they never did. They just kept on playing without her. If only she had the courage to talk to them, maybe she would make a friend!!

Every night when she would go to bed, she would look up to the sky and wish upon the stars to bring her a friend. Even if it was only one friend, she would be so happy!

One morning as she was getting ready for school, she had an idea. She would pick a book from her shelf and take it to school with her. During lunch and recess she could read. She always loved books, and that way she would not be so bored and lonely.

So she went to her shelf and picked a book about wind. She gently put the book into her back pack and headed off for school.

When recess came, Genevieve grabbed the book out of her backpack and set off for a nice spot out on the grassy playground.

As she started to read her book about wind, a very strange thing happened. A gentle breeze started to blow, and slowly became stronger and stronger. The wind was getting so strong that the teachers had to get all the kids inside quickly. Genevieve slipped the book back into her back pack and thought nothing of the strange weather.

The wind continued through the day and the kids had to stay inside until school let out.

That night, Genevieve wished upon the stars again and went to sleep happy. Reading during recess had made her forget about her loneliness and she looked forward to her next book.

The next morning, Genevieve took another book off her shelf and slipped it into her backpack. This was a book about snow.

When recess came that day, Genevieve took her book of snow out of her backpack and ran out to her reading spot on the playground. As she began to read, another strange storm began. Only this time, it was a snow storm!!

All the teachers ran outside to bring the kids in once again. How strange that snow could be falling in May they all said!! Once again, the children had to stay inside for the rest of the day.

As Genevieve slipped her book into her back pack, she wondered if her books could be creating this strange weather, but shrugged it off. Of course her books couldn't be causing these strange things to happen!!

Genevieve was not sure if her books were causing these strange things to happen, but decided to pick a really special book to see if maybe her books had some sort of magic.

So the next morning, she decided to take a book about baby bunnies and see if maybe a baby bunny would appear on the playground.

As soon as recess came that day, Genevieve ran as fast as she could with her book of bunnies to her favorite reading spot. As she sat down, another little girl named Chloe came and sat down next to her. She told Genevieve she had noticed the books she had been reading and the strange things that were happening, and asked if she could read the books along with her.

Genevieve told her yes, and she swore Chloe to secrecy about the books.

Chloe was so excited to read with her! So the two girls sat side by side and began to read about baby bunnies. Oh the bunnies looked so cute in the book.

As the girls were reading, they heard the other kids laughing and screaming. They looked up to see baby bunnies of all colors running around everywhere! They were wonderful and beautiful! The girls jumped up and started chasing the baby bunnies along with the other kids.

What great fun!!! Genevieve had never been so happy in all her life! She had a friend to read with and they were having a wonderful time chasing the baby bunnies together!!

Again, the teachers ran outside and rushed all the kids into the classrooms!! They couldn't understand these strange happenings.

Genevieve slipped her book into her backpack and looked at Chloe. They had made a deal that they would not tell anyone about their secret. And everyday they would bring an exciting new book to school.

And every night she would look out her window and wish upon the stars. But now it was a different wish. Now she wished she and Chloe would be friends forever and that magical things would always happen for them.

Everyday for two weeks, the two girls would read books and amazing things would happen! They were having great fun and had become best friends.

Just as they were settling down to their favorite reading spot one day during recess, a very mean girl named Jessica walked up to them. She told them she knew what was going on and was going to tell on them unless they let her read with them.

The two girls didn't know what to do. They didn't want their secret to be found out, so they let Jessica sit down with them. They had brought a book about fairies and had been so excited to read it. But now they were just scared that someone else would find out about their secret.

The girls began to read the book about fairies and waited for fairies to appear. But as they read page after page, nothing seemed to happen. Jessica was getting very angry and told them to make the magic happen. She wanted to see some fairies!! But the fairies never did appear. They finished the book and put it down.

Jessica got very angry and began yelling at the girls to make fairies appear. The other kids on the playground gathered around to hear what all the fuss was about.

Genevieve and Chloe could not figure out why the fairies didn't appear, and told Jessica just that. She continued yelling at them until a teacher came and took her away to the principal's office.

The next day the girls brought a book about miniature ponies and settled in to read. Jessica was not allowed to go near the girls after the incident the day before, so the girls were very hopeful that the magic would happen once again. But as they read the book, nothing magical happened and recess continued as normal with kids playing.

Every day they brought a new book and hoped the magic would come back, but it never did.

The girls still continued to be best friends, and they would read together every day. Sometimes other kids would join them and Genevieve would have a group of friends around her.

She realized that her wishes upon the stars had come true. The stars had allowed magic to happen, and she made a friend from that magic.

When she no longer needed the magic, it had stopped. Genevieve was no longer so afraid to talk to other kids anymore. She found that the other kids in school had always liked her, but were afraid to talk to her too. They had thought maybe she didn't like them.

And every night, Genevieve would look up at the sky and thank the stars for all they had done for her.

It just goes to show, dreams and wishes do come true.


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