Winston Churchill: Leadership Lessons: The remarkable teachings from the Last Lion

Winston Churchill: Leadership Lessons: The remarkable teachings from the Last Lion

by Michael Winicott


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Discover the leadership lessons from Winston Churchill that can transform your life!

For a wide variety of reasons, Winston Churchill is one of the most fascinating figures of the recent past. His life so definitively embodies the process of becoming a great leader.

This book aims at teaching those interested in the subject of leadership learn some of the many lessons Churchill's life has to offer. It begins with a brief overview of the great man's life story, ranging from the aristocratic, but often challenging, circumstances of his birth and early life to the height of his power and his subsequent decline. It then explains ten especially significant lessons in leadership from that famous life, each springing from the circumstances of a particular stage of Churchill's development and his responses to them.

So are you ready to learn from the Winston Churchilĺs life? Are you interested in learning about leadership? And most importantly, are you ready to learn about life? All this and more in this fascinating book.

Here is a preview of what you will learn...

Turn Weakness into Strength
Leverage Every Tool
Bounce Back Quickly
Stand on Principle
Innovate to Challenge Conventional Wisdom
Regroup and Gain New Perspectives
Hold Steady Against Impossible Odds
Inspire Others to Do and Give More
Forge Relationships With Other Leaders
Live a Passionate, Well-Rounded Life

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I was born in Boston in 1970. After my MBA, I started a career in a large management consulting firm. After 15 years of helping Fortune 500 clients in the areas of Strategy, Operations and Business Development, I discovered my real calling: teaching what I've learned through hard earned experience to others who might use this knowledge to improve their lives.

I know from my own experience that life is a constant struggle to achieve the goals you have set for your life. You need all the resources you can get!. Self-improvement is the name of the game. The more you know, the more you can achieve. Remember that success is always a road paved with failures. We need to adjust and adapt to get through everyday life. You need to keep adding to your toolbox for the rest of your life!!

It is my sincere wish that my endeavors will help my readers to acquire resources for this long journey. If you have any ideas for books that might help you or others, Íd appreciate if you share those ideas with me. Please contact me at

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