Winning the Productivity Game: 201 Time-Saving Solutions to Work Smarter, Faster and Easier

Winning the Productivity Game: 201 Time-Saving Solutions to Work Smarter, Faster and Easier

by Greg Vetter


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Vetter's tips for victory in Winning the Productivity Game are succinct and easy to follow. Full of real-life examples, this is not your typical time management book. In a humorous and engaging style, Greg Vetter will challenge everything you think about productivity, and show why his radical approach is a game-changer.

These 201 time-saving tips will help you:

- Increase your work output, not your work time

- Find a significant amount of time to work on what's really important

- Enjoy immense freedom from the tyranny of the urgent

- Lessen time you spend on daily organization

- Have each day feel less stressful and more rewarding

Getting and staying organized can feel like a game that is rigged against you. For over 25 years, Greg Vetter has helped workers in all areas learn how to process the overload of information, and how to produce critical results which lead to promotions, increased revenue, and more personal time.

With small changes come big results!

The practices you have used to get you where you are today are not sufficient to take you to the level you could achieve, nor will they be sufficient for you to handle the onslaught of information when it doubles in the near future.

With small changes come big results - this book is for you if you are ready to quickly adopt new, simple, and proven work habits that will produce results that you've never before believed you could achieve.

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ISBN-13: 9780979907111
Publisher: Greg Vetter
Publication date: 04/22/2016
Pages: 178
Product dimensions: 5.25(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.38(d)

About the Author

Greg Vetter is President of Vetter Productivity, an organizational training and consulting firm founded in Atlanta in 1989 and author of the book, Find It In 5 Seconds-Gaining Control In The Information Age.

Greg creates systems and work processes that allow you to work smarter, faster and more efficiently-that is, produce more in less time and with less stress. More importantly, he gives you back control of your work life. He does this through speeches, workshops, executive focus coaching, consulting, and licensing his organizational system, A Vetter Way®.

Greg's services differ from those of the typical time-management company. He doesn't fall for the easy answer, but searches for the motivation behind why people do what they do. Feeling overwhelmed or out of control, drowning in clutter, and reacting constantly to interruptions are symptoms, not causes, of deeper psychological issues. By resolving these issues, people are free to work at their peak capacity.

Greg has created many systems and work processes including space and design layout for a printing company; streamlining the workflow and storage system for chemists in a lab for Coca-Cola; creating a location shoot work flow system for a CNN producer, and standardizing a company's entire information system.

Greg studied Psychology and was graduated from the University of Dubuque. From boyhood on, he grew up and worked in his family's construction business. He worked in various psychology-related positions before entering the restaurant industry. He started and operated his own restaurant and catering business in Atlanta. As a District Sales Manager in the telecommunications industry, he developed and ran a $36 million sales territory where his sales representatives were consistently ranked in the top ten nationally.

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