Wild Ones

Wild Ones

by Flo RidaFlo Rida


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There's no doubt that by Wild Ones' 2012 release, pop-rapper Flo Rida had become a "singles artist," one who soars high in the three- to four-minute format. Give him thin but clever ideas -- that acoustic guitar riffs might sound fun with hip-hop beats or that whistling also looks like oral sex -- and you get hot, infectious fluff, the hottest of which here is "Whistle," a DJ Frank E production that might have been handed to Kesha, Katy Perry, or even Maroon 5, although Flo Rida does it much justice, reviving a come-on that goes back to Lauren Bacall and putting a couple energy drinks' worth of power behind it. The title cut with Sia is close to Katy Perry's "Fireworks" but crafted to support a sports highlight reel instead of teenage dreams, and then there's the Etta James-sampling "Good Feeling" with producers Dr. Luke and Avicii replacing David Guetta from the previous album and offering that urban-pop glitter-flash that should make purists scream and the Black Eyed Peas jealous. Speaking of the previous album (2010's Only One Flo, Pt. 1), this is also a short, almost EP-length album that comes with nine tracks in its standard version and with no full-length flow, and while it was originally titled Only One Rida, Pt. 2 and designed as some kind of sequel, continuity doesn't matter in this pop-rap-urban-dance landscape, as this genre is as "in the moment" as it comes. Wild Ones would be dragged down by any tacked-on sense of purpose, and thinking of Flo Rida as equal parts thrill seeker and hitmaker is easy as the album races to its absolutely silly, LMFAO-featuring finish. It's gimmicky, lightweight, and best taken in small chunks, but get a glitter-friendly crowd together and it gets the party started, succeeding at its one and only goal.

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Release Date: 07/03/2012
Label: Atlantic
UPC: 0075678833403
catalogNumber: 526672

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Flo Rida   Primary Artist
David Glass   Guitar
Antonio Mobley   Background Vocals
Julie Frost   Vocals
Pierre Medor   Keyboards
Audra Mae   Vocals
DJ Frank E   Synthesizer,Drums,Keyboards
Candice Boyd   Background Vocals
Breyan Isaac   Background Vocals
Georgi Kay   Vocals
Trent Mazur   Guitar,Keyboards
Mike Freesh   Bass,Drums
Yoan "Odd Fellow" Chirescu   Guitar

Technical Credits

Etta James   Composer
Earl King   Composer
Brenda Russell   Composer
Scott Cutler   Composer
Stefan Gordy   Composer
Leroy Kirkland   Composer
Kuk Harrell   Vocal Producer
David Glass   Composer,Producer,Engineer
Susan Blond   Publicity
Pearl Woods   Composer
Mike Caren   Composer,Producer
Axwell   Producer,drum programming,Instrumentation,Additional Production
Emily Wright   Engineer,Vocal Producer
Sia   Composer
Antonio Mobley   Composer
Luke   Programming,Producer,Instrumentation
John Hanes   Engineer
Ivan Gough   Composer,Producer
Rob Kleiner   Engineer
Julie Frost   Composer
Pierre Medor   Composer,Producer
Marcus Killian   Composer
Eric "E Class" Prince   Executive Producer
Fernando Watson   Marketing
Rico Love   Composer,Producer
Nico Hartikainen   Engineer
Carolyn Tracey   Package Production
Flo Rida   Executive Producer
Nick Bilardello   Art Direction
Catharine McNelly   Publicity
Joshua Skubel   Package Production
Josh Gudwin   Engineer
Maarten Hoogstraten   Producer
John Armstrong   Engineer
James Vallance   Composer
Ahmad Lewis   Composer
Futuristics   Programming,Producer,Instrumentation
Tramar Dillard   Composer
Lee "Freezy" Prince   Executive Producer,Management
Chris "Tek" O'Ryan   Engineer
DJ Frank E   Producer,Additional Production,Whistle
Paul Bäumer   Producer
Tim Bergling   Composer,Vocal Arrangements
Thurston McCrea   Engineer
Justin Franks   Composer
Alex Schwartz   Composer
Marcus Cooper   Composer
Pierre-Antoine Melki   Composer
Goonrock   Producer
Ash Pournouri   Vocal Arrangements
Jacob Lutrell   Composer,Vocal Producer
Earl Hood   Composer,drum programming
Eric Goudy   Composer,drum programming
J.P. "The Specialist" Negrete   Engineer
Nick Carcaterra   Publicity
Arash Pournouri   Composer
Raphael Judrin   Composer
Lukasz Gottwald   Composer
Breyan Isaac   Composer
Feenixpawl   Producer
Ben Maddahi   Composer
Jamahl Listenbee   Composer
Joe Khajadourian   Composer
Cirkut   Programming,Producer,Instrumentation
Rob Gold   Art Manager
Georgi Kay   Composer
Josh Soon   Composer
Aden Forte   Composer
SoFLY   Producer
Axel Hedford   Composer
Tyler Acord   Engineer
Michele Cranford   Marketing
Juletha Daniels   Composer
Jonita Daniels   Composer
Jeffrey Hull   Composer
Elora Mason   Publicity
Diannee Harper   Marketing
Henry Walter   Composer

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