Widows' Revenge

Widows' Revenge

by Lynda La Plante


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Against all the odds, Dolly Rawlins and her gangland widows managed the impossible: a heist their husbands had failed to pull off - at the cost of their lives.

But though they may be in the money, they're far from easy street.

Shocked by her husband's betrayal, Dolly discovers Harry Rawlins isn't dead. He knows where the four women are and he wants them to pay. And he doesn't just mean getting his hands on the money.

The women can't keep running. They have to get Harry out of their lives for good. But can they outwit a criminal mastermind who won't hesitate to kill?

Especially when one of them has a plan of her own ... to kill or be killed.

The sequel to Lynda La Plante's groundbreaking thriller, Widows - now a major motion picture.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781499862287
Publisher: Bonnier Zaffre
Publication date: 09/17/2019
Series: Widows Series
Pages: 304
Sales rank: 508,505
Product dimensions: 5.25(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Lynda La Plante was born in Liverpool. She trained for the stage at Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts and worked with the National Theatre and Radio Drama Company before becoming a television actress. She then turned to writing - and made her breakthrough with the phenomenally successful TV series Widows. Her novels have all been international bestsellers.
Her original script for the much-acclaimed Prime Suspect won awards from BAFTA, Emmys, British Broadcasting and Royal Television Society as well as the 1993 Edgar Allan Poe Writer's Award. Lynda has written and produced over 170 hours of international television. Tennison was adapted for TV and was broadcast on PBS in 2017. Lynda is one of only three screenwriters to have been made honorary fellow of the British Film Institute and was awarded the BAFTA Dennis Potter Writer's Award in 2000. In 2008, she was awarded a CBE in the Queen's Birthday Honours List for services to Literature, Drama and Charity. She is a member of The Crime Thriller Awards Hall of Fame and is the only lay person to be made a fellow of The Forensic Science Society.

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Widows' Revenge 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 16 reviews.
Anonymous 6 months ago
The cast of characters from Lynda LaPlante's first book are back to keep their fan club happy. After following them through their many actions and reactions in her first book, you'd expect them to get a little time off in this one. You'd be wrong. The crew has heard some rumors that maybe not all of their husbands died in the last book. They must set a trap to find out and do what it takes to keep their hard earned money. I loved the first book. I loved this book. When is the next one and what will they be up to next?
WeezieL 6 months ago
The widows are back! Won Hardcover ARC from BookishFirst.com! I still haven't watched the 2018 movie but I plan to soon, I've got it queued to DVR. I enjoyed the first book and am glad there's a true sequel out! The widows are back and things are getting sticky. Well, I guess they aren't all widows...anymore... You are thrown right back into the chaos that ended the first book. The stakes have gotten so much higher. Can Dolly, Bella, Shirley, and Linda handle them? Things start falling apart for the ladies and it’s up to Dolly, as the eldest and leader, to fix it. But can she? Can she ever let go of Harry even after all he’s done? Can she easily let go of twenty years of marriage? There’s a lot going on in this book and it bounces around a lot. New faces, old faces, they quickly pass by. But there's still action, drama, and thrills to go around.
Donna172 11 months ago
Plenty of Action! I was unfamiliar with the prequel of The Widow’s Revenge so it took me a little while in order to figure out the relationships between all of the characters. Once I was able to keep them all straight, the plot moved along quickly. The quick moving, unpredictable plot was the strengtth of this novel. Each chapter moved from setting to setting which intertwined the characters so the reader knew what was going on with them at almost every moment. The reader was able to know things even before some of the characters! I rated this book three stars due to the fact that I never became deeply engaged with any of the characters. I feel that the characters weren’t developed very well and quite honestly, they were all rather unlikeable people. Of course that might be entirely why the author chose to write the story this way. If you like books that have plenty of action with a twisty turny plot, you’ll love this one! Thank you to #bookishfirst and #zaffre for the ARC!
YourDreamComeTrue More than 1 year ago
I've been exposed to a lot of Lynda la Plante's work over the last year, and let me just tell you that she never disappoints you, providing you with a fantastic story each an every time. I read Widows last year, and with an Ocean's 8 feel to it, it really captures you from the start. This sequel was no different and was certainly a satisfying follow-up to her previous novel, Widows. The characters here came to life, once again, and the following installment, and it's like you never left the first book at all. Lynda la Plante's writing has a way of sweeping her readers off their feet and into the story at hand, not allowing them to come up from the story's world until the last page is read, which is always the goal.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Action galore! Widows' Revenge is filled with suspense and action. The main character, Dolly, had pulled off a successful revenge heist against Harry, a husband Dolly thought had died. Harry is a hardened criminal who has faked his own death in order to disappear with the haul from his last big score along with a mistress and their baby. This book picks up with Harry pursuing Dolly and her "gang" of three women partners as they attempt to retrieve the hidden loot and stay out of Harry's deadly clutches. I had not read Widows' Revenge first book, Widows, but the narrative of the second book explained enough so that Widows' Revenge was easy for me to follow. There are heroes and heroines in Widows' Revenge, not all of them likable. There are a lot of ordinary, well intentioned characters in this book who make tragic choices, so don't plan on this being a light read. The narrative can get rather dark, which also makes this such a suspenseful book. Widows' Revenge is a fantastic book to read if you're looking for fast moving narrative and flawed characters.
Belle Aurora More than 1 year ago
I loved the first book. Many twists and turns, action, deaths and you still get this in the second book. I love that the women here are actually strong, independent female leads and how they fight back to keep what they earned from the first book. Widows' Revenge continues where the first book left off and the widows are now facing possibly losing what they worked so hard to take. More drama, scenes that just grab you and suspense keeps you glued to the story. The only thing that did get me a little down was the ending. When it comes to sequels, how it ends usually leaves me in the middle of whether I'll be happy with it or not. It was not a bad ending but not how I thought it would go. If you are a fan of the first book, I think you will be happy with this one.
sweetbabyjane More than 1 year ago
Thanks to Bookishfirst.com for this ARC. I'm sorry to say I could not finish this book. I wanted to love it or even like it since I enjoyed the first one Widows which I also won on here. You definitely have to read the first one which really explained the characters of Linda, Dolly, Bella and Shirley. This one vaguely discussed the first book in the introduction. This didn't pan out to be the best sequels that I've read. I barely got to page 100 and skimmed through it and then finally gave up and read the epilogue and wasn't surprised to see that it ended exactly the way I thought it would. I didn't care about the characters while reading this book and didn't put enough emphasis enough in the beginning of the women.
JeanK More than 1 year ago
Lynda LaPlante continues the story of four very different women who were introduced in Widows. Dolly, Linda and Shirley were widowed when their husbands were involved in a heist that went wrong. They recruit Bella when they decide to complete what their husbands started. A major problem arises when they discover that Dolly’s husband Harry is alive and he is now looking for them. From Rio to London, the women keep one step ahead of Harry. An attempt to buy him off ends in the death of one of the women and Dolly knows that they must find a more permanent solution. When they discover that Harry is planning another heist it may be the opportunity that they are looking for. Even though they worked together to commit the heist, they are now distrustful and often resent Dolly, who took charge of the money until it could be laundered. Harry’s return adds to the frayed nerves and bickering but they must once again work together to succeed against Harry. While this is a follow-up to Widows, the book opens with a synopsis of the first book that allows readers who have not read the first book to jump right in to this story. Harry is pure evil and the interactions between the women occasionally becomes grating but I found myself rooting for them to succeed. I would like to thank Bookish First for providing a copy o this book for my review.
Bookapotamus More than 1 year ago
I should start this by saying I definitely think you HAVE to read The Widows first, before reading this. There are a lot of things that you need/should know and I think this isn't one of those books that works well as a standalone. Thank goodness i DID read the first one! I liked dropping right back in on the ladies, sunning in Rio, enjoying their spoils and riches from the first book. But now, someone wants what they have and they're on the move again! I loved how we got to know the characters even more, and we got to follow our favorites and see how they mature and progress as a 'team'. There are a lot of fun and funny moments and it is chock full of twists and turns. Not AS good as the first one, but I still enjoyed it!
conni7 More than 1 year ago
This is the second book in the Widow’s series. In order to truly understand all the events that are happening in this story, I feel you really need to read the first book. The Widows are back and out to eliminate someone who wants the money they grabbed during a well planned robbery. After a nice beginning, while relaxing in Rio, it’s time to ensure they keep the money they acquired. There is some character development on the part of Dolly, who was the original ringleader. She’s starting to care about the other members of her team, and it shows. Dolly isn’t quite as bossy in this book. The author also showed us a softer, damaged side to Linda who was very brash in the first book. Shirley is naïve, and that causes problems for her, and the last character, Bella goes from standoffish and bossy to soft and caring. Overall the book was pretty good; although once again, I could do without all the swearing dishonoring God and the sex scenes that don’t add a thing .
gabizago More than 1 year ago
I have a problem with sequels. Usually when a book ends I imagine what would happen with the characters, and when there's a sequel, most of the time it is not what I imagined that would happen. This is the case with Widows' Revenge. The book is not bad. It tells the story of what happened to our beloved widows after the events from the first book. It is full of plot twists, and scenes that will make you gasp. But it's just not what I was expecting, and somehow I can't avoid being just a little bit frustrated. Not a bad book at all, lots of suspense, crime, and deaths to get you entertained. And it is interesting to learn what happens next. I guess I was kind of expecting a happy ending after the first book and somehow it is not exactly what happens - but you will have to read the book to find out what happens. I received an advance reader's copy via BookishFirst.
LisaB95 More than 1 year ago
**I received a copy from BookishFirst and the author/publisher** Imagine your husband was killed and later on after grieving, you discover he is actually still alive and has another woman. But wait, it gets worse! This other woman has had his child! This is what happened to the heroine in this book. But boy was she gutsy. After a heist in the first book in the series, the heroine sets out to clean her husband’s bank account out. I loved the moment he finds out. The characters are all so wonderful in this series. She has some awesome friends. I was hanging on by the seat of my pants all through the book. I don’t know who I was more afraid for, the heroine getting caught by her husband or the husband getting what was coming to him.
KimPr More than 1 year ago
Linda La Plante has done it again! Lynda LaPlante picks of the story of Dolly, Bella, Linda and Shirley where she left off, them escaping to Rio. It seems as though each of the widows has made plans to move on with their life. Dolly plans to change her looks. Linda plans to pursue her dreams to become a model/actress. Bella plans to marry the man of her dreams. Well, Linda is hopeless, helpless and lonely. She has no plans and just wants someone to care for her. What could possibly go wrong you ask. Well Harry has also made plans. After he finds out Dolly has taken everything they owned and all his money, he makes plans to find her and make her pay. So Harry methodically links up with people who help him track down two of the girls to get some of his money back; however, they escape. The widows all meet back up and now they need to figure out how to get rid of Harry once and for all. Can they do it? Well you'll just have to read the novel to find out!
WordPassion More than 1 year ago
After grieving the deaths of their respective spouses, Dolly, Bella and Linda are shocked and bereft. Until Dolly discovers that her husband Harry is actually still alive and looks like he has both new plans for another huge heist and to run off with another woman who has born his child. Dolly's no dummy......she and the girls take off with what they can and live in Rio temporarily while Dolly cleans out Harry's bank accounts there and plans revenge on him. Returning to London, all three move about cautiously, aware that no-one other than themselves knows that Harry is still alive and will be furious about his wife's cleaning him out and taking off with the loot from the heist. Feelings run high for all the women as they try to quietly navigate the underworld to stop Harry's next big plan and try to get him arrested. Tragedy strikes both emotionally and physically but in the end, Harry is the one most suprised by the outcome. Reads already like a bulked up screenplay and would not at all be surprised to see this follow "Widows", currently already out in movie form!
vickeyu More than 1 year ago
What A Bunch Of Gutsy Women! I had not read Widows so I wasn't sure if I could pick up the story line. A short little review at the beginning caught me up on everything I needed to know. I really enjoyed following the four widows into their plan of revenge. Each lady added depth and uniqueness to the adventure. These are the kind of women that we all want to be like; self-sufficient, smart, up for an adventure and always looking out for themselves. I was holding my breath more than once to see if the girls got away with the revenge plot and was sad when the ending wasn't quite what I hoped it would be. I think the author has a great knack for creating a story-line that can continue and also carry over to the movie screen. This was a great escape read!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Widows' Revenge is the sequel to Widows. And boy it doesn't let you down! It picks up after the four women do the impossible, pulling off a raid. While they think they got away, they have no idea on what's going to come after them. Dolly's husband, Harry, who was presumed dead is alive and he's wanting what Dolly and these women have taken from him. Traveling across the country, violence, stalking, whatever he needs to do to get what is his! Dolly knows that not only is it about the money from the raid but also how personal it is! These four women have all the odds stacked against them! I could not get enough! Crimes, violence, heartbreak, and death will keep you up. Once you think the rollercoaster is about to stop, BAM, she serves you up with a new twist! Lynda La Plante is definitely the Queen of Crime Drama!