by Lynda La Plante


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Before PRIME SUSPECT there was WIDOWS . . . Facing life alone, they turned to crime together. Dolly Rawlins, Linda Pirelli and Shirley Miller are left devastated when their husbands are killed in a security van heist that goes disastrously wrong. When Dolly discovers her husband Harry's bank deposit box, containing a gun, money - and detailed plans for the hijack - she realises that she only has three options: 1. Give up and forget she ever found them; 2. Hand over Harry's ledgers to the police, or to the thugs that have been hassling her for information they think she has; 3. She and the other widows could carry out the robbery themselves Novices in the craft of crime, the three women make their preparations. Along the way they discover that Harry's plan required four people, not three. But only three bodies were discovered in the carnage of the original hijack - so who was the fourth man, and where is he now? Recruiting hooker Bella O'Reilly as their fourth, the widows are determined to execute their plan. Facing mounting pressure from DI Resnick, and local thugs Arnie and Tony Fisher, can they stick together and finish the job their husbands started . . .

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ISBN-13: 9781499861556
Publisher: Zaffre
Publication date: 06/05/2018
Series: Widows Series , #1
Pages: 432
Sales rank: 136,850
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.10(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Lynda La Plante was born in Liverpool. She trained for the stage at Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts and worked with the National Theatre and Radio Drama Company before becoming a television actress. She then turned to writing - and made her breakthrough with the phenomenally successful TV series Widows. Her novels have all been international bestsellers.
Her original script for the much-acclaimed Prime Suspect won awards from BAFTA, Emmys, British Broadcasting and Royal Television Society as well as the 1993 Edgar Allan Poe Writer's Award. Lynda has written and produced over 170 hours of international television. Tennison was adapted for TV and was broadcast on PBS in 2017. Lynda is one of only three screenwriters to have been made honorary fellow of the British Film Institute and was awarded the BAFTA Dennis Potter Writer's Award in 2000. In 2008, she was awarded a CBE in the Queen's Birthday Honours List for services to Literature, Drama and Charity. She is a member of The Crime Thriller Awards Hall of Fame and is the only lay person to be made a fellow of The Forensic Science Society.

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Widows 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 27 reviews.
Kristie5 3 months ago
3.5 stars. Overall, I liked the concept of Widows by Lynda la Plante, but it didn't quite get there for me. The book jumped around quite a bit, which I usually don't mind, but in this story it was a little hard to follow. This book is about a robbery gone wrong that leaves three women widows. These very different women are brought together by Dolly, the main character, where they make the decision to pick up where their husbands left off and turn to a life of crime. For the most part, I enjoyed this novel and would recommend, the concept is great, the cover is beautiful and the story was good.
sweetbabyjane 10 months ago
Not only did I find the cover of this book intriguing, the book intrigued me too. I can see why this is becoming a major motion picture. I'd definitely see it. Not sure who will play who but nonetheless, it'll be an interesting cast. These women were total opposites in every way but they came together to pull off a heist that I didn't think would happen. Dolly was such a strong woman and Shirley, Bella and Linda became strong women throughout the book that's for sure. So much going on in this book but it was easy to keep track of it since it all blended together. I've never read Lynda La Plante's books before but now I found a new author to enjoy. I'm sure her others are just as mysterious as Widows was. I would love to read a sequel to see what happens in the future with these ladies and what happens to the rest of the "bad guys."
Anonymous 11 months ago
Thelma and Loiuse meets Bonnie and Clyde! 3 women recently widowed, turn to each other to finish an armed robbery that had gone horribly wrong for their deceased husbands! 3 women who while still grieving, have to turn their focus on survival! Only to find out that there had to be a fourth man involved. So who was this fourth man? Where did he go? Dolly, the ringleader, starts planning and putting things together. Can they pull this off now that Dolly has added a fourth woman? Can they be criminals? Can they pull off this heist? Can 4 women who have nothing in common minus their husband's death become, build trust and a friendship? A truly gripping book full of crime and violence, that will keep you on the edge of your seat! 4 badass women trying to survive against the odds!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I only stuck with this one because I plan to see the movie version. It has some of my favorite actresses. I don't enjoy the pace of this book. It's too low to be marketed as a mystery or a thriller. And there are so many side plots and added characters that I got confused far more than I usually do with books. As an American, I also was confused by a lot of the slang. Since I wasn't reading this on a Kindle, I couldn't just hold down a word and find the definition. I liked the character development of each widow. The author set out a very clear personality for each. I love that Dolly took the lead, just as her husband had done when he led his crew. There are also a lot of laughs in this book, like when one of the widows by sexy, tailored overalls to pull off a heist. This book isn't bad, but it was a struggle to get through.
WeezieL More than 1 year ago
I was confused about this book but did some research. It looks like this book was written in 1985, based on a British miniseries that aired in 1983. The book has been re-released in anticipation of the upcoming movie (November 2018), directed by Steve McQueen (not that one) and screenplay written by McQueen and Gillian Flynn. It was very enjoyable. It's based in 1980's England so there were words I was unfamiliar with, gangster slang of the 80's. Like "grassed." "She grassed him at the police station." Like she was telling on him. There were a couple of other words but I can't recall them at the moment. The women were fascinating and had their own strengths and weaknesses. I liked the twist, even though I saw it coming. And I would love a real sequel!! I think the "official" sequels are just novelizations of the miniseries? Not quite sure. And I want to get my hands on the 1983 miniseries!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Love Lynda La Plante!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
wheres_my_bookmark More than 1 year ago
Not the book for me. While the premise of this book was unique, the writing style was just not for me. I am looking forward to the movie version of this that is coming out soon, because I think this might be one of the few stories that is better on the screen than as a book. We open on a 1980's armed robbery gone wrong, leaving three of the four robbers dead. Then we are introduced to each of their widows: Dolly, Shirley, and Linda. Dolly's husband Harry was a powerful organized crime boss, and leaves behind the means for Dolly and the other widows to recreate the failed robbery. While each of the characters were believable, none of them were easy to love. Dolly is sharp as a whip and makes a formidable, sometimes unforgiving boss. The character development, along with the plot in general, move at an incredibly slow pace. To the extent that it was hard for me to push through to the next chapter at times because, while the plot was good, it had no sense of urgency and I felt a bit bored. Once we got to know the characters better, they often remained static, not developing beyond who we are originally introduced to in the first hundred pages of the book. I think part of the reason the writing style falls so flat is that Widows was first a TV series in the 1980s, then the first season of the show was adapted into this novel. And it really does read as if someone struggled to turn a script and stage directions into a book, or as if someone is standing in the other room, relaying back to you everything that's going on while they watch the TV show. I know this may be an unpopular opinion, especially because so many of Lynda La Plante's other novels are really well loved, but this was just not the book for me.
moohnshine More than 1 year ago
In this book you have Dolly Rawlins whose husband along with two other men die in a heist gone wrong.  As Dolly grieves the loss of her husband, she finds instructions on the heist and decides to pull off what he could not.  She then enlists the help of the other husband's widows.  As the story goes on the plot thickens and things are definitely not what they seem.  With witnesses turning up dead and the police closing in, things start to get a bit dangerous for the women.  Can they pull of the heist?  Or will one of them end up hurt or worse...dead? Wow!  This book threw me for a loop.  I am excited to see the movie now.  I hope it does the book justice.  Lynda La Plante is a crime novel goddess.  I absolutely loved this book.  The concept of women pulling off a caper like this was just awesome.  I like seeing women in a strong character role and this book has that.  These women pull themselves out of the depth of  their grief and pull of this huge heist.  It is crazy. This book is a highly entertaining thriller with plenty of twists to make you go "WTF!  I did not see that coming".  But in pure Lynda fashion there are plenty of tiny crumbs to follow along the way to help you figure out the who done it.  I am excited to read another one, since Lynda left this one open for more.  What is next for these daring women?
KimPr More than 1 year ago
Lynda La Plante does an excellent job of drawing you into her characters. I both loved and hated Dolly until the very end of the book. I felt this book also tells the story of women and how relational they can be. It also shows the "catty" side. I rooted for these women and their steadfastness and courage to pull of the ultimate heist. When Bella joined their ranks, it was amazing how she added the exact balance the women needed and she wasn't bad at handling Dolly either. Harry turned out to be a jerk but I won't spoil the ending but let's just say, he got what he deserved. Arnie and Tony Fisher are just plain mean. I didn't expect to learn what I did about them and I was pleasantly surprised to see how the girls outsmarted them too. Read the book and I think it will be worth it!
ReadingCornerforAll More than 1 year ago
This was a really fast paced novel that has readers flipping the pages with eager anticipation. The lives of Dolly Rawlins, Linda Pirelli and Shirley Miller forever change after the deaths of their husbands when a heist goes wrong. One day, Dolly finds her husbands plans for a heist. However, this plan was meant to have four people to execute correctly, so Dolly enlists the help of Linda, Shirley, and Bella to continue what was started. I really enjoyed reading the different personalities of the women and their relationship dynamics as they pull of something that is typically deemed uncharacteristic for women. These were strong, willful, and resourceful characters that are unafraid to take their lives into their own hands and make their way to your bookshelf.
Kainesmama More than 1 year ago
This is a very British crime caper book and I could see the movie spool n front of me as I read it. The caper needs a mastermind, who plans the job and brings in the other crew members. In this caper, something went wrong and three of the four men died. There is some classic misdirection here, but we see it reflected when the widows of the three dead men try their hands at the crime. How's that? It seems our mastermind wrote everything down in a ledger. Everybody is after the ledgers. The Mastermind's widow has the ledgers. She doesn't see any reason why the widows can't do the caper and, thereby secure their futures, since their dead husbands didn't leave much in the way of money behind. The fun in the book is watching these women work together and against each other. As with most caper stories, it's one step forward and two steps back until the day of the crime. Will they succeed? Will someone watching them step in and snatch victory from them? Will the police catch anybody? Read it to see. I received my copy of this book from BookishFirst.
angnay01 More than 1 year ago
Three women lose their husbands during a robbery attempt. Using information given to Dolly about their husbands plans, the women come together to finish what their husbands started. They realize the plans call for four people so they bring in a hooker as their fourth person. I enjoyed the different characters. Each of the women had their own personality which brings some disagreements along the way. Not only were detectives trying to stop them, there were also other mobsters trying to get the information they had. The ending was a surprise. I enjoyed the book. I received the book for free from BookishFirst for my honest opinion.
gabizago More than 1 year ago
A Lynda La Plante book in which a female group of widows plans the heist of the year in London? Count me in! I’ve read other books by the author before. This is not the best, but definitely one with one of the most interesting plots. Dolly, Shirley, and Linda lost their husbands on a failed robbery attempt. Dolly finds all the plans and ledgers for the robbery and decides to invite the other widows to go ahead and complete the robbery. In the process, they find out that the robbery plan needed a fourth person to be completed. You get a little of everything in this book. You get strong female characters. You get police chase. You get bad buys doubting that the ladies could be possibly thinking about doing something. It’s a great story that will get you hooked from beginning to end.
gabizago More than 1 year ago
A Lynda La Plante book in which a female group of widows plans the heist of the year in London? Count me in! I’ve read other books by the author before. This is not the best, but definitely one with one of the most interesting plots. Dolly, Shirley, and Linda lost their husbands on a failed robbery attempt. Dolly finds all the plans and ledgers for the robbery and decides to invite the other widows to go ahead and complete the robbery. In the process, they find out that the robbery plan needed a fourth person to be completed. You get a little of everything in this book. You get strong female characters. You get police chase. You get bad buys doubting that the ladies could be possibly thinking about doing something. It’s a great story that will get you hooked from beginning to end.
Lisa D. More than 1 year ago
This is my first time reading a book by Lynda La Plante and, I'm telling you, Widows does not disappoint! This is one of the most intense crime thrillers I've read in a long time. Widows is what happens after a planned out heist goes horribly wrong, resulting in a group of widows from various backgrounds attempting to finish what their husbands could not. I promise you, Dolly Rawlins, widow of the heist leader, Harry Rawlins, gets on my ever loving nerves. Linda, and Shirley work as the sidekicks under Dolly, but I truly questioned who was the mastermind in the new heist. Can't leave out the detectives trying to find answers and stop the women. Resnick is washed out as a veteran detective trying to seek revenge on Harry Rawlins for making a fool out of him; but Resnick seems to do that without assistance. Widows has plenty of twists and turns. I can't wait for the movie later.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Widows kicks off with a botched armed truck robbery that leaves three men dead. The men leave behind their wives who have to deal with their sudden death. Dolly, the ring leaders wife discovers his ledgers that include names and plans for every crime he has committed and plans he had yet to execute. Included in the ledger is the plans that left him dead. Dolly decides that she wants to try her own hand at the robbery so she gathers the other wives and together they plan to succeed where their husbands left off while also dealing with the police and other criminals who want the ledgers so they can take over and will stop at nothing to get them. I like that this book focuses on a group of vastly different women who decide to turn to a life of crime. With these women being so different its very interesting to see how they interact and deal with working together. Most of the time it is very fast paced but there are some moments that drag on for a little bit and some of the conversations seem repetitive. The writing style was also not my favorite. A paragraph would be going one direction and then the next one the character was doing something completely different so it was a little jarring at times.
YourDreamComeTrue More than 1 year ago
I loved just about every bit of this book. I mainly wanted to read it because it is soon to be a motion picture, and with its premise, it certainly was intriguing to say the very least. This story reminds me of the soon to be released movie, Ocean's 8. While the plots are wildly different, they both bare the same basics - a team of women pulling off a heist. The whole mystery of "where's the 4th man" captured my attention, and this book was wild from start to finish. Lynda La Plante certainly has a way with her writing, and it shows in this book. She's been awarded for screenwriting before, and you can tell she has the art few possess of showing instead of telling. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, the story and the writing, immensely.
conni7 More than 1 year ago
This author’s name has been popping up in places where I read book reviews, and I decided to give one of her books a try. Because of the subject, I didn’t know how serious the book would be. I wondered if the women would pull of a well-executed robbery or make a lot of humorous mistakes. It does fall on the serious side. I’ve read books in the past that led the reader to root for the thieves, but this book was a toss-up. While the main detective was a complete jerk, I felt sorry for him, and at times hoped he would solve the crime. Throughout the book, I got to know the characters due to the author’s detailed writing. I can’t say any of them were people I would have wanted to be friends with; however, many of them grew on me a bit as the book went on. There were three main characters all female: one was very bossy and kept saying she wanted to take care of the other two, but her actions only showed she cared about herself; the second one was brash and said whatever came to mind, and the last one seemed like a naïve, people pleaser. A good bit of the book takes place in the seedy side of town with strip clubs and bad guys which makes it seem somewhat depressing and dreary at times. There is a good bit of profanity that I wish the people who wrote these books would leave out. It also has sex scenes, because what writer wouldn’t throw a few of those in? One of the female characters has sex with a stranger mere days after her husband dies! The ending was a bit of a surprise, and I thought the book was neatly wrapped up by the last page.