Wicked Games

Wicked Games

by Sean Olin

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Tainted love. Sexy secrets. A chilling revenge plot. It's all here in Wicked Games by Sean Olin, the first in a psychologically charged, suspenseful series set in a picturesque coastal Florida town called Dream Point, where dangerous mind games are played with abandon.

Lilah has spent the last four years by her boyfriend Carter's side, and everyone thinks their relationship is rock solid. But behind closed doors, things are beginning to crumble. Just as Lilah's intensifying mood swings are making Carter think about distancing himself from her, another girl enters the picture. Jules is beautiful, funny, smart, and artistic. Carter can't help but fall under her spell. But one stolen night of passion has consequences they could never imagine.

Fans of books packed with drama and doomed romance, like The Lying Game and Perfect Chemistry, will immediately be hooked by Wicked Games.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780062192394
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date: 06/10/2014
Series: Wicked Games , #1
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 368
Sales rank: 1,042,208
File size: 779 KB
Age Range: 14 Years

About the Author

Sean Olin is the author of Wicked Games, Brother/Sister, and Killing Britney. He lives in New York City but summers in a beach town that inspired the setting of the Wicked Games series.

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Wicked Games 3.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Dazzlamb More than 1 year ago
Carter and Lilah are the perfect couple. Until Carter falls in love with another girl and the wrath of Lilah is unleashed. At first I got excited that something bad was about to happen. It's like that gleeful feeling in movies when you are about to witness mean girls...well, being mean (but you know their ways won't work in the end). The first few pages you fall in love with the image of the perfect couple that are Lilah and Carter and the way they got to know each other. Then it fast goes downhill, your sympathy for them and the desire to learn more about their wicked thoughts, too. I admit, their fights offered a kind of cheap enjoyment at first. Unfortunately, it didn't take long for the story to get a psychotic and monotone feel to it. Sean Olin's characters hurt each other, they don't have empathy and have no idea what's going on in their minds and lives. So why would I want to invest any time in their relationships and finding a soluation for them when they weren't even willing to see reason? You should think twice about trusting those characters with your precious reading time. 2/5 ** WICKED GAMES – A crazy psychological drama, too disturbing for its own good, painting pictures of intrigues and false love without any morale. When I first thought of WICKED GAMES as intriguing and entertaining to read, with a tinge of revenge and thrill, I almost couldn't bring myself to read on till the end. I didn't get the intention of the story at all, because characters keep repeating their mistakes, being ignorant to other people's feelings and acting upon their irrational and dangerous thoughts.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed Wicked Games! It is a fantastically indulgent summer read.