Why You Love Music: From Mozart to Metallica--The Emotional Power of Beautiful Sounds

Why You Love Music: From Mozart to Metallica--The Emotional Power of Beautiful Sounds

by John Powell

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A delightful journey through the psychology and science of music, Why You Love Music is the perfect book for anyone who loves a tune.

Music plays a hugely important role in our emotional, intellectual, and even physical lives. It impacts the ways we work, relax, behave, and feel. It can make us smile or cry, it helps us bond with the people around us, and it even has the power to alleviate a range of medical conditions. The songs you love (and hate, and even the ones you feel pretty neutral about) don't just make up the soundtrack to your life -- they actually help to shape it.

In Why You Love Music, scientist and musician John Powell dives deep into decades of psychological and sociological studies in order to answer the question "Why does music affect us so profoundly?" With his relaxed, conversational style, Powell explores all aspects of music psychology, from how music helps babies bond with their mothers to the ways in which music can change the taste of wine or persuade you to spend more in restaurants. Why You Love Music will open your eyes (and ears) to the astounding variety of ways that music impacts the human experience.

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ISBN-13: 9780316260688
Publisher: Little, Brown and Company
Publication date: 06/14/2016
Sold by: Hachette Digital, Inc.
Format: NOOK Book
File size: 10 MB

About the Author

Scientist and musician John Powell holds a PhD in physics from Imperial College (London University) and a Master's degree in music from the university of Sheffield (UK). He is the author of How Music Works.

Table of Contents

1 What Is Your Taste in Music? 3

2 Lyrics, and Meaning in Music 18

3 Music and Your Emotions 31

4 Repetition, Surprises, and Goose Bumps 59

5 Music as Medicine 74

6 Does Music Make You More Intelligent? 85

7 From Psycho to Star Wars: The Power of Movie Music 97

8 Are You Musically Talented? 113

9 A Few Notes about Notes 123

10 What's in a Tune? 135

11 Untangling the Tune from the Accompaniment 157

12 Don't Believe Everything You Hear 165

13 Dissonance 185

14 How Musicians Push Our Emotional Buttons 192

15 Why You Love Music 214

Fiddly Details

A Timbre 233

B Post-Skip Reversal 243

C Harmonizing a Tune 246

D How Many Tunes Are Hidden in the Harmony? 258

E Scales and Keys 262

Acknowledgments 273

Suggestions for Listening and Viewing 275

References and Further Reading

A Main Textbook References and Suggestions for Further Reading 279

B References 283

Index 299

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