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Why Women Hunt: Ancient mythology gave the huntress supernatural powers-today's female hunters are smart, savvy and very real. An inside look at their lives and passions.

Why Women Hunt: Ancient mythology gave the huntress supernatural powers-today's female hunters are smart, savvy and very real. An inside look at their lives and passions.


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This fall they will feed their families locally-sourced free-range meat that has been foraging on natural grasses, leaves, nuts and berries—clean, delicious food without a trace of chemical additives.

And some will be pilloried on social media by strident voices who otherwise advocate that we move away from industrial food production and eat locally-sourced, healthful food.

They are women hunters.

It may surprise many to learn that this fall more than 1 million females over age 16 will enthusiastically take to America’s woods and waters to ethically harvest wild game. And thanks to hunter-led and funded conservation programs, the pheasants and ducks and deer they bring home are in most places across the American landscape more abundant than since frontier times.

Here are their personal stories of their passion for the outdoor lifestyle, passionately told.

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ISBN-13: 9780999309322
Publisher: Wild River Press
Publication date: 08/01/2020
Series: Masters on the Hunt
Pages: 242
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

An outdoor writer from Lake Minnetonka, Minnesota, K.J. Houtman’s 25-plus-year career spanned outdoor industry organizations including American Sportfishing Association, the North American Hunting Club (and Fishing Club) as well as nine seasons running the Masters Walleye Circuit. She authored Fish On Kids Books to introduce middle school-age readers to the fun adventures around fishing, camping and hunting. Outdoor Adventures with Gus continue in the National Wild Turkey Federation’s Jakes Country magazine.
Along with hunting editor Bill Miller, Houtman co-authored Reflections Under the Big Pine, a Christian devotional around hunting- and fishing-themed stories. In 2016 she authored the life story of Outdoor Life magazine hunting editor Jim Zumbo, entitled Zumbo. Houtman’s books and articles earned awards-in-craft honors from Association of Great Lakes Outdoor Writers and Southeastern Outdoor Press Association. She served as a board member of Professional Outdoor Media Association and Future Angler Foundation. Houtman is a founding member of the Women Ice Angler Project, a media event with a team of eight women led by Barb Carey (now in its sixth year) showcasing women ice anglers.

Writing was one of the ways Houtman learned to meet her fears head on, and it opened the door to hunting for her, albeit later in life. “My best writing occurs when I’m able to tell a story with a focus on someone else’s outdoor adventures,” Houtman said. “I enjoyed the project Why Women Hunt for that very reason with incredible ladies and diverse backgrounds, yet each shared a hunt that changed them. It’s an important thread in these moving stories.”

Brenda Valentine is an award-winning author, photographer and video personality, but above all she is an accomplished hunter with a genuine love of nature and a shinning ambassador for the hunting industry. She is relentless in her mission of introducing and promoting in an ethical manner to women, children and non-hunters.
Brenda literally grew up in the woods and was hunting before she learned to walk. Born and in the rural northwest Tennessee hills where hunting was a respected way of life. Brenda become very knowledgeable in all area of woodsmanship and animal behavior. She is proficient with all types of firearms but prefers bow hunting and muzzel loading. She has accumulated several state, regional and national titles in archery.
She has served on the Board of Directors for the National Bowhunters Education Foundation as well as the Juvenile Mentoring program called a “Sporting Chance.” She is the national spokesperson for the National Wild Turkey Federation Women in the Outdoors program.
Brenda is the first women to receive the Knight Rifle Master Hunter award. Brenda founded her own ladies hunting schools which are held each fall at her Tennessee Farm. Brenda is also he host of Whitetail Adventures TV show. Brenda has been chosen by Bass Pro Shops, Real Tree Camo, Archers Ammo Inc and several more companies to be on their pro staff.
Perhaps the is why her trade mark title of “the First Lady of Hunting” is so appropriate.

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