Why NLP Isn't Working For You

Why NLP Isn't Working For You

by Landon T. Smith


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Have you tried Neuro-linguistic programming, only to discover that it wasn't working the way you intended? Did you drop a ton of cash on some kind of fancy program or guru training that only left you with more questions than answers? Are you growing frustrated or impatience with your practice of NLP, wondering what the problem is? Well with the help of Why NLP Isn't Working For You, you have all the tools and techniques needed to troubleshoot what the problem is! You can learn the real definition of NLP, understand the deep psychological factors that go into a successful technique and learn how your own reaction to your thoughts, beliefs and ideas might actually end up holding you back from doing NLP right.We often come into these things with our preconceived notions and ideas of how things should work, and when we hit some kind of trouble, we can throw our hands up in frustration and give up. The truth is that there are a lot of different people out there who are selling their own version of NLP, but it might not be rooted in reality. With this book, you will learn how to identify authentic coaches, how to get past the obvious amount of fraud and how to look within your own self and identify the things that are holding you back, allowing you to unleash your NLP potential.

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