Why Country Club Memberships Are A Waste Of Money, How Country Clubs Generate Revenue, Affordable Alternatives To Joining A Country Club, And How To Make Money To Finance Your Overpriced Country Club Membership

Why Country Club Memberships Are A Waste Of Money, How Country Clubs Generate Revenue, Affordable Alternatives To Joining A Country Club, And How To Make Money To Finance Your Overpriced Country Club Membership

by Dr. Harrison Sachs


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This essay sheds light on why why weddings are a waste of money and elucidates why men should never get married in the digital era. Moreover, how to have a low cost wedding is explicated, the unbelievable benefits of being single forever are identified, and how to make money to finance your wedding budget is expounded upon in this essay. While the upper echelon may deem the prospect of joining a country club to be a meritorious experience, it preponderantly stands to reason that country club memberships do not warrant their staggering, exorbitant, lofty, premium prices. While the services that the country clubs provide may be appealing the ultra-wealthy, the fact of the matter is that these services can be procured for little to no cost elsewhere. This renders the merits of having a country club membership extrinsic and more of a status symbol as something for the upper echelon to boast about, rather than the membership providing access to unique, extraordinary services that cannot be procured elsewhere. The fact of the matter is that by joining a country club, you wind up paying outrageously exorbitant markups for services offer by country clubs which you can reap for little to no cost elsewhere. For instance, even though country club members may be able avail themselves of accessing the country club's tennis courts, swimming pool, golf course, and dining room, the fact of the matter is that these amenities can be accessed for little to no cost elsewhere without a country club membership. You can access free public outdoor pools and public tennis courses without having to part with your hard earned money. Additionally, you can play golf on public golf courses for a nominal fee of $10 and indulge in the experience of gorging down at an all you can eat buffet for around $10-$12 amid the lunch hours. Social events can be experienced for free by joining Meetup events and are not only limited to being experienced through country clubs memberships. While country clubs can have a fitness center, the cost for a gym member can be around $10 per month at a behemoth of a fitness center. An initiation fee of at least $5,000 may be required to join the country club and annual country club membership dues can costs thousands upon thousands of dollars each year, with some of the more luxurious country clubs charging their members $100,000-$2000,000 each year in annual country club membership dues. Country clubs can also have ample hidden fees and typically have policies for you to meet a certain spending threshold on amenities and food every month. The cost to a country club is unsurprisingly cost prohibitive for almost anyone expect for the ultra-wealth, executives, CEOS, and public glorified welfare aristocrats. For instance, the country club "initiation fees range from $250,000 to $500,000 to join the Augusta National Golf Club. The Merion Golf Club in Pennsylvania Initiation fees start at $70,000 with $6,000 yearly dues and up. While it may cost $10 to play golf on a public golf course, the Shinnecock Hills Golf Club in New York on the other hand charges a green fee of $350 per round of golf and requires you to hire a caddy" (Dobson, 2018) which is expensive., It is no surprise why country club memberships are a waste of money that are preordained to yield an insurmountably negative return on investment, especially when the amenities they provide can be procured elsewhere for little to no money. If you for instance spent $80,000 in initiations fees, annual country club membership dues, and access to country club services in order to have your family experience the overpriced country club lifestyle for a year, the unfathomable negative return on investment you would succumb to would be substantial, especially since the money can prudently be invested in growing your wealth instead of undermining your wealth. Country club members often neglect to take heed of the future of money.

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