Who Are The Angels?: Who's Who In The Cosmic Zoo? A Guide To ETs, Aliens, Gods & Angels - Book Three

Who Are The Angels?: Who's Who In The Cosmic Zoo? A Guide To ETs, Aliens, Gods & Angels - Book Three

by Ella LeBain


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WHO ARE THE ANGELS? Are there good and evil angels? How can you tell them apart? How does one find freedom amidst the clash of two kingdoms? Do Angels play a bigger role in human affairs on earth, than we may realize? Angels wage war against other angels, so how do we tell them apart? Is there such a thing as Human Angels born on earth? Are Angels extraterrestrials or aliens?

Book Three of Who's Who in The Cosmic Zoo? proves the reality of angels, demonstrates how to discern between the fallen angels and the faithful angels of heaven. Learn 'who' they are, based on scripture and ancient texts, what are their protocols, rules of engagement, examine their hierarchy and discover the pivotal role they play at the end of this age. This understanding will create a paradigm shift in your present thinking and give you hope. Scripture says: The harvest is the end of the age, and the harvesters are angels. What or whom are they harvesting?

This primordial drama between good and evil can be traced back to an angelic war in the heavens, involving those angels sent to earth as fallen, because of their nature and deeds. These galactic wars are the real Star Wars. These secrets are now being revealed to humanity as part of the preparation for the end of days.

Keeping with the recurring theme in this five-book series is the important issue of discernment that not all aliens are extraterrestrials, not all extraterrestrials are aliens. In Book Three, you will learn how to discern between good and evil angels though their differences in ancient scriptures, history, linguistics and archeology.
The Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction!

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ISBN-13: 9780692806296
Publisher: Skypath Books
Publication date: 12/15/2016
Series: Who's Who In The Cosmic Zoo? A Guide To ETs, Aliens, Gods & Angels , #3
Pages: 492
Product dimensions: 7.01(w) x 10.00(h) x 0.99(d)

About the Author

Ella LeBain is the author of a book series, Who's Who In The Cosmic Zoo? A Guide to ETs, Aliens, Gods & Angels: An End Time Guide to the Mass Deception. www.whoswhointhecosmiczoo.com Ella LeBain is originally from New York City and was educated in Israel. She received a Social Sciences Degree from the Biological Research Center of the Negev in 1979 where she was schooled in Biblical Hebrew, and then went on to receive an Astronomy Degree from the Hayden Planetarium in New York City in 1982. Ella went on to spend two years working as a missionary in apartheid South Africa in the early 1980s, where she embarked on what has become a 33 year journey to get to the truth about UFOs, Aliens, ETs, gods and angels and how they all fit into the end of our age scenario. Ella has spent twenty five years in the field of UFO research, investigating alien abductions, paranormal activities and astrology during which time she had many supernatural experiences of her own along the way, many of which shaped the writing of her books. Ella has collected massive amounts of information from a variety of sources, in addition to her own experiences which have been incorporated into the Book set. Book One is a type of encyclopedia, covering Who's Who in the Cosmic Zoo of ETs and Aliens in an A-Z compendium. Book Two - Who Is God? focuses on the Cosmic Drama and identifies and discerns and who are the ET gods of ancient history based on both biblical and exobiblical scriptures. Book Three - Who Are The Angels? focuses on the hierarchy of angels (extraterrestrial messengers) both the fallen ET angels and those who have remained faithful to the Creator, and how they have been interacting with humankind for millennia and the important roles they play at the end of this age. Ella LeBain witnessed front and center the spiritual revival that was taking place before the end of apartheid in South Africa and was a witness to raising the dead, demonic deliverances, supernatural healings, signs, wonders and miracles through the Living God. Ella presently serves as an International Deliverance Minister. Ella LeBain is available for interviews, lectures and book signings. Email: ellalebain@skypathbooks.com

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