White Water Red Hot Lead: On Board U.S. Navy Swift Boats in Vietnam

White Water Red Hot Lead: On Board U.S. Navy Swift Boats in Vietnam

by Dan Daly

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A memoir of heroism, comradeship, danger, and laughter aboard a Vietnam patrol craft, as a small crew grew into a seasoned combat team. Includes photos.
During the Vietnam War, 3500 officers and men served in the Swift Boat program in a fleet of 130 boats with no armor plating. The boats patrolled the coast and rivers of South Vietnam, facing deadly combat, intense lightning firefights, storms, and many hidden dangers.
This action-packed account by the Officer in Charge of PCF 76 makes you part of the Swift Boat crew. The six-man crew of PCF 76 was made up of volunteers from all over the United States, eager to serve their country in a unique type of duty not seen since the PT boats of WWII. This inexperienced and disparate group of men would meld into a team that formed an unbreakable lifelong bond.
After training, they were plunged into a twelve-month tour of duty. Combat took place in the closest confines imaginable, where the enemy could be hidden behind a passing sand dune or a single sniper could be concealed in an onshore bunker. In many cases, the rivers became so narrow there was barely room to maneuver or turn around. The only way out might be into a deadly ambush.
This is not a Vietnam memoir filled with political discussions or apologies. It simply tells the stories of these young, valiant sailors with humor and heartfelt emotion—in a suspenseful, surprising book that pays tribute to these sailors who, upon returning home, asked little of their country and received less.

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ISBN-13: 9781612004792
Publisher: Casemate Publishers (Ignition)
Publication date: 02/19/2017
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Pages: 360
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About the Author

Dan Daly received his naval commission after graduation from Harvard College. After 18 months on a Navy destroyer, he volunteered for Swift Boat duty. After training, he and his crew served 12 months in Vietnam, 1967–68. He later founded several consulting firms and lives on Cape Cod with his family.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements vii

Preface viii

Swift Boat Terminology x

Maps and Charts xvi

Section I Swift Boat School

1 Coronado Settling in 3

2 SERE: Survival Training 20

3 Shipping out from Coronado 33

Section II Da Nang Arrival, Coastal Div. 12

4 Moving into the Apple 51

5 First Patrol 61

6 Taking over PCF 76 77

7 Top Secret Call Signs 85

8 Beauty Sleep 95

9 Ball Cap Smithson 116

10 The Hospital Ship USS Repose 125

Section III Relocating South to Chu Lai

11 Chu Lai, the Base, Cos. Div. 16 141

12 The Firefight at Cap Batangan 153

13 Picking up Supplies 163

14 The Trawler, Skunk Alpha 170

15 Sampan Reconnaissance 197

16 Homemade Explosives 209

17 The Village Roundup 217

18 Return from the Southern Outpost 231

Section IV Da Nang to Cua Viet

19 Dinner on the USS Repose 243

20 Heading North to Cua Viet 252

21 Project Echo 267

22 Farewell Good Friend 271

Section V Operations at An Thoi, Coastal Div. 11

23 Bob Mack's River Insertion 295

24 The Return and Pick up 308

Section VI All in a Day's Work

25 A Tale to Tell back in Da Nang 327

26 New Job, Maintenance Management 336

27 Puff the Magic Dragon 340

28 Hawaiian Rendezvous 348

29 Tet in the Da Nang River 367

30 Tough Trip to North Vietnam 373

Section VII Homeward Bound

31 Final Orders. Packing up 389

32 Welcome Home? 398

Epilogue 408

The Crew of PCF 76: Current Locations 409

Swift Boat Skippers 2007 410

Appendix: Swift Boat Specifications 412

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