White Lightning Strikes Twice 1968-1969

White Lightning Strikes Twice 1968-1969

by White LightningWhite Lightning


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Zippy Caplan's post-Litter power trio made music close enough to Cream to fool you if you weren't listening hard enough. They later expanded to a quartet and recut some of the earlier tunes, with less than stellar results. It's all here on this 20-track compilation. Caplan's playing sounds so much like period Clapton in spots (program "Bogged Down" first if you're really interested in getting to the nuts and bolts of the thing), it'll actually make you lose your place. But there are also a lot of other elements (country and folk acoustic romps, insane stacked riffing, funky period rhythms, and nice rah-rah liner notes by Doug Sheppard) that fire up the mix, making this a hidden treasure that deserves a wider listen.

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Release Date: 07/22/2000
Label: Arf Arf
UPC: 0737835506628
catalogNumber: 66
Rank: 93224


  1. Prelude to Opus IV
  2. (Under the Screaming Double) Eagle
  3. Born Too Rich
  4. Coming Down
  5. Borrowed and Blue
  6. Bogged Down
  7. Let Me Feel It Too
  8. Only Love
  9. Age
  10. Fantasy Days
  11. No Time for Love
  12. William Tell
  13. Prelude to Opus IV
  14. Freedom
  15. Ground Hog
  16. 1930
  17. Just Let the World Roll on By
  18. Before My Time
  19. Age
  20. Fantasy Days

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