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Where You Go: Life Lessons from My Father

Where You Go: Life Lessons from My Father


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A stirring portrait of Vice President Mike Pence from his own daughter: the story of a Christian husband and father who answers the call to serve America with his family by his side.

When Mike Pence set out on the vice presidential campaign trail, his daughter Charlotte knew the next 100 days would be exciting and challenging. But she also knew that her father — a dedicated public servant — would succeed because he'd cling to his faith, his love for America, and his family every step of the way.

New York Times bestselling author Charlotte Pence pays tribute to her father, revealing the lessons he has taught her from his rich spiritual life. Through favorite memories from childhood and vivid moments captured on the campaign trail, like the times she helped her dad prepare for debates, Charlotte offers a compelling story of love, hope, and how to overcome adversity. Featuring a foreword from Vice President Mike Pence and a sixteen-page color photo spread, Where You Go is an uplifting celebration of family that will inspire audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

Chapters include:
  • Trust the Grand Plan
  • Speak Your Dreams
  • Determine Your Heroes, and
  • Find Strength in Your Differences.

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ISBN-13: 9781546076162
Publisher: Center Street
Publication date: 10/22/2019
Pages: 208
Sales rank: 1,163,383
Product dimensions: 5.25(w) x 8.05(h) x 0.75(d)

About the Author

Charlotte Pence is the New York Times bestselling author of Marlon Bundo's Day in the Life of the Vice President (Regnery Publishing, 2018). Her work has also been published in Glamour magazine and featured in US Weekly, among other major media outlets. A graduate of DePaul University with a BA in Digital Cinema Screenwriting and English, Charlotte contributed writing and production skills to the Emmy Award winning documentary, Fleeced (WFYI Productions). After college, she accompanied her parents on the campaign trail across America, when her father, Vice President Mike Pence, ran for office alongside President Donald Trump. Charlotte lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts where she attends Harvard Divinity School.

Table of Contents

Foreword Vice President Mike Pence ix

Preface xv

1 Where You Go 1

2 No Flapping 4

3 Answer the Call 12

4 Find Strength in Your Differences 19

5 Speak Your Dreams 27

6 Enjoy the Ride 35

7 Trust the Grand Plan 42

8 Value Connection 47

9 Keep the Circle 55

10 Determine Your Heroes 63

11 Take the Time to Remember 69

12 Don't Be Afraid to Be the D.C. Hillbillies 75

13 Find Your Group of Happy Warriors 82

14 Debate (and Listen) 86

15 Be the Reminder 90

16 Don't Let the Little Things Become the Big Things 94

17 Honor Your Mom 99

18 Prioritize Your People 104

19 Be That Friend 107

20 Recall the Kindness 111

21 See the Miracle 115

22 Pack Up, but Go Back 126

23 Hold Fast to Home 132

24 Then, Go Home 142

25 When You Can't Speak, Stand 149

26 Let Your Faith Be a Uniting Force 158

27 Play to Beat Yourself 163

28 Find the Object of Your Gaze 169

29 Aim High 174

Afterword 177

Acknowledgments 179

About the Author 181

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