When Opposites No Longer Attract: Inspiring Stories of Eight Men and Women Who Left Straight Marriages and Came Out as Gay

When Opposites No Longer Attract: Inspiring Stories of Eight Men and Women Who Left Straight Marriages and Came Out as Gay

by Michael Testa


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Twenty-five years ago, I was barely conscious that the gay world existed. Today, after having been married for more than a decade to a woman and having fathered children who still live with me, I know that I am a gay man. I've come out and now identify myself as gay.

I decided to write this book because I run into a lot of men who are just like me as I used to be-married to a woman, often with children, and dabbling in having sex with other men. After starting to write this book, I decided to include the stories of women as well, primarily because I noticed that the lesbians I know who had been married to men handled the transition to homosexuality more gracefully and with more integrity than my male friends and I did.

The idea for this book occurred to me one night a few years ago at a bar on Pittsburgh's South Side. I was with four friends. We met there every week to watch Will & Grace. As we drank our beer, I realized that we were five gay men, all divorced from women we had loved, and among us, we had fourteen children. Even though I had met plenty of married men on gay sites on-line, up until that night I had considered myself an anomaly. I had lived life as a heterosexual man and didn't realize I was gay until after I was married and had children. Before that night at the bar, I had been vaguely aware that my friends and I were meeting a lot of married men-men in straight marriages-in gay bars and other venues in which these supposedly straight men were looking to hook up with other men.

That night in the South Side, it hit me that I was not an anomaly. There is something happening in American culture. People are questioning their sexual orientation. They are questioning whether they are who they thought they were. Right then, I decided to write this book. I would write the book I wish I had been able to read years ago when I was married to a woman and had young children and was starting to question whether I might be gay.

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ISBN-13: 9780989591720
Publication date: 05/14/2014
Pages: 134
Sales rank: 387,987
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About the Author

Michael Testa is a business owner and thirty-four-year veteran of the information-technology industry. His company was named by the Pittsburgh Business Times as one of the top 25 information-technology consulting firms in the city. In 2007, Pittsburgh's mayor nominated Mike's business for the ICIC Inner City 100, a prestigious list of the fastest-growing companies in America's inner cities.
Mike is the past president of Equality Pennsylvania, and a certified member of the National LGBT Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC), and Mike serves as the Secretary of the Pittsburgh chapter. He was also the founder and chairman of the Gay and Lesbian Executive Committee, a professional networking organization in Pittsburgh that is becoming part of the NGLCC.
Mike came out in his mid-thirties while he was still married. Now divorced, he lives outside Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with his partner.
When Opposites No Longer Attract is his first book.
Mike can be reached through his website, www.testapublishing.com.

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