When Mommies Cry: Losing a Baby

When Mommies Cry: Losing a Baby

by Beth Withers Banning


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When Mommies Cry details the journey of the author as she experiences the loss of her baby.

Beth Withers Banning delves deep into her soul to express lessons she learned from her first-hand knowledge of grief and offers life lessons to assist in the grieving process for mothers everywhere. Ms. Withers Banning takes the reader through a personal narrative of her experience and shares on every level the emotions, reactions, associations, and results that came from losing her newborn son. The author has provided a resource to bring about healing for grieving mothers.

In 2011, there were almost 24,000 known infant deaths in the United States and the average number of abortions per year is 1.06 million. Even more alarming, an estimated one in 75 conceptions miscarry, many of which create physical repercussions for the mother. These disturbing statistics expose the very real need for mothers who have lost or aborted a child. Millions of women are mourning in silence leaving their broken hearts vulnerable during the most susceptible time of their lives.

When Mommies Cry is a valuable resource for grieving mothers. Joyce Landorf Heatherly, Owner/Author of Balcony Publishing, states, “Not too many of us that have gone through the loss of a loved one are able to articulate and record the devastation and at the same time reach and comfort the point of pain in another’s grief filled heart. But Beth Withers Banning does exactly that in When Mommies Cry. I know as she did it for me even though my son David died in 1964.” Ms. Withers Banning puts in print what some women who have gone through losing a child only think in their darkest hour.

Women, as a whole, all want the same things—true happiness and fulfillment. When those things are threatened, lost, or severed in our lives, the journey back can be overwhelming. The author provides a step-by-step climb back to healing for the grieving mother.

Because we are created for community, providing a forum for mothers to learn and grow from one another’s experiences can also help bring healing and produce beauty for ashes. Grieving mothers are encouraged to share this website and take advantage of this FREE opportunity to not only work through their grief by sharing their own story but help others as well.

Feel free to contact Beth Withers Banning through her website to schedule a book signing or speaking engagement to support grieving mothers as they trek through this most devastating time of life. Ms. Withers Banning has also set up a Facebook page www.facebook.com/bethbanningmommies as an additional resource.

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ISBN-13: 9781400327010
Publisher: Elm Hill
Publication date: 01/07/2020
Pages: 80
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.25(d)

About the Author

Beth Withers Banning is an author and copywrite specialist for Christian publications. She graduated from Arlington Baptist College with a degree in Biblical Studies in 1977 and with a Masters in Management and Leadership from Liberty University in 2014. Ms. Withers Banning has traveled the world working with outreaches to the underprivileged. She lives in Carrollton, Texas near her daughter and grandchildren who are the light of her life; and is very active in her church, Northside Baptist where she has served as Ladies Ministry Leader for over 20 years. In 1985 Beth lost a child, an experience that produced a manuscript, “When Mommies Cry,” detailing her journey. Joyce Landorf Heatherly gave a foreword stating, “Not too many of us who have gone through the loss of a loved one are able to articulate and record the devastation and at the same time reach and comfort the point of pain in another’s grief filled heart…she did it for me...” Ms. Withers Banning has since published "A Life Worth Remembering" which is a historical account of her aunt's life during the women's suffrage movement in Texas. Her third book is “When the Glass Slipper Breaks” lending insights into dealing with broken relationships. Her latest book is a continuation of her “When” series titled “When Faith Fails – the Aftermath of Sexual Abuse.” Ms. Withers Banning has also successfully produced Bible Studies including “Beauty for Ashes” and “Developing a Servant’s Heart” which she has taught and distributed throughout the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex.

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