When Black Meets White

When Black Meets White

by John Louis Hill


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While the author has given much of his life to the study of sociological questions, particularly to the race problem in America, and while the preparation of this book has been accomplished with much labor, he does not regard it as a distinct contribution to literature or history. However, if through these pages the pulsations and heart-throbs of sincerity grown out of a deep human interest are not detected, and if sound reasoning and logical deductions are not evident, the writer will be sadly disappointed, for the best in his mind and heart has been put into this work. Acknowledgment is hereby made to Prof. Monroe N. Work, Director of the Department of Records and Research, Tuskegee Normal and Industrial Institute, for permission to use much valuable data and biographical information taken from the Negro Year Book of that department for the year 1918-1919. In this connection, readers should note the date of the Year Book, bearing in mind that many of the figures quoted are now practically useless and that the economic, educational, and religious progress of the Negro in America, during the last three years, has increased in proportion over any like period of the past. In round numbers and in a general survey, the scope of this book is meant to set forth the achievements of the Race within the first half-century of its freedom. He acknowledges, also, a deep sense of obligation to Dr. Robert R. Moton, Principal, and to the Rev. G. Lake Imes, Dean of Phelps Hall Bible Training School, Tuskegee Normal and Industrial Institute, for valuable criticisms in response to the author's request To Mr. Claude A. Barnett of the Associated Negro Press, and to other gentlemen of the Race, the author is grateful for helpful suggestions, friendly criticisms, and sustained encouragement. Last and by no means least, to many other men and women of my own race, who are deeply interested in this subject, the author feels thankful for much assistance in making this book a reality. The sincere wish of the author is that this contribution to a great cause may accomplish the purpose for which it was conceived and written.

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