What I Saw In Africa

What I Saw In Africa

by D. Marie Winters


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In this book there are personality conflicts, new formed student friendships and a humanitarian commitment to the villages that participated in a research project. The main character is a non-traditional research student, named Marie that has a psychologically disturbed research partner. Throughout, this novel, Marie is subjected to the bad behavior of her research partner. Her partner has a number of psychological problems ranging from bipolar to schizophrenia that affects their relationship. In the story, whenever, Marie tries to understand and help her partner with her behavior issues she gets worse.

Marie made a lot of new friends while she is on this research project, with some of the other students participating in this research project but they were assigned to other areas of Uganda, which was miles away from her and that caused her to be alone with this crazy lady. Marie's research partner also in the story tries to pit their African business colleagues that are working with them on this project, against her by using subtle racial tactics, aimed at Marie.

The primary purpose for their research project was to interview the natives in the villages on their perception and preventative strategies for contracting Malaria. The ultimate goal of the research project was to provide the natives in the Malaria endemic areas of Uganda, Africa with documentation on the best practices for preventing Malaria. Marie had a lot of problems with her research she believed her site mate was trying to set their project up for failure. In certain instances, Marie's partner would disrespect the native's customs and embarrass her. Overall, the events in this novel are factual but the characters names have been changed to protect their privacy. The Book cover is a print especially made for the author from her friend Fred Mutebi. Fred is one of Uganda's famous Master Woodcutting Printmaking Artist.

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ISBN-13: 9781449008307
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 07/28/2009
Pages: 196
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