What Do I Do With My Hugs?

What Do I Do With My Hugs?

Paperback(Hugs ed.)

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"What Do I Do With My Hugs?" is an interactive personal space book written by Founder of 'give space,' Carol Winner, and illustrated by an award-winning illustrator, Lorna Murphy.

A heartfelt story about communicating personal space needs for family members to heal...or just to be. When Lily does not get her usual warm hug from her Mimi, she is sad and confused. Mimi reveals the reason why, and they learn to show their love in new ways.

It is appropriate for homes, schools, libraries, gift shops, cancer centers, etc., any organization that can reach families to support the need to start the conversation with children about giving space. It promotes kindness, empathy, and compassion.

How can we help children understand that if we set boundaries, such as not getting too close to others, asking to hug, being careful about how close they sit to the other guy - that it is all for their good and the good of others?

Teaching children about personal space boundaries is helping them navigate their own space in relation to others - essential for healthy relationships and living. Space invasion is unwelcomed and reflects negatively on the potential or existing relationship, as there is either a real or perceived disrespect for the breathing room needed to be comfortable.

Kids love books! Being able to share a story, such as this, whether they are reading it, or being read to, or engaging in its activities, it raises the discussion about personal space boundaries.

children can quickly understand the meaning of the word "healing." As the Author, Carol's 3-year-old granddaughter said while reading, "Mimi has a blister!" Children too can identify when someone might be upset with them, and it can be fearful. Lily doesn't understand why her Mimi might be upset with her, when in the end, Mimi is just struggling herself with how to communicate her need for space. Their love prevails and they work through how to show their love in alternative ways. It is a beautiful demonstration of their love and respect for each other.

"What Do I Do With My Hugs?" is an exceptional story, written, edited, illustrated, and designed by women committed to enhancing our children's lives through education and play. It is designed to help them experience the best of life, a healthy and happy life, with empathy and compassion for those with whom they share space.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780578586007
Publisher: For the Love of Peach
Publication date: 10/18/2019
Series: Hugs , #1
Edition description: Hugs ed.
Pages: 36
Product dimensions: 8.00(w) x 10.00(h) x 0.09(d)

About the Author

Founder of for the Love of Peach, Carol Winner, was a caregiver to her mother while she battled cancer and coped with recovery. Her mother experienced extensive surgeries and radiation, leaving her immune system compromised and physical touch painful. Because of Carol's experience in the healthcare industry, she was able to recognize her mom's risk from a simple well-intentioned hug or kiss. So began 'give space.'
What Do I Do With My Hugs? was an outcome of the focus group research Carol did with families when developing the give space products. The challenge in telling one's children or grandchildren, nieces, nephews, etc., can be very painful for those who are sensitive and/or needing to heal. This book is designed to help families start the discussion about personal space needs, to alleviate that concern or pain, and begin to work together to identify other ways they can show their love for each other.
Carol Winner, is a public health professional, having dedicated her life and career to improving the health of others; has trained and published alongside scholars in the medical field; and has taught the art of coalition-building and community health promotion. Carol started her career serving on local and state health coalitions, which subsequently resulted in her directing federally-funded community health-based initiatives.
At for the Love of Peach (designer of the give space symbol), Carol and her team are committed to improving the quality of life through community health in changing the way we show we care. The give space Peach symbol provides the opportunity to allow an individual a personal space voice. This change provides a community effort of support for those who are healing or just needing to be. https://givespacepeach.com/about/

Editor, Jenny Boman can be reached through her website at Jennybowman.com.

Lorna Murphy is an AWARD WINNING author/illustrator of children's books based in the UK & Spain. She studied illustration at Cambridge School of Art where she discovered the world of illustrated children's books and has been hooked ever since. Since graduating with an MA in Children's Book Illustration, she has continued to work as a freelance illustrator for corporate clients such as MacMillan and Burrough Wellcome Trust and has collaborated with many independent clients as a design consultant and illustrator for various genres.
She has published her own picture books, holds regular exhibitions of her illustrations and paintings and themed workshops.

She is delighted to be involved in the give space project working with its creator, Carol Winner, as the illustrator and collaborator for the picture book: 'WHAT DO I DO WITH MY HUGS'.

She feels very privileged to be living in a world of books and people who love them.
For more of her work, please visit lornamurphyillustration.net or if you wish to contact her directly, please e:mail: lorna@lornamurphyillustration.net.

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