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What Black Men Should Do Now

What Black Men Should Do Now

Paperback(Revised & Expanded)

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It used to be family and friends who gave you guidance on how to live in the world. But these days, that help is harder to come by. WHAT BLACK MEN SHOULD DO NOW fills the vacuum by offering practical, plain-talking advice for living a fulfilling, successful life. From health, religion, and education to relationships, family, and career, it runs the gamut of information necessary for every man today -- whether 18 or 80. Find out why you should mentor a young man, how to deal with anger, how to truly love a woman, how to respect your body, the importance of being in touch with Spirit, and other timely advice.

Each subject in What Black Men Should Do Now is introduced with quotes, anecdotes, and words of encouragement and affirmation, followed by bulleted actions that you can put to immediate use. By the time you finish the last page of this remarkably candid guide, you'll have all the tools you need to be the best man you can be.

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ISBN-13: 9780758201713
Publisher: Kensington
Publication date: 05/01/2002
Edition description: Revised & Expanded
Pages: 200
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.54(d)

Table of Contents

1.Ac-cent-chu-ate the positive3
2.Don't be an "angry black man."5
3.Have the courage to cry when you are sad7
4.Uphold the African-American woman9
5.Go to the doctor to get regular health checkups11
6.Don't have sex, make love13
7.Volunteer in your community15
8.Be a mentor and a role model to a young brother17
9.Practice nonviolence18
10.Exercise regularly20
11.Establish goals and go for them23
12.Don't bite the hand that feeds you24
13.Practice safer sex--always!26
14.Remove the word nigga from your vocabulary32
15.Drink your liquor in moderation34
16.Join a fraternal order or civic group36
17.Get your groove on38
18.If you are age forty or older, have regular prostate exams39
19.Read. Read. Read43
20.Don't make a baby you're not ready to father45
21.Be happy47
22.Support black businesses48
23.Don't dictate your life around what other people think50
24.Reconnect with your dad52
25.Be able to sleep at night54
26.Have a vision56
27.Practice good personal hygiene58
28.Save. Save. Save63
29.Make peace with the size of your penis65
30.Find a faith and live by it66
31.Keep up with current events68
32.Understand what it really means to be a man70
33.Never be too proud to ask for help72
34.Speak up to injustice73
35.Show yourself the money75
36.Eat a healthy diet77
37.Help to keep the women in your life breast-healthy80
38.Have the courage to say "I'm sorry."83
39.Stand for something84
40.Respect authority85
41.Always project a good image86
42.Practice good etiquette87
43.Love yourself88
44.Be grateful89
45.Take time out for self-service91
46.Spend only a modest amount of money playing your lottery numbers93
47.Learn to handle your anger responsibly94
48.Keep a journal96
49.Make a difference98
50.Simplify your life99
51.Be able to "chew your tobacco twice."101
52.Choose carefully the company you keep102
53.Know it's okay to be happily unmarried103
54.Embrace computer technology106
56.Have a passion110
57.Do your fair share112
58.Check your social wellness113
59.Live your wildest dream!116
60.Be independent118
61.Be affectionate120
62.Live in the spirit of the Million Man March121
63.Have a hobby123
64.Discover your sexual self124
65.Play more than basketball and football126
66.Be prepared128
67.Schedule daily "me time."129
68.Recognize your own prejudices before calling others on theirs132
69.Discover the creative you134
70.Know what motivates you135
71.Enlighten yourself137
72.Do something "just because."138
73.Don't let it take a tragedy to turn your life around140
74.Respect your environment141
75.Brother, humble thyself!143
76.Have a sense of humor144
77.Invite the kid in you to come out to play145
78.Seek to be understood by the sister147
79.Seek to understand the sister148
80.Be trustworthy and dependable150
81.Be a pioneer152
82.Stand up and be counted153
83.Be an expert on something154
84.Understand the meaning of the word no155
85.Remember where you came from156
86.Be flexible157
87.Leave a legacy158
88.Don't smoke159
89.Never use illegal drugs161
90.Be willing to share the spotlight163
92.Take the time to meditate165
93.Know that everything is not about competition168
94.Learn a foreign language169
95.Maintain high self-esteem171
96.Confront your fears173
97.If it's "hot," don't touch it!174
98.Be one of the "good men."175
99.Have the patience of Job177
100.Turn obstacles into opportunities179
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