Whales For Kids

Whales For Kids


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Table of Contents

10 Wonderful Facts about Whales
Types of Whales
What do whales eat?
Where do Whales Live
How Do Whales Communicate?
How big are Whales?
Do whales sleep?
Baby Whales
Whale Migration
Types of whales
Baleen whales
Beluga whales
Blue Whales
Grey whales
Killer whales
Killer whales
Several Interesting Facts about Orca Whales
Sperm whales
Whales and Dolphins:
Endangered Whales

Whales are largest aquatic mammals. They breathe through lungs unlike other animals which breathe through gills. Whales have streamlined bodies. This enables them to move or swim freely through water .in fact, they are the only mammals known to live in water as well as adapted to stay in the open oceans.

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