Weathering: Poems and Recollections

Weathering: Poems and Recollections

by David Havird


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In WEATHERING: POEMS AND RECOLLCTIONS an aging poet greets a "phalanx" of memories and finds himself amid "an epic transmigration of echoes." At the heart of this collection of poetry and prose are three retrospective essays that narrate the adolescent poet's coming of age through encounters with such eminent elders as James Dickey, who was Havird's early mentor, Robert Lowell, and Archibald MacLeish. These prose memoirs also explore this poet's ambivalent relation to his native South and reveal the emergent cosmopolitan stance of his mature poetry. The poems, set mainly outside the South--amid the rubble of ancient Greece, in galleries at the Louvre, on hurricane-pummeled Cayman Brac--ponder mortality and metamorphosis; explore relationships, especially the complex relationships of child to parent and husband to wife; and engage with cultural artifacts--a Byzantine church, a derelict windmill, Puebloan petroglyphs--as well as traditional works of art and literature. These poems of Havird's maturity, together with a clutch of early ones rooted in the aspiring poet's youthful encounters with those elders, are elegant artifacts themselves, at once rueful and wry, thought-ridden and visionary.

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ISBN-13: 9780881467345
Publisher: Mercer University Press
Publication date: 03/02/2020
Pages: 136
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.40(d)

About the Author

David Havird is the author of two collections in addition to WEATHERING: MAP HOME and PENELOPE'S DESIGN, which won the Robert Phillips Poetry Chapbook Prize. A native South Carolinian, he graduated from the University of Virginia and taught for thirty years at Centenary College of Louisiana. He lives in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Table of Contents


Phalanx 3

Weather on Naxos 4

Downhill from the Marble Village 6

Subwayfarer 8

Crown of Thorns 9

Vanishing Point 11

Becoming Sage 13

Hurricane-Proof 15

Mining for Sky 17


The Basis of Something 21

Thin Disguise 23

The Spell 25

Nature Morte 26

In Place Pigalle with My Father 28

Les Mouches 30

Wedding Wind 32

Upon This Rock 34

Shooing Flies 35


Molting 39

The Weight of a Feather 41

Prayers for a Giant 43

Haunting the Shropshire Way 45

Sparrow 47

Flâneur 49

The Fox at Ancient Asini 51

With Byron at Bandeliet 53

4 Recollections

In and Out of Class with James Dickey 57

Southern Relations: With Robert Lowell at Timrod's Grave 73

With Archibald MacLeish Outside DeBruhl's Café 89

5 Early Poems

Midnight Oil 111

Wasps in Winter 113

Outside DeBruhl's Café 115

The Snow 118

In the White Room 120

Downriver with Uncle Paul 122

Acknowledgments 126

The Author 127

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