We Must Obey

We Must Obey

by Fu Manchu


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In an age of increasingly short attention spans, it's no small feat for a band to arrive at the career landmark of a tenth album -- but that's where So-Cal fuzz rock institution Fu Manchu finds itself with 2007's We Must Obey. Perhaps even more impressive is how the quartet has remained remarkably faithful to their original sonic aesthetic over these many releases and 15-odd years; thereby rewarding the group with the sort of dedicated following enjoyed by other standard bearers of a particular musical footprint: AC/DC, Motörhead, the Ramones. Of course Fu Manchu don't yet share these bands' ubiquitous presence in the average music consumer's psyche (much like their closest generational parallel, Clutch), and some of their discs have been better than others, but the point of all this is that there are few things in the land of rock & roll that are as guaranteed as a Fu Manchu album. Therefore, it naturally follows that We Must Obey doesn't even attempt to break with this tradition, but rather sets right about the business of uncovering fresh new riff sequences with which to propel hard-charging fuzz rock anthems like "Knew It All Along," "Shake It Loose," and the title cut toward the mirage-like horizons capping desert highways. At the other end of the spectrum, we have slower offerings that evidently prize monolithic grooves over raw energy (witness "Lesson" and the psychedelic surf-metal of "Sensei vs. Sensei"), or minimalist dynamics that put a different kind of space in Fu Manchu's space rock (see first single "Hung out to Dry" and "Land of Giants," featuring a novel, distorted growl). And, last but not least, there's a suitably distorted cover of the Cars' "Moving in Stereo," offering the only real surprise in an otherwise perfectly expected Fu Manchu album experience -- their loyal fans wouldn't want it any other way.

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Release Date: 02/20/2007
Label: Century Media
UPC: 0727701833521
catalogNumber: 8335

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Guest More than 1 year ago
These guys used to be a different, fuzzy, smoke-a-fatty, conceptually perfect rock band. The whole thing was great: the bluesy Eddie Glass guitar licks, Scott Hills laid back vocals, the vans, the surfboards, the Gibson SG..It was PERFECT! NOW these guys are a METAL band in the same boat as-and sounding more and more like- Anthrax, Metallica, Orange 9mm and heading in the wrong direction!! This album is all bassy, chug chug metal songs and Scott Hill is singing like Mr. BAdass again like he did on STM. GONE are the songs in the vein of Asphault Risin, Boogie Van, Regal Begal etc. THe song TITLES even suck! The lyrics used to be clever, witty, and fun. Now the are dull. It is too bad because w/ bands like Wolfmother, Witch, YLD cranking out the vintage stoner stuff that the FU used to own, it would be nice for them to go back to their routes, step out of the mosh pit and roll a joint..