Way of the Warrior

Way of the Warrior

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Suzanne Brockmann, Julie Ann Walker, Catherine Mann, Tina Wainscott, Anne Elizabeth, M.L. Buchman, Kate SeRine, Lea Griffith

To honor and empower those who've served, all author and publisher proceeds go to the Wounded Warrior Project.

The Wounded Warrior Project was founded in 2002 and provides a wide range of programs and services to veterans and service members who have survived physical or mental injury during their brave service to our nation. Get involved or register for programs and benefits for yourself and your family online at www.woundedwarriorproject.org.

"It is a proud privilege to be a soldier." —George S. Patton Jr.
"We sleep safely at night because rough men stand ready to visit violence on those who would harm us." —Winston Churchill

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ISBN-13: 9781492608998
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Publication date: 05/05/2015
Pages: 512
Sales rank: 317,072
Product dimensions: 4.10(w) x 6.80(h) x 1.40(d)

About the Author

When New York Times bestseller Suzanne Brockmann first held her baby daughter, she had no idea she was cradling a future writing partner. Melanie was born with a fierce love for storytelling, so collaboration was inevitable. Suz splits her time between Florida and Massachusettes while Mel lives in Sarasota. Night Sky is Mel's debut and Suz's fifty-fifth book. Visit Suzanne at SuzanneBrockmann.com

Julie Ann Walker is the USA Today and New York Times Bestselling Author of the Black Knights Inc. romantic suspense series. She is prone to spouting movie quotes and song lyrics. She'll never say no to sharing a glass of wine or going for a long walk. She prefers impromptu travel over the scheduled kind, and she takes her coffee with milk. You can find her on her bicycle along the lake shore in Chicago or blasting away at her keyboard, trying to wrangle her capricious imagination into submission. For more information, please visit www.julieannwalker.com or follow her on Facebook www.facebook.com/jawalkerauthor and/or Twitter @JAWalkerAuthor.

USA Today bestselling author Catherine Mann specializes in military romances with over 50 books in print. Catherine's works have made the WaldenBooks extended list as well. A RITA winner, she has also won the Bookseller's Best Award. She has finaled in The National's Reader's Choice Award, the Reviewers International Organization Choice Award, the RT Reviewer's Choice Award, the Maggie Award and the RITA Award (six times). Catherine's books have been widely released internationally including in Great Britain, Germany, Spain, France, Portugal, Greece, Turkey, Iceland, Australia, and Japan. She lives with her husband, who is a combat veteran and retired Air Force Colonel, near Pensacola in the Florida Panhandle.

New York Times bestselling author Anne Elizabeth is a romance author, comic creator, and a monthly columnist for RT Book Reviews magazine. With a BS in business and MS in communications from Boston University, she is a regular presenter at conventions as well as a member of The Author's Guild and Romance Writers of America. Anne lives with her husband, a retired Navy SEAL, in the mountains above San Diego.

M. L. Buchman has over 35 novels and an ever-expanding flock of short stories in print. His military romantic suspense books have been named Barnes & Noble and NPR "Top 5 of the year," Booklist "Top 10 of the Year," and RT "Top 10 Romantic Suspense of the Year." In addition to romantic suspense, he also writes contemporaries, thrillers, and fantasy and science fiction.

In among his career as a corporate project manager he has: rebuilt and single-handed a fifty-foot sailboat, both flown and jumped out of airplanes, designed and built two houses, and bicycled solo around the world.

He is now a full-time writer, living on the Oregon Coast with his beloved wife. He is constantly amazed at what you can do with a degree in Geophysics. You may keep up with his writing at www.mlbuchman.com.

Lea Griffith began sneaking to read her mother's romance novels at a young age. She cut her teeth on the greats: McNaught, Woodiwiss, and Garwood. She still consumes every romance book she can put her hands on, but now she writes her own. When not working as a Practice Manager for an Internal Medicine Physician, you'll find her at her keyboard, writing. She loves romance and nothing is off-limits when it comes to her muse. Lea lives in rural Georgia with her husband, three teenage daughters, two dogs, a cat, and a Betta fish named Coddy George.

Kate SeRine writes award-winning romantic suspense and paranormal romance. A past recipient of an Emily Award and the National Readers Choice Award, she has also been a finalist in the Fire and Ice Contest, Finally a Bride Contest, and the Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence. She lives with her husband and two sons outside Indianapolis, Indiana. Connect with Kate at www.kateserine.com.


Boston, MA

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Way of the Warrior 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 16 reviews.
BooksnKisses More than 1 year ago
NUMBER OF HEARTS: 4 1/2 REVIEW:  8 amazing authors. 8 amazing stories of love. I will be giving you a very short review of each of the eight books.  Hot as Hell by Julie Ann Walker Michael “Mad Dog” Wainwright & Harper Searcy find themselves in a life or death situation. But Michael is less worried about the threat and more worried about why Harper is not returning his calls. Love Michael & Harper!! I am so looking forward to Julie Ann’s upcoming new series. In Plain Sight by Catherine Mann Gavin Novak & Stacey Currie were high school sweethearts. But as with most high school romances they both moved on. But neither found the life they had with each other. Gavin & Stacey’s story brought tears to my eyes. These two are so awesome. Loved this story!!  Torn by Katie SeRine Joseph Dawson & Sadie Keaton have been life long friends. But when Joe is almost killed and a stalker is after Sadie will both finally be willing to admit their feels to each other? This story was so fast moving that there was barely any time to breath. Great story.  War Games by Lea Griffith Anthony “Rook” Granger & Olivia Bentwood find themselves and unlikely pair. One is keeping a promise to a dying brother, the other is try to clear their name. But who can they trust? Other than each other? I want more of this series!!!  Beauty and the Marine by Tina Wainscott Griff Tate & Kristy Marsden are a very unlikely pair. But Griff can’t say no when a woman is in trouble. This was a twisted story of a relentless stalker who will stop at nothing to get what he wants, mixed with a very sweet love story. Loved it!  NSDQ by ML Buchman Kendall Clark and Lois Lang. Okay I have to say it “Lois and Clark” “Clark and Lois” So Super!! Sometimes losing what you think matters most opens your eyes to where your true future lays. Loved Kendall & Lois’ story. I hope these two pop up in a future book. SEALed with Passion by Anne Elizabeth Jonah Melo & Alisha Winters met 5 years ago and a very short world wind romance then it was all over, Jonah left. But now he is back. But has the damage already been done or can they find their way back? This was a great story and I loved learning more about the Wounded Warrior housing program.  Fire Inferno by Suzanne Brockman There was a lot that happened in this short story. I believe that this is part of a series, therefore I was a tad bit lost as to who was who and why.  This was a great set of novellas by some great authors. And a great way to bring to light the Wounded Warriors project.  Disclaimer:  I received a complimentary copy of this book from NetGalley & SOURCEBOOKS Casablanca in exchange for an honest review. This review is my own opinion and not a paid review. 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I originally was going to review each story and then I changed my mind. Overall, this was good to read. The majority of the stories kept my interest and didn't let me down. A couple of them I had to push through. However, this book featured most of my favorite authors so I knew I wouldn't be disappointed. I would recommend.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved all but one story... The first story was a disappointment because I have read the author in the past and this novella was more about the sex than the danger/drama in the storyline. It seemed like that was all they were worried about. Not a great short story to prompt me into buying the books to follow in her new series. The other stories has great plots, drama/suspense, and romance leaving me wanting more. After this I will look into their other books they have written and possibly buy more. Total page numbers are: Hot as Hell = 43, In Plain Sight = 41, Torn = 49, War Games = 48 ( to be continued?), Beauty and the Marine = 50, SEALed with Passion = 37, Home Fire Inferno = 45. This book has my vote! Good reads and proceeds go toward a great cause.
beckymmoe More than 1 year ago
Such a fantastic collection--most work fine as standalones, and serve as great intros the the authors' series--and all to benefit a great cause! It's possible I might have two copies--one in print and one in ebook. Maybe ;) "Hot as Hell" (A Deep Six novella) by Julie Ann Walker--My first read by Ms. Walker, though I own several of her Black Knights, Inc. books. I don't have any of her Deep Six books yet, but that is going to change--soon. "Hot as Hell" is the story of several intense (in more than one way!) hours inside the U.S. Embassy in Pakistan for the ambassador's secretary and the SEAL who comes to her rescue. Including some darn memorable "hot as hell" moments in the embassy's panic room... A Navy SEAL who knows his figurative language ("But before he could respond to that ridiculous bit of alliterative nonsense--python he packed in his pants? Jesus--his cell phone came to life in his hand") and a Star Wars reference ("Luke, I am your father") ensure this isn't going to be my last read in this series. Rating: 4 stars / A- "In Plain Sight" (An Elite Force novella) by Catherine Mann--Again, I've got several of Ms. Mann's books. Again, I have yet to read any of them. Clearly I am not spending my time wisely...I'm adding this series to my TBR pronto as well.  Stacey and Gavin were childhood best friends and sweethearts, but were separated by time and circumstance. Things have changed so much for both of them in the meantime, and now Stacey's life's in danger. Can he save her--or will they possibly be able to save each other? Rating: 4 stars / B+ "Torn" (A Protect and Serve novella) by Kate SeRine--a new-to-me author that is another new addition to the TBR list. A friends-to-lovers story (yay!)--Joe and Sadie have each carried a secret torch for the other for years, but neither wanted to risk their relationship by acting on it. But a brush with death has a way of clarifying things... Rating: 4 stars / B "War Games" (An Endgame Ops novella) by Lea Griffith--ends with a happy-for-now for the hero and heroine, but the novella itself serves as an intro to the author's brand new series. The main problem the characters are dealing is nowhere close to any kind of resolution at the story's conclusion. It's an awesome set-up--it drew me right in from the first page--but we have to wait until January 2016 (!) for its continuation.  Sigh... Rating: 4 stars / A- "Beauty and the Marine" by Tina Wainscott is a fun twist on the Beauty and the Beast story--with a fake reality show (complete with models competing to be the best redneck chick) slash real undercover op.  Sadly, it's missing the awesome library from the Disney version (my favorite part, obviously) but it's still a sweet story. My favorite line? "Griff, I don't want a guy who looks good. I want a guy who is good." Happy sigh. But I will never go handfishing.  Rating: 4 stars / B+ "NSDQ" (A Night Stalkers novella) by M.L. Buchman--I am shamefully behind in this series, a shortcoming I intend to fix when the semester's over. "NSDQ" (Night Stalkers Don't Quit) definitely gives you a taste of the series, but since the main characters aren't active members of the Night Stalkers team for the bulk of the story, it's a great place to whet your appetite.  I absolutely loved that the heroine's name is Lois Lang (nickname "Superwoman" and later and even better, "woman of steel") and the hero is Clark--Kendall Clark, anyway. (AKA "Superboy", of course.) Just too perfect--and a great story to boot. Rating: 4 1/2 stars / A "SEALed with Passion" by Anne Elizabeth--really the only story of the whole bunch that didn't work for me. The idea behind it is solid--it even incorporates the Wounded Warrior Project, which was a nice touch--but the execution was lacking. Stilted conversation, both internal and external, characters who acted like they were in junior high, and not a whole heck of a lot of believable chemistry between the hero and heroine made this one just a meh read. Rating: 2 1/2 stars / D+ "Home Fire Inferno (Burn, Baby Burn!)" (A Troubleshooters novella)--I would have bought the book for this story alone. Heck, I think I would have bought two copies for this story alone... I loved the glimpse into life between the novels that this story offered. An amazing number of the Troubleshooters characters manage to show up in this one, for a totally worthy cause--and it was so much fun to read. If you've read the other books in the series, you'll love this one. If you haven't, you won't quite understand all the dynamics between the characters, but it will still give you a definite flavor for the series as a whole. One of my favorite lines, courtesy of Izzy Zanella, thinking about how to deal with pregnant women--"It was essential, always, to have salt-free soda crackers at hand. And the sympathetic words,I know you feel exhausted/nauseous/awful/homicidal. I'm so sorry, baby. How can I help? were also good to keep near the tip of one's baby-making tongue." True dat. Rating: 4 1/2 stars / A I received a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review. And then I went out and bought two more...
MsRomanticReads More than 1 year ago
*Complimentary copy provided by the publisher for the purpose of an honest review. Pre-ordered a personal copy afterwards. Every (military) romantic suspense junkie needs this book in their collection. This was a fantastic set of novellas either from existing series, or prequels of new, upcoming series like Julie Ann Walker's Deep Six series and Lea Griffith's Endgame Ops series.  Julie Ann Walker's HOT AS HELL  featured Harper Searcy who didn't want to fall for a soldier, but she couldn’t forget her hot Navy SEAL friend or their one night stand. When the U.S. Embassy in Pakistan where she worked came under attack by terrorists, there was only one man she knew would move heaven and earth to rescue her, Michael “Mad Dog” Wainwright. In Catherine Mann's IN PLAIN SIGHT, Stacy Currie believed her ex-husband was her stalker. A frantic 911 call not only brought the cavalry but also a very welcome blast from her past. Could she convince her childhood sweetheart that, despite his scars and blindness, they deserved their second chance at love? Kate SeRine's TORN was a lovely friends to lovers story. Best friends since childhood, Sadie Keaton and Joe Dawson never crossed the line, afraid it could ruin years of friendship. Finally home from deployment, Joe and Sadie began to see each other in a completely different light. As friendship and passion collided, Sadie's stalker threatened to tear them apart. Lea Griffith's WAR GAMES with it's conspiracy theory and unexpected twists had a slightly darker edge. Anthony “Rook” Granger was serving time for the deaths of his entire Delta Force unit on a mission gone south. CIA cyber spook, Olivia Bentwood was convinced Rook had been set up. Together they embarked on a dangerous mission for answers while getting personal. Tina Wainscott's BEAUTY AND THE MARINE had a Beauty and the Beast theme. Model Kristy Marsden enlisted the help of Chase Justiss and his team to help flush out her stalker. Ex-Marine Griff Tate, badly burned and scarred preferred seclusion over the pitying looks from strangers. Would he leave the safety of his parent's land to rescue be with the woman who'd captured his heart? M. L. Buchman's NSDQ had a military heroine! Lois Lang, former Army combat pilot, had to adjust to the new reality of never being able to fly again and deal with the prospect of romance. Kendall Clark vowed never to date a soldier. Well...never say never. It was her determination and Kendall being the steady rock willing to lose her in order to win her heart that made this story a joy to read. Anne Elizabeth's SEALed WITH A PASSION was a reunited lovers story. Five years had passed since interior decorator Alisha Winters last saw Navy SEAL Jonah Melo. A one night stand, a misunderstanding and an unexpected reunion put this couple to the test.  Suzanne Brockmann's HOME FIRE INFERNO was very different from the rest. Whacky and fun. While her Navy SEAL husband was mission ready overseas, Jennilyn Gillman went into labor on the side of the road, in the desert. Between her sister-law, various friends and family, a race against time to launch a rescue was humorously executed. 
JKRindy More than 1 year ago
Other Reviews from the book coming. I purchased this book because Julie Ann Walker is one of my favorite Authors HOT AS HELL, by Julie Ann Walker, is part of the Way of The Warrior. We find Harper Searcy who has vowed to never fall for a military guy. One problem, she can't get the one night with the hot Navy Seal Michael "Mad Dog" Wainwright out of her mind. But, she continued to hang onto her “goal” to not fall for a military guy. After all, her mother had told her that she would only be lonely like she was when Harper’s dad was deployed often. Mad Dog has been waiting for Harper to return his calls, his texts or any communication from her since they last saw each other. He was aware that the feelings, hot magical passion they experienced is rare and they needed to explore this connection. When she had not communicated with him, he decided that Harper was not interested in him after all. When the U.S. Embassy in Pakistan, where she worked, came under attack by terrorists, there was only one man she knew would move heaven and earth to rescue her, Michael “Mad Dog” Wainwright. As Mad Dog's team returns to their base in Pakistan from a mission, he receives a phone call from Harper that she and others are in danger at the U.S. Embassy and needed help. The Embassy had been bomb and was under attack. Everyone got out except Harper and the Ambassador. The Ambassador shut his office door in her face and locked his door. Apparently, she had to find her own safety, so she locked herself inside a panic room. Harper knew it was just a matter of time before the terrorists could get to her. Will Mad dog and his team take back the Embassy and save Harper. To find out, you need to read this wonderful story, Hot as Hell. You will not regret it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
i wish the story was longer but they are good love this heros 
ravenwolf_EPTX More than 1 year ago
WAY OF THE WARRIOR  anthology  May 5, 2015 Sourcebooks Casablanca 512 pages Romance: Contemporary, Anthologies/Collections, CHARITY/BENEFIT!  ** Provided by Netgalley in Exchange for an Honest Review. ** -- MY THOUGHTS -- Judging a Book by it's Cover: Initial thought is that it looks like a teen audience targeted movie poster (ie: Karate Kid, Peaceful Warrior). Still, the design as well as the authors caught my eye. It being a benefit book reeled me in.  Looking Deeper:  Out of all of these talented authors, it's hard to believe that the only one that I've read before is Julie Ann Walker. ~v~ ~v~ ~v~ ~v~ ~v~   HOT AS HELL (Deep Six, # 0.5) - Julie Ann Walker SEAL Captain and an Ambassador's secretary.  Harper & Michael's Heat Level: 3 ~ Score: 4.6 ~ Stars: 5 * * *  IN PLAIN SIGHT (Elite Force, # 4.5) - Catherine Mann USAF soldier, Gavin, and his high school sweetheart, Anastasia.  Heat Level: 3.5 ~ Score: 4.3 ~ Stars: 4 * * * TORN (Protect and Serve, # 0.5) - Kate SeRine Army vet Joe and his childhood neighbor, Sadie.  Heat Level: 3.5 ~ Score: 4.3 ~ Stars: 4 * * *  WAR GAMES (Endgame Ops, # 0.5) - Lea Griffith Delta Force combat soldier, Rook, and CIA operative, Vivi. Heat Level: 4 ~ Score: 3.9 ~ Stars: 4 * * *  BEAUTY AND THE MARINE (Justiss Alliance, # 3.5) - Tina Wainscott Kristy's a model with a violent stalker. Griff is a disfigured Marine veteran. Heat Level: 4 ~  Score: 4.5 ~ Stars: 4.5 * * *  NSDQ (Night Stalkers, # 6.6) - M.L. Buchman Lois was a Spec Ops helo pilot. Kendall Clark is a specialist for the helicopter company. Heat Level: 3  ~  Score: 3.8  ~  Stars: 4 * * *  SEALed WITH PASSION (West Coast Navy SEALs, # 3.5) - Anne Elizabeth Heat Level: 2.5 ~ Score: 3.7 ~ Stars: 4 * * *  HOME FIRE INFERNO (Troubleshooters, # 17.5) - Suzanne Brockmann This was the only story in the collection where I felt a little confused and a lot lost. There were at least a dozen characters, singled and paired, that make an appearance in this book that obviously were introduced to the readers in earlier installments. Throughout the novella, I was not sure who's story it really was meant to be... was there a new relationship still to form or was this a small snippet from a previous couple - it was hard to say for sure. Heat Level: 1  ~ Score: 4.5  ~ Stars: 4.5 ~v~ ~v~ ~v~ ~v~ ~v~  Each micro-novella comprised of a member of our armed forces and their love interest. Most were the perfect blend of action and romance. Average Heat Level: 3  ~  Average Score: 4.2  ~  Average Stars: 4
Sandy-thereadingcafe More than 1 year ago
4.25 stars--4.25 stars-- REVIEW: THE WAY OF THE WARRIOR is a collection of eight military themed novellas focusing on different branches of the armed service. Several of the storylines look at recovery and moving forward; second skill options after leaving the service; and taking up causes in support of fellow warriors. Each storyline ends with a happily ever after; all but Home Fire Inferno have some sexual content and language although none of the storylines focus on the erotic. All the author and publisher proceeds from the sale of WAY OF THE WARRIOR will benefit the Wounded Warrior Project. For a few dollars, it is a worthy cause. ••••••••••••••••• HOT AS HELL (Deep Six .5) by Julie Ann Walker HOT AS HELL is the introductory novella to Julie Ann Walker’s new, contemporary DEEP SIX military, romance series focusing on six former Navy SEALs. This is secretary to the U.S. Ambassador to Pakistan Harper Searcy, and Navy SEAL Michael ‘Mad Dog’ Wainwright’s storyline. After an attack on the American Embassy in Pakistan, our heroine finds herself locked in a panic room with the hope that her friend and former one-night stand Michael Wainwright understood the urgency of her last phone call. As Michael’s team work with military precision to free up the hostages, Harper and Michael will reconnect with one another behind locked doors. The $ex scene is hot and urgent. The prior relationship between our couple has already been established but Harper’s reluctance to move forward stems from a family history of broken hearts and painful reunions. HOT AS HELL introduces Michael’s team of Navy SEALS, their last mission, and a glimpse into the future as our heroes return to civilian life in Florida, hoping to take over a marine salvage business with a new direction and the hope of a new love. •••••••••••••• IN PLAIN SIGHT (Elite Force 4.5) by Catherine Mann IN PLAIN SIGHT is the latest novella in Catherine Mann’s adult, contemporary ELITE FORCE military romance series focusing on a squadron of celebrated Air force pararescue jumpers or PJs. This is former nurse and freelance writer Stacy Currie, and Tech Sargeant and former pararescue medic Gavin Novak’s second chance storyline. It has been over ten years since Stacy pushed Gavin out of her life when she was unwilling to follow Gavin’s career in the military. In the ensuing time, Stacy married and divorced her abusive ex husband, who is currently stalking our heroine with the threat to end her life. Enter Gavin Novak, Stacy’s first love and a man whose entire life has changed since entering the military. When Stacy’s ex husband’s threats become real, Gavin calls in a favor from his former pararescue teammates. IN PLAIN SIGHT is another quick and suspense filled read that reintroduces the reader to Liam and Rachel (Under Fire #3) and Hugh Franco (Hot Zone #2) when Gavin calls in his former teammates to aid in the take down of Stacy’s ex husband. Gavin and Stacy will reunite and make plans for a permanent future-together. ••••••••••••••• TORN (Protect and Serve .5) by Kate SeRine TORN is the introductory novella in Kate SeRine’s adult, contemporary, Protect and Serve military romance series. This is deputy sheriff and former soldier Joe Dawson and high school English teacher Sadie Keaton’s storyline-a friends to lovers romance. TORN follows Joe Dawson’s re-integration into civilian life eighteen months after an IED blast in Afghanistan destroyed his life and his career. The one bright spot was his childhood friend Sadie- a woman who calls to Joe’s heart and soul. But Sadie has a stalker and in this Joe is determined to ferret out the person responsible for the sadistic and threatening ‘gifts’ sent to Sadie. Katie introduces the reader to the Dawson family; Sheriff Mac Dawson and his sons-Joe, Kyle and Tom-sheriff’s deputies and an FBI agent. After contacting the author I was informed that the series will focus on the Dawson males and the women they love. The next installment will be STOP AT NOTHING releasing November 2015. •••••••••••••••••• WAR GAMES (Endgame Ops) by Lea Griffith WAR GAMES is the introductory novella to Lea Griffith’s adult, contemporary Endgame Ops military romance series. This is military prisoner and Delta Force Sergeant Anthony ‘Rook’ Granger and CIA agent and cyber specialist Olivia ‘Vivi’ Bentwood’s storyline. Rook is a military prisoner in Leavenworth -accused of killing his entire Delta Force unit in Mogadishu, Somalia- and Vivi is the CIA agent determined to prove his innocence. Vivi’s brother Michael was a member of Rook’s unit, and with his dying breath told Vivi that Rook had been framed for the death of their friends. ENDGAMES is the introduction to a new series focusing on a secret military unit known as Endgames Op whose direction is to take down the people responsible for illegal military activities. ••••••••••••••• BEAUTY AND THE MARINE by Tina Wainscott BEAUTY AND THE MARINE is the latest novella in Tina Wainscott’s Justiss Alliance series focusing on former Marine Griff Tate, and model and photographer Kristy Marsden. Kristy has a stalker and has hired the private security agency Justiss Alliance where Griff Tate is their newest operative. Justiss Alliance is owned by Chase Justiss, whose team consists of former Navy SEALs and special ops. As the Justiss Alliance team prepare to film a ‘reality show’ at the Mud’N’Hunt belonging to Griff’s Uncle, in the hopes of hooking in the stalker, Kristy and Griff dance around one another both on and off camera. The reader is reintroduced to Addie and Mollie; J-men Risk, Julian, and owner and CEO Chase Justiss. Griff is a man whose physical scars have left emotional wounds; Kristy is the woman who sees past the mask, into Griff’s heart and soul. BEAUTY AND THE MARINE is a story of insta-love; a spin on the fairy tale Beauty and the Beast, wherein, Beauty has some scars of her own. ••••••••••••••• NSDQ (Night Stalkers ) by ML Buchman NSDQ (Night Stalkers Don’t Quit) is the latest novella in ML Buchaman’s contemporary, adult Night Stalkers military romance series focusing on a group of specially trained military personnel from the U.S. Army secret helicopter regiment the 160th SOAR (Special Operations Aviation Regiment). NSDQ is US Army Captain and Blackhawk helicopter pilot Lois Lang (CSAR-Combat Search and Rescue) and helicopter engineer Kendall Clarke’s storyline. NSDS focuses on Blackhawk helicopter pilot Lois Lang’s recovery following a mission that went horribly wrong. As a member of the CSAR team, Lois was deployed on a search and rescue mission wherein she and the entire crew survived an attack but landed Lois in the hospital with a missing leg and a lack of direction. Enter Kendall Clarke-Lois’s friend and the man who would give Lois a promise of the future. NSDQ is a friends to lovers storyline that focuses on recovery and moving forward. ML Buchman’s characters are passionate, charismatic and real; his colorful voice and text pulls you into the storyline where you will experience the adventures and missions of the 160th SOAR. •••••••••••••• SEALED WITH PASSION by Anne Elizabeth REVIEW: SEALED WITH PASSION is the latest adult, contemporary, military romance novella from Anne Elizabeth’s West Coast Navy SEALs series that focuses on Navy SEAL Lt. Commander Jonah Melo, and Interior Decorator Alisha Winters- a second chance storyline about two people who had a one-night stand five years earlier. Jonah Melo is on leave and headed towards his best friends place to help with the construction of their Wounded Warrior Project home. What Jonah never expected to find was the woman who has consumed his thoughts for five years-Alisha Winters-and the woman who called to his heart. SEALED WITH PASSION is a very quick read; a story of second chances and insta-love between two people who never forgot their one night together. Memories, forgiveness and plans for the future wrap up Anne Elizabeth’s latest SEAL storyline. ~~ HOME FIRE INFERNO by Suzanne Brockman HOME FIRE INFERNO is a novella from Suzanne Brockman’s TROUBLESHOOTER series that takes place after the events of BREAKING THE RULES (Book 16). The storyline focuses on an ensemble cast of characters including eight month pregnant Jennilyn and her Navy SEAL husband Danny Gillman. Jenni is about to go into labor as Danny heads out on his latest assignment. Suzanne Brockman brings together many of her TROUBLESHOOTER series heroes, couples and characters in a storyline where the next generation of family comes into the world. As I am not familiar with Suzanne’s Troubleshooter series, the copious number of characters was a little disconcerting; I had some difficulty keeping the characters and connections aligned. If you are a fan of Brockman’s series, HOME FIRE INFERNO is a sweet storyline about friendship and love.
kahea46 More than 1 year ago
I am not a huge short story/novella reader unless they are tied to a series that I am already invested in because I know the world and feel comfortable with the speed as to which the story itself is resolved.  So to say that I surprised myself at wanting to read this anthology, especially because of the eight authors I have only read books by one of them, is an understatement, but the true surprise is how much I enjoyed it as a whole.  Each book is about a couple that has one person in, or was in, the military and the struggles that they face. Some of the books were sweet and sassy, others had more of suspense bent to them, but they all gave a good glimpse of what the hardships are and can be when you are in love with someone who is or has served in the military and the wounds that they carry, not only physically but emotionally and mentally. The selections by Julie Ann Walker, Kate SeReine and Lea Griffith are all starts to a new series. The selections by Suzanne Brockmann, Catherine Mann, Tina Wainscott, Anne Elizabeth and M.L. Buchman were apart of series already in process but I never felt lost or felt that I was missing out on anything while reading them.   While I enjoyed each selection and plan on adding the books by each author to my never ending TBR pile, my favorites are:  NSDQ (A Night Stalkers Romance #6.6) by M.L. Buchman  This is my hands down absolute favorite of the entire anthology.  I’ll be honest and admit that part of it has to do with the fact that the female character, Lois, is the one who is wounded not the male, Clark.  It was definitely a refreshing change.  But I really liked Lois and Clark, the Superman banter had me laughing, and the chemistry between them was great.  I also found myself getting teary and sniffly as Lois dealt with her uncertain future and loved how determined she was to keep living and moving forward no matter the obstacle. War Games (An Endgame Ops Novella #0.5) by Lea Griffith I loved Vivi and Rook.  Vivi is intelligent, compassionate and determined.  Rook is just slightly scary but honorable and he has you wanting to run in one breath but also hug, ok do more than hug him, in the next.  They had great chemistry together and I enjoyed their power struggles.  The storyline had quite a few twists and turns for a novella, but were done well and definitely left me wanting more. Beauty and the Marine  (Justiss Alliance #3.5) by Tina Wainscott  This story could have gone so many ways based on what Griff and Kristy had gone through and could have been a very angst filled story, but instead we get a sweet story, mixed with a good touch of suspense, about two people who have been through hell and are working at getting their lives back and seeing beyond their scars.  Also, the Redneck games were awesome! Overall: This entire anthology is filled with great stories and even if you’re like me and have not read some, or all of them, I have no doubt that you’ll find something that will peak your interest. And the icing on the cake is that all of the proceeds will be going to benefit The Wounded Warrior Project and help the men and women who have served our country. ~ I received an ARC from SourceBooks Casablanca via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review ~ 
PureJonel More than 1 year ago
This anthology was emotionally hard hitting while still remaining very exciting to read.  There were definitely some tear-filled moments, and some very heart-warming ones.  Topped off by the fact that it’s oh so hot at times, and you have a real winner.  Readers get a look at so many aspects of military lives.  It’s a fantastically well rounded anthology.  I enjoyed all of the novellas.  Some I couldn’t put down, some brought me to tears, others kept me on my toes.  Together they were a great combo. These authors showcase true heroes as they really are:  real people.  Sure, many seem larger than life, but at the end of the day they are simply human.  The authors meld the great, over the top heroes, who are larger than life while in action, with the lives they lead at home.  The look at ‘what happens after’ for these heroes (and heroines) was heartbreaking yet at the same time endlessly heart-warming.  As a whole this is a great introduction to the authors and their series.  It’s also a fantastic look at life after.  It’s a must read for any who enjoy military romance.   Please note that I received a complimentary copy of this work in exchange for an honest review.
DComfort More than 1 year ago
Oh this was great. So many intriguing, and romantic stories all packed into one book put me in heaven. Favorites of the anthology written by: Julie Ann Walker, Lea Griffith, ML Buchman, and Suzanne Brockman. The focus of the stories surround difficulties each military member had to face while at the same time, love or things happening to those they love coming under some sort of conflict or threat. I loved how each author delivered the problem and wrapped up the conflict with minimal time. While I'm normally a lover of novels and/or longer books, these stories definitely kept me reading. The charity link is also something very dear to my heart, so I'd like to give a big Hoorah to all authors for donating their time to delivering great stories!
In_My_Humble_OpinionDA More than 1 year ago
Hot As Hell by Julie Ann Walker – A scary yet fun story about a SEAL and the Ambassadors assistant.  Classic Julie Ann Walker heat and humor. In Plain Sight by Catherine Mann – Stacy and Gavin were first loves but she wanted home and stability and he wanted to make something of himself so they parted ways.  Gavin became a PJ for the Army and Stacy married an abusive ass.  Now Gavin is back and Stacy is divorce but her ex doesn’t quite see it that way.  Can Gavin protect her? Can he protect his heart? A great story with a lot of twists.  Torn by Kate SeRine – This is a second chance romance.  It has always been Sadie for Joe but she doesn’t know that.  Now he has been injured and she has helped him through it.  He is back home fighting PTSD and his feelings for her but someone is sending threats and he may just be the guy to keep her safe.  Sweet and sexy. War Games by Lea Griffith – Secrets, upon secrets, upon secrets.  This has the former military/black ops feel to it.  Lots of action and suspense plus a bit of romance.  Rook and Vivi make quite a team if they can live that long.  Beauty and the Marine by Tina Wainscott – I loved this story!  Former Marine Griff hides his scarred face and body away at his family’s hunting and fishing camp.  Kristy has scars of her own, placed on her by her stalker.  Her security detail wants to capture the stalker before he manages to do worse so they are setting a trap at Griff’s camp.  Kristy manages to get Griff to forget about his scars and live again but will it cost Kristy her life?  The romantic suspense in this one is off the charts. NSDQ by M.L. Buchman – THIS WAS MY FAVORITE in the whole book!  I haven’t read this author before (aren’t anthologies/box sets the best for finding “new to me” authors) but I will be checking out his back list for sure.  This story stars a true hero.  When faced with the choice of her or her crew and passengers there was no thinking about it Combat Search and Rescue chopper piolet  Army Captain Lois “Superwoman” Lang pulled the maneuver saved them and ended up with a couple of medals and a missing leg and the knowledge that her crew and passengers survived.  But it may cost her everything she has worked for.  She lived to fly.  Now she has to deal and Kendall Clark civilian Black Hawk specialist from Sikorsky may just be the man to help her start over.  I loved these characters and so will you. SEALed with Passion by Anne Elizabeth – After a night of passion at his best friends wedding Navy SEAL Jonah lets the woman who has stolen his heart go.  He doesn’t plan on seeing her when he goes to his buddies house to help finish it up on his down time.  The fire is still there and he finds out that they have been apart because he misunderstood an overheard conversation.  Can she forgive and forget? Can communication get these two together? Fun second chance romance. Home Fire Inferno by Suzanne Brockmann – A SEAL team short story by the woman who owns the genre.  We get to visit with some old friends and watch how the home team pulls together when Jenn Gilman goes into early labor.  It’s Suzanne Brockmann nuff said.   The proceeds from this book go to the Wounded Warrior Project.
Sophia-Rose1 More than 1 year ago
Anthologies have been a great source for encountering new authors or new series and I love it when the antho is themed like this one. The Wounded Warrior Project is a great cause and I think it fab that the authors gave a story to support it. As I do with anthologies, I will write up quick impressions about each story with a rating and then sum up. Hot as Hell by Julie Ann Walker 4 Stars Deep Six series #.5 It was a desperate dangerous terrorist attack situation and yet the humor in the down home Southernisms from Harper, the heroine, and the SEAL team's harassment of each other and Mark, the hero, along with the scorching passion made this a fun, fast moderately developed read. In Plain Sight by Catherine Mann 4 Stars Elite Force #4.5 Second chance romance set against a dangerous situation of a woman's fatal attraction ex trying to killer her and her childhood sweetheart the 911 Operator she calls. Enjoyed the blend of suspense, re-connection, the back story and especially the service dog to go with this spicy romance. Torn by Kate SeRine 4 Stars Protect and Serve #.5 Friends to lovers romance in this childhood sweetheart- return from the war injured-stalker plot. Enjoyed the girl and guy next door slow build romance, stalker plot and promise for the series. War Games by Lea Griffth 4.5 Stars Endgame Ops #.5 Whew! This author knows how to set up an opening scene. I don't think I would have put the book down short of a tornado blowing through and even then I would have just picked up and moved to the basement. Story stayed intense and did its job setting up what looks to be a killing black ops series. An Army Ranger and his dead pal's sister work to find out who framed him and go on the offensive to take down whoever is manipulating things for a government takeover. Beauty and the Marine by Tina Wainscott 4.5 Stars Justiss Alliance #3.5 So poignant to see these two people come together with one scarred, but learning he was worthy and the other scared and lonely in this mission to get rid of a dangerous stalker. And snikeys that was a great twist at the end. NSDQ by M.L. Buchman 4.5 Stars #6.6 Night Stalkers And now I know what the intriguing title stands for and it’s powerful. Just as this story was intense and powerful along with sweet. I loved the role reversal of the heroine being the injured combat vet and the hero being the strong encourager who sees her as being more than she sees in herself after she sustains a career-ending injury while saving all the crew and passengers of her medivac helicopter. Sealed With Passion by Anne Elizabeth 4 Stars #3.5 West Coast Navy SEALs Talk about fireworks and heat! This one starts with a bang and a huge misunderstanding that a determined SEAL and a feisty interior designer overcome while helping out their mutual friends settle into their new home because they never stopped caring. There is a sense that this story was a follow-up to another story, but still has its own resolution. Home Fire Inferno (Burn, baby, burn) by Suzanne Brockmann 4.5 Stars #17.5 Trouble Shooters What a fun adventure helping delivery a baby while the mom is stranded out in the desert that showed off how a SEAL team and their significant others are family and support for each other. The wry humor and sweet excitement were a great intro to me for a series I now really want to read from the beginning. The variety in the circumstances, writing styles, and romance were a big plus. I will also say that it was great that each story can function as a standalone though a few were obvious that they are part of a series. Most shared alternating narrations while a few were told third person by one character. I loved how many of the authors focused on different aspects of wounded combat vets who bore external and/or internal scars. Some even tied in the wonderful work that the Wounded Warrior Project works on. Each story was filled with so many strong points and honestly there wasn't a weak story in the group. I now have so many series that I need to try or in one case finish and it is with anticipation that I look forward to the effort. I would definitely recommend this anthology to those who enjoy Military Romance, but other Contemporary Romance lovers might want to dip their toe into the sub-genre with this antho. It does the job of introducing and reacquainting the reader with several of the best writers in the genre. The romances mostly ranged into the spicy heat, but the action level of the plots varied. My thanks to Sourcebooks Casablanca for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review.
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