Waved Out

Waved Out

by Robert PollardRobert Pollard

Vinyl LP(Long Playing Record)



The very idea of a Robert Pollard solo album is a bit bizarre, considering that he is the sole artistic force in Guided by Voices and is able to explore all of his ideas within that context. That, of course, doesn't make his solo records any less enjoyable -- it's just a little puzzling why he feels the need to bother distinguishing them from GbV albums -- especially since past and present members of the group appear on his records. Also, Pollard solo albums suffer from the GbV raggedness that is initially appealing but ultimately frustrating -- it's hard to pay attention once the endless, fragmented, British Invasion-inspired tunes begin to pile up. Waved Out suffers from all these flaws, but it also has fleeting moments of inspiration. Pollard did try to make the album into something different, loosely following an ambiguous "wave" concept, but the end result is the same as any GbV album -- equal parts of gems and dross, and only the dedicated will want to bother sorting out which is which.

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Release Date: 09/14/2018
Label: Gbv Inc
UPC: 0655035088419
catalogNumber: 84


  1. Make Use
  2. Vibrations in the Woods
  3. Just Say the Word
  4. Subspace Biographies
  5. Caught Waves Again
  6. Waved Out
  7. Whiskey Ships
  8. Wrinkled Ghost
  9. Artificial Light
  10. People Are Leaving
  11. Steeple of Knives
  12. Rumbling Joker
  13. Showbiz Opera Walrus
  14. Pick Seeds From My Skull
  15. Second Step Next Language

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