Water Chasing Water: New and Selected Poetry By Koon Woon

Water Chasing Water: New and Selected Poetry By Koon Woon

by Koon Woon


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Described by Bob Holman as "Li Po in drag, the voice of New America," Koon Woon exploded onto the poetry scene in the late 1990s. Largely self-taught, and struggling with both mental illness and homelessness, Seattle-based Woon wrote about the back alleys and tenement rooms on the margins of immigrant culture. His first collection, The Truth in Rented Rooms (included in this volume), won a PEN poetry prize and earned praise from Lawrence Ferlinghetti and Garrison Keillor. Water Chasing Water is Woon's second collection, and continues his exploration of loneliness and memory with poems and essays that seek out "This light / Without which existence is not detectable."

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ISBN-13: 9781885030498
Publisher: Kaya Production
Publication date: 03/31/2013
Pages: 152
Product dimensions: 5.75(w) x 8.00(h) x (d)

Table of Contents

Foreword Sesshu Foster xi

Water Chasing Water

Coming Are the Days… 3

Village Boy 4

As If 5

Coastal Highway 101, 1960 7

Uncle Harry 9

Flight 10

What We Remember Best of You, Hank 11

A Smoke Break at the Nuclear Command 12

Retreat 13

Bronze Statue in Rain 14

Bamboo Blossoms, Bamboo Seeds 15

Meditation Upon a River 16

Two Persimmons Side by Side 18

I Would Like to Be… 19

Lychee 21

In My Little Room 22

Another Room Poem 24

Tonight I Hear the Sloshing of the Freeway 25

Evening Encroaches 26

A Moment Passes By 28

A Season in Hell 30

Please Sir, Tell Me Who I Am 31

The High Walls I Cannot Scale 32

The Burden of Sanity 33

(Untitled) 35

Mostly… 37

Poem for S.H.J. 38

Eventually I Will Know 40

Refueling 41

Like Water Chasing Water 43

Conveyor Belt 44

In Your Free Heart, the Bird Builds a Nest… 45

Chinese Waiters 46

Let the Chinese Mafia Sleep Tonight 47

My Father in the Restaurant Kitchen 48

The Kind of Father He Was 49

The Phantom of the Opera 51

Around Us 52

Sweet and Deep Lanterns Burn into the Night 53

Yet Ungrasped Feminine Shapes 54

Selections From The Truth in Rented Rooms

7th Avenue South (1985-1992)

The Question I Want To Ask 61

The Memory of Hands 62

Windows After a Rain 66

Raw and Easy 67

Cold Stones 69

Goldfish 71

Against the Pre-dawn Light 72

Apple Moment 74

At the Bus Stop 75

An Old Hotel Dweller 76

You Naughty Woman Smiling Coyly at Me 77

At the Tokyo Airport 78

Psychoanalysis of a Room 79

In Water Buffalo Time 80

Egg Tarts 86

How to Cook Rice 87

Far and Near 88

A Moment in My Rented Room 89

Aberdeen, 1966, or, Driving Around For a Poem 90

Hank Keeps Coming Back to Aberdeen 91

The Inadvertent Persuasion of a Rented Room, or, the Evolution of Context… 92

A Slow Ox-Cart Hauls the Sage 94

"Fortune Telling…" 95

The Woman in the Next Room 98

It's All I've Got, He Said… 99

The Spy's Reliability… 100

The Morrison (1993-1996)

I Have Augmented My Premise of Isolation and Sorrow: The World Comes Into the Pallor of My Room… 105

There is a World I am… 106

In My Room… 107

A Moment Ago I Meant to Toll You… 109

The Love this Abode Contains… 110

In the Slowness of Days… 111

International Terrace (1996-1998)

At #1105; December 3, 1996 117

Untitled 118

I've Heard the Chan Bells of the Monastery… 119

Focus on the River… 120

Missingness… 121

Untitled 122

You Will Relax Into this Poem as You'd be Pleased to Expect Nothing 124

In the Onslaught of the Inadvertent a Machinery… 126

#1105, Now a Year Later 127

As the Night is Beginning to Focus… 128

I Want You to Write Secretly… 129

Relish in the Mundane 130

Sometimes When I Leave Behind the Places I've Been… 131

If There Was a Choice… 132

Forum 133

"What is The Truth in Rented Rooms'?" Asks a Reader 135

Afterword Russell Leong

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