Warkult/The Will to Kill

Warkult/The Will to Kill

by Malevolent CreationMalevolent Creation


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Long-running death metal band Malevolent Creation get the repack treatment with a two-disc set collecting their eighth and ninth albums, 2002's The Will to Kill and 2004's Warkult. The last two albums to feature guitarist Rob Barrett, who joined the band during his time off from Cannibal Corpse, The Will to Kill and Warkult pack more than their fair share of brutality into one box here, making this a great set for those looking to add a little death and destruction to their music collections.

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Release Date: 02/04/2013
Label: Nuclear Blast Int'l
UPC: 0727361204327
catalogNumber: 6120432


Disc 1

  1. The Will to Kill
  2. Pillage And Burn
  3. All That Remains
  4. With Murderous Precision
  5. Lifeblood
  6. Assassin Squad
  7. Rebirth Of Terror
  8. Superior Firepower
  9. Divide And Conquer
  10. Cardinal's Law
  11. Burnt Beyond Recognition
  12. Jack the Ripper

Disc 2

  1. The Dead March
  2. Pre-emptive Strike
  3. Supremacy Through Annihilation
  4. Murder Reigns
  5. Captured
  6. Merciless
  7. Section 8
  8. On Grounds Of Battle
  9. Tyranic Oppression
  10. The Ravaged By Conflict
  11. Shock And Awe
  12. Jack The Ripper

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