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WANDERINGS WITH GOD - Book 1 in the Journeys With God Trilogy

WANDERINGS WITH GOD - Book 1 in the Journeys With God Trilogy

by Terry Hayward

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We are all pilgrims on the narrow road to salvation and “Wanderings with God’ was written in the belief that it will offer my fellow pilgrims hope and direction in their walk with God. In it I share some of my experiences as I ‘wandered’ with God, both the nice and the not so nice, as I share my love of nature and how it helps me to get closer to God. I’ve always been fascinated by ‘spirituality’ and write, for example, of my own struggles to obey the Bible’s imperative to pray ‘continuously’. I also address such subjects as becoming aware of the continuous Presence of God with us in our daily lives. I try to address the difficulties of being obedient to the Law of God but also to share the value and benefits of always trying to find God’s will for my life.

Terry was a practising lawyer for 25 years before answering a call into the ordained ministry in the Anglican Church of Southern Africa. As a Priest he spent time as a Prison Chaplain as well as a Hospital Chaplain before being appointed to parish ministry. A one-time law lecturer and subsequent tutor of theology, he is now retired from full-time ministry, lives in New Zealand and spends his spare time writing novels. This is Terry’s fourth religious book.
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ISBN-13: 9788828328155
Publisher: Abela Publishing
Publication date: 05/11/2018
Series: Journeys With God , #1
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