Walter & Mike Cecilia Discovers Valuable Treasure

Walter & Mike Cecilia Discovers Valuable Treasure

by Kathleen Morrissey

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Penny and Susie, and their families return to their favorite Florida resort a year after the first Walter and Mike adventure. The girls are excited to see their alligator friends in their new fun park pool. But the girls have a lesson to learn about borrowing things that dont belong to you without permission. At the same time Walters sister alligator, Cecelia, learns a lesson about keeping things that others may have lost, and she learns what real treasure is.

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ISBN-13: 9781504957403
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 12/04/2015
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 26
File size: 4 MB
Age Range: 4 - 8 Years

About the Author

Kathleen and her husband raised two sons. Their grandsons are a continual source of inspiration for children’s stories. Kathleen’s career as an industrial educator allowed her to travel extensively throughout the United States and other parts of the world. Her family hobbies of boating and camping in the San Juan Islands and the Cascade Mountains over the years taught her to appreciate the outdoors and the wide variety of animals with which we share the planet.

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Walter and Mike: Cecilia Discovers Valuable Treasure

By Kathleen Morrissey


Copyright © 2015 Kathleen Morrissey
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-5049-5736-6


A Vacation Reunion

"I'll be the first down the water slide!" Mike yelled as he ran up the stairs toward the top of the slide. "You guys are just too slow!"

"I'm right behind you!" answered Walter. "And I will make the biggest splash, anyway."

"You two can race all you want," said Walter's sister, Cecilia. "I'm going to play with my blue noodle."

The young alligators were still excited about their park, a full year after they had moved there, and they were ready for another day of water-filled fun!

A few miles away, the alligators' young human friends were also excited to be back in Florida.

Rob, Susie, and their family and Penny and Mark's family had returned for a long-awaited vacation at their favorite Florida resort.

In Penny's family's hotel room, the two very excited girls discussed their vacation plans.

"Oh Penny! I'm so glad both of our families got to come back to this fun resort for our summer vacation this year," Susie exclaimed.

"Me too," said Penny. "We could hardly wait. And we missed you and your family."

"I am so excited about going to see our alligator friends' Fun Park pool," Susie answered.

"Yeah," said Penny. "I want to see if they have grown any bigger than they were last year."

While they were discussing their plans, Susie noticed a big, bright, shiny red ring on the dresser. "Wow! Is that your mom's ring?" she asked.

"Yes. It's new, and it's her favorite," Penny answered. "It's a ruby ring. See how it sparkles?"

"Oh my! I bet it is even prettier when you actually wear it on your finger," Susie exclaimed. "Could I try it on?" she asked.

"Yes. But later," Penny answered. "I'm going to try it on first," she continued. "We will borrow it and take turns wearing it, then put it back after our visit to the Alligator Fun Park. That way, my mom won't even miss it. You can have your turn later."


Return to the Alligator Fun Park

"Look! They are still having fun in their pool," exclaimed Mark pointing to Walter and Mike. "And I think they have grown much bigger."

"I think you are right, Mark, the taller one is definitely bigger," answered Rob.

Meanwhile, Susie and Penny were still fascinated with the ruby ring. "Come on, Penny! It's my turn to wear the ring now. Please ... please!" Susie begged.

"I'm not done with my turn yet," said Penny.

Susie couldn't wait any longer, so she grabbed and pulled hard on the ring. Suddenly, she pulled the ring with such force that it went flying o. into the air and over the park fence, landing in the pool of the Alligator Fun Park. The two girls watched in horror as the ring plopped into the water and sank out of their sight.

"Oh my gosh, Susie! Now look what you have done!" exclaimed Penny.

"I'm sorry, but you wouldn't let me have my turn, so it's all your fault," Susie scolded in return.

Penny began to feel sad and afraid. "Oh no! What am I going to do?" she asked. "My mom is going to be very mad when she learns I took her brand-new ring ... and now I've lost it."

Susie agreed. "Now it's in the alligator pool. We will never be able to get it back from there. We should never have taken it. My parents are going to be very upset with me, too!"

With the realization of the seriousness of their actions, the girls began to cry.

"It's lost forever, and it was your mom's favorite," sniffed Susie.

"I don't think she will ever forgive me. How can I face her? How can I tell her?" Penny sobbed.


Cecilia Discovers a Treasure

Walter's sister, Cecilia, was swimming alone at the bottom of the pool when, all of a sudden, a big, red, shiny thing plopped into the water and floated down to the bottom–right in front of her. She had no idea it was a ring, but she immediately fell in love with the thing, deciding then and there to keep it. She slipped one of her claws through the circle of the ring and thought it was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen.

Just then, Walter came along and asked Cecilia, "Hey, Cecilia, Mike and I are going to get the tubes and go floating back and forth under the waterfall. Do you want to come along?" He added, "I have dibs on the bright-blue one this time."

Infatuated with her new treasure, Cecilia barely heard him. She did not care about tubing! She just wanted to admire her new sparkly object.

"I don't want to tube right now. I'm busy," she said.

"Why?" asked Walter. "And what is that on your claw?"


Excerpted from Walter and Mike: Cecilia Discovers Valuable Treasure by Kathleen Morrissey. Copyright © 2015 Kathleen Morrissey. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse.
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