Waking To The Light

Waking To The Light

by Henriette Ferris


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This book is a heartwarming and inspiring story of a spiritual journey to explore the metaphysical laws underlying cause and effect in every-day life on Earth. The story begins in 1954 when Henriette and Charles Ferris, with four young children, set off from South Africa for Lebanon, then to England, back to South Africa, and beyond. They were on a quest for greater understanding and wisdom to discover ways for all life forms to live in respectful harmony with one another and the planet. They were following a message given to them, through the evolving psychic/esoteric experiences of Charles Ferris. The magic and learning, through this courageous fifteen-month journey, set the path for their spiritual growth. Aged 84, Henriette shares the story of an ordinary young couple, who took up the challenge to live a non-ordinary life, spanning five countries, and resulting in teaching, healing and five published books. Heather Ferris wrote, "The faith trip at age seven became one of the major influences in my life. It has helped me deal with life's challenges with hope and courage, always believing that there is far more to life than my self- centredness."

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ISBN-13: 9781456447434
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 01/03/2011
Pages: 134
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About the Author

I was born in Middleburg, South Africa, in 1926, the last of six children. My eldest sibling was twenty when I was born. I was married at eighteen to Charles Ferris and we soon started our own family, with four children born in quick succession, and a fifth arriving 5 years later. I have actively participated in a quest for personal growth and self-discovery since 1946. I have been interested in meditation, studies in psychology, social work and in-depth philosophical/paranormal exploration of spontaneous esoteric experiences that Charles began experiencing. The foundation of our philosophy was established in 1954. After leaving South Africa in 1971, Charles and I went to New Zealand for 4 years, after which time we settled in Canada. My formal work has included being a secretary in the Law Faculty of University of Cape Town; an organist in our church; a pre-school teacher; teacher of mentally challenged adults, and editor of our books. Charles began writing what others called 'channeled' manuscripts, and I worked closely with him on these. We formed a self-publishing partnership, with all that that entails. Through it all, our family has been paramount to me. I have 9 gorgeous grandchildren, and to date, three very dear great grandchildren. Children have been my love and inspiration as I have sought greater understanding and wisdom, towards finding ways for all life forms to live in respectful harmony with one another and the planet.

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